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  1. Nice video - Alot of good points made And yes mold can happen to anyone if not vigilant. Thanks for the post! BUD[emoji41] Sent from my KYOCERA-E6560 using Tapatalk
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Just got into a cab of Punch RS#11 today. These 07 really have come into their own... Had to burn three just to be sure I wasn't dreaming
  3. Whatcha reading?

    Recently finished "The Silent Corner" by Dean Koontz (came out 5/30/17) About a third of the way thru "The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O." by Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland (advanced copy but may be out now) I am pretty much a fiction reader
  4. How many cigars per day?

    Cough - weez - cough I hate to admit but 5 per day -- if working late or on a long drive add another 1 or 2 Figure I could quit working if I quit smoking
  5. Hello to you too FUZZ! Yes been a while - Took Rob to roust me out of hibernation Don't want to clutter this thread but thanks for the salutation! I didn't know people still said "Dude" Later!
  6. Guess I better put on the thinking cap!
  7. Punch Corona - TSU SEP 07 - PE

    Interested Lisa (cigars silly)-- will shoot off email B
  8. Nice group of fotos - enjoyed them Congratulation!
  9. Super choices Rob - Congratulations to the both of you!
  10. A fine looking group! What is the Oyster topping?
  11. Superbowl Predictions

    Saints 26 Colts 24 Burning VR Unicos BUD
  12. Good for all of you - Thanks for a great contest!

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