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  1. Which regular production sticks appreciate in value the most with age? (5-10+ years) I've noticed CoRo and CoLa carry a consistent premium with a few years, for example. What would a short list look like of others that have a demonstrated, predictable trajectory?
  2. Bourbon

    Great Blanton's story! Thanks for sharing. I will add it to my bar immediately.
  3. Your Next 5 boxes wishlist.

    1. San Cristobal La Fuerza 2. CoLa 3. Sir Winston 4. 898v 5. RyJ Churchill
  4. Just goes to show how great FOH's prices are
  5. Who likes Rum and Tonic

    I like Plantation's Stiggins' Fancy pineapple rum with soda water and the juice of a couple lemon wedges.....delicious.
  6. Havana Trip April 2016

    Excellent haul. Great taste.
  7. I kinda like the bands, but am less than impressed with the wrapper consistency....
  8. Late night is just not the same with Dave gone.
  9. New Star Wars: The Awaking Trailer

    Trying to hold out to see it in IMAX, but may not be albe to wait....
  10. Cheese

    I like a nice aged gouda.... can't say I'm a cigar/cheese pairing expert, but I like the crunch and rich flavor.
  11. Best $100 or under bottle of scotch

    As a scotch newbie, this is a great thread. Thanks for the intel guys!
  12. Great read - thanks for the perspective on an interesting cigar. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a couple to try!
  13. Ditto GTS21 - looks like a great place to enjoy a cigar.
  14. bolivar no 3

    Just looked it up... sorry for the easy question guys. You have me intrigued with this segment of Bolivar's line....

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