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  1. Pinot is the king of wines.....just ask Napoleon....or as my father used to say..Bordeaux is for lunch, Burgundy is for dinner....unless we’re having lamb👻 And of course I’m much madder at the roller who rolled my under filled Siglo VI than my under filled PLPC
  2. A "twist" to breakfast.....

    Something to spread on my toast with my gin fizz in the morning 🤗
  3. Does this mean the UK is going to the dogs?
  4. Pulled Neck Muscle Fixes?

    Cigar....rum....and a mussel relaxer...
  5. I was there last year...the LCDH is no big deal, but very friendly...they close at noon...can’t remember when they reopen. Noli was the best place for cigars to me....unfortunately it’s in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II....where your wife could spend several family fortunes. I had no problem sitting outside having a coffee and cigar anywhere in Italy 🌈
  6. Guaranteeing the Niners will stay in the toilet for years to come😰
  7. 🎂🍾🎂🍾🎂🥂🎂🥂
  8. Sweet vs dry wine for cigars

    Champagne is the only dry wine I’ll have with cigars. I’m happy with a Mosel in the afternoon with a cigar, evenings it’s Saturnes, Sherry or Port. Of course a little cognac never hurt👻
  9. I wish HSA had come out with a PL Talisman at half the price...or less😰
  10. New addiction.

    Remember......cigars aren’t addictive.....buying them is🤗
  11. Cigars and petrol and coffee

    Time for a new theory......I hate the smell of gas and must have cream in my coffee....unless I’m in Italy....then it’s espresso with a little Sambuca🤗
  12. Except for the boom tent pole years I’ve never had a problem with overfilled cigars. A plugged cigar is a plugged cigar, they can be over or under filled. I weigh all my cigars and rebox them from heaviest to lightest...I got tired of smoking some featherweight that tastes like nobodies home. Most boxes have 5 cigars that belong in the toilet....those I give to my friends that are happy to smoke them. The heaviest cigars always taste the best. I wish HSA would throw those draw machines in the ocean and buy some scales!....and do a better job of training rollers🙏
  13. TES OCT19....cigars from the future....that I want to get in on👻

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