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  1. For me the peanut Cuban cigar is SLR Serie A...maybe someday they’ll roll somemore
  2. Wish it was full 🤗
  3. Niners are on a roll.. Raiders are back to their old tricks...
  4. Seems I always clip a piramides to a 42 RG ....the perfect size!
  5. How Many Boxes

    I’m afraid if I counted my wine or cigars I’d give myself a heart attack 👻
  6. A good deed indeed

    I’m always happy to give a cigar to someone....of course it’s easier living in the land of embargo. We get CC’s cheaper than anywhere except Cuba. In Canada I’d have a $100 a day habit easy!
  7. At least the hospital bills don’t kill you...
  8. Your first ever box buy?

    I can’t remember the first box, maybe because it was boxes and it was 47 years ago. I do remember the cheer in the car when we were out of ear shot of the border agent after being waived back in the country 🤗
  9. When ever I watch that movie I always feel like having a Monte Especial
  10. I have a problem!

    So you're really the Peeping Smoking Ninja?
  11. Thanks to FOH I made a very dear friend, unfortunately he lives on the east coast and I live on the west coast. He'd bought a five pack of old rare cigars and said the next time we get together we'd smoke one. I was back in NY a couple of months ago and we had lunch together, he said he wasn't smoking right now but gave me one to try. I almost smoked it that night but decided to save it for a special time. A few weeks ago I was talking to him and he asked if I'd smoked it yet, he wanted to know if they were still any good. I told him I'd smoke it in the next couple of days and let him know how it was. I toasted the foot and clipped the head, put it in my mouth to check the draw, the moment the cigar touched my lips I tasted this incredible truffled peanut brittle. That's when I remembered how incredible just the wrapper flavor was from cigars of the past. I could just suck on this unlit cigar and be heaven. It was an hour and a half of cigar smoking nirvana!
  12. What they used to be and wish they still were... R&J Monte Bolivar These days... RG Cohiba Bolivar
  13. Bring cigars with you and save your money for Spain.
  14. What would you buy - Baby Edition

    Esplendidos ....I smoke one on my mothers and fathers birthday every year.

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