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  1. Thanks to FOH I made a very dear friend, unfortunately he lives on the east coast and I live on the west coast. He'd bought a five pack of old rare cigars and said the next time we get together we'd smoke one. I was back in NY a couple of months ago and we had lunch together, he said he wasn't smoking right now but gave me one to try. I almost smoked it that night but decided to save it for a special time. A few weeks ago I was talking to him and he asked if I'd smoked it yet, he wanted to know if they were still any good. I told him I'd smoke it in the next couple of days and let him know how it was. I toasted the foot and clipped the head, put it in my mouth to check the draw, the moment the cigar touched my lips I tasted this incredible truffled peanut brittle. That's when I remembered how incredible just the wrapper flavor was from cigars of the past. I could just suck on this unlit cigar and be heaven. It was an hour and a half of cigar smoking nirvana!
  2. What they used to be and wish they still were... R&J Monte Bolivar These days... RG Cohiba Bolivar
  3. Bring cigars with you and save your money for Spain.
  4. What would you buy - Baby Edition

    Esplendidos ....I smoke one on my mothers and fathers birthday every year.
  5. While any cigar or box of can always surprise me, the only 2 regular production cigars that regularly pack a whollip for me these days are Cazadores and 898's.
  6. The cigars don't taste like dirty mouth taste like one when I'm finished.
  7. When my mouth tastes like a dirty ashtray that storm troopers have marched thru I'll believe it.
  8. Raiders should make the playoffs... Niners will make the playoffs.....when they move back to San Francisco
  9. I really enjoy the Libertador and do buy them when they're on sale, same for the Monte DE. I bought 1 box of the R&J De Luxe LE but haven't tried one yet. I'd love to try all the cigars on the list! Why aren't ridiculously overpriced cigars selling.....I'll get back to you....
  10. I'm happy to pay double if they'd go back to the old strain, nothing they've come up with comes close to the flavor they used to produce 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  11. I also just opened a box last week...these things are still monsters...I think if I'd of smoked one fresh I'd be up for a week...
  12. Consistency

    Consistency has been gone from Cuban cigars for about 20 years....buckle up and enjoy the ride 😎
  13. Candela a calling?

    Luckily/sadly there were still Cuban candela's around when I started smoking, of course I liked them. The wrappers had a lovely sweetness to them, a nice rich mild smoke. A great morning cigar, the long skinny's were my favorite.
  14. Sorry for the joke 👻....that's not a joke. But if I did get drunk enough to order these, I would not get them blind. HSA seems to think that because they've come up with a new cigar you should pay them for their great idea. I would hate to spend that much money on a box of cigars and be underwhelmed. If there's one thing HSA is consistent at these days, it's producing lots of cigars that belong in the garbage can.

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