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  1. Always like a nice vintage port with a R&J cherry bomb🤗
  2. Cuban cigars are far and away the best cigars on the planet.....perhaps the universe, they have made me a kinder more patient human being.....I can’t thank them enough!
  3. Of what I’ve tried my favorite is the Bolivar Libertador
  4. of those days🤕
  5. As I said I’m old...63👻.....but I started young.....not quite 16. The only thing I new about Cuban cigars was I wanted to try one and which end to light. I was hooked from day 1, the flavors were just amazing. I do remember my uncle looking at me sideways when he found out I was smoking a $2 cigar and showing me how many he got for $2. The idea of aging cigars never occurred to me and I certainly didn’t have funds to do it anyway. I just bought as many as I could and smoked them. The older leaf consistently was much more intense, but that didn’t bother me. But I couldn’t smoke multiple cigars a day unless I stayed with light or medium bodied cigars.....1 Monte #2 and I was good! Montecristo had a dark chocolate profile, today it’s cocoa. The 2010 Monte EL reminds me of old regular production Montes. The flavor from just putting a cigar in my mouth and tasting the wrapper is something I do miss, so delicious you didn’t want to light it. The cigars today aren’t crap...not at all...they’re just lighter bodied.
  6. My heaviest cigar days are golf days...5...1 driving to the course...DC front 9...DC back 9...1 to get home...1 after dinner
  7. I’m an old man👻...been at this since 1969...yes 96 was the last vintage of the old ❤️ 20+ years of 20/80😰
  8. Look for oil slicks...cigars just glistening with oil...step 1 Color is more important to me with some brands...not all...I like my RA to taste like fruitcake and look like fruitcake
  9. Being a Niners fan I can only hope it’s a exploding cigar 🙏
  10. Piss on these new’s Havana Lite We’ve gone from 80% great cigars and 20% blaha to 20% great do the math...and then there’s the crap rolling
  11. Your looking for some young sweetness 👻👻.....try LGC #4
  12. What am I waiting for?

    I’ve always waited for any day that ends in y
  13. They’re gorgeous....and the real deal!
  14. If I could only smoke 2 cigars a week I would have died from the torture long before I knew much

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