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  1. Not quite a Cigar Cutter

    I hope Michel Jordan doesn’t see this....
  2. What The Swiss...

    Sounds like the Jack Daniels law......lobsters must be dead drunk before boiling...I’ve been doing that for years 🥃
  3. This really just happened...

    Somebody must have ordered a Diet Coke and pushed the wrong button 😰
  4. Cuban Cigar Tobacco Weights

    We use lots of grams in California 😎
  5. How about a Bay Area pick up👻...I can guarantee a few hundred sale at least🤫
  6. Smoke it...the cracks not going to get any smaller....should still smoke fine🙏
  7. I’ll take those cigars and Walter Johnson 👻
  8. Thank god I’m at least an older generation cigar smoker👻...much as I hate to say it...but being in the wine business all my aldult life, having a mother who was an artist and being a bit of an artist myself, color and hue are very important to me. I’m not a scientist but I think oxidation has some effect on wrapper color...

    For me a perfect start to the new year...or any day...mimosa and Encantos🌈
  10. Call me crazy...most people do...I find that darker wrappered cigars tend to lose a little color over the years and lighter wrappers tend to get darker. I also find some lighter wrapper brands..PL, QdO, Cohiba tend to gain strength as they age and darker wrappers cigars always I me crazy.

    I’m starting early...
  12. Hola Hermanos!

    A new FOH custom.....yes Virginia there is a 🎅
  13. CNY....FOH Custom

    Port was fine🤗....ready to drink!
  14. Since I first got these I’ve smoked one every year on Xmas Eve....with a little Port....and I’m running low...hint..hint From the first puff to the last just an unbelievably decadent delicious cigar...something I wish I had boxes of! I love fruity tobacco and these taste like the best fruitcake you’ve ever had...without the calories. They remind me of a great Ramon Allones. I have 2 maybe 3 left, hopefully another run of these will be done🙏 As good a cigar as I can hope to smoke!
  15. Reward for a day in the kitchen

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