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  1. I've got a couple of boxes of Pacificos, wasn't very impressed initially but they've been getting better. The boxes I have are medium bodied with delicate white peach flavor. I'm not going to embarrass myself and say how many boxes of Encantos I have, I could start everyday with one. For me it's the breakfast of champions cigar.
  2. Rob's got my vote! I agree with you Ken, I don't like red wine wine with cigars...but if I had to choose, I want something with lots of fruit and zero to little California we call it Zinfandel
  3. Just when I thought they couldn't take under filling to a new level...
  4. When you read's time!
  5. 13.9 gr. I'm smoking this one...
  6. Sorry...I weigh every cigar, the ones that are way below the published weight I give away. Most boxes have around 5 that should have been thrown in the trash can, not put in a box.
  7. Your right....Cuban cigar construction has never been worse. I used to check the weights of the cigars I was taking with me when I travel, didn't want to take a under filled wind tunnel with me. Now I check every cigar I smoke....the wind tunnels go to a friend.....he's happy and I haven't had a bland disappointment since. The number of plugged cigars I've had in over 40+ years I could count on 2 hands, for me that's not a problem.
  8. It certainly can. I've had many boxes charge color.....usually medium wrappers getting darker and dark wrappers getting lighter. Once in a while a dark one just keeps getting darker.
  9. I don't think you can make sober decisions based on "not great quality wine" least I can't. Being in the wine business all my life, if the wine isn't good quality......I have a beer. If your saying there's more terroir in modesty priced old world wine then new, I might agree with you. But being a very lucky, spoiled man, that's not my area of expertise. With respect to cigars, for me Cuban cigars are unique. The mouthfeel of Cuban cigars is the softest, smoothest on the planet. Cigars from other places make my mouth feel like an ashtray when I'm done.
  10. It depends on the wrapper.....little to no quite a bit.
  11. For many years, since I love all 22 top brands, I just chase the best tobacco.....I'll even smoke donkey dicks and short fat sticks if the tobacco is yummy. I'd tell Rob to pick me out the richest, oilest cigars he has. Blind buying I'd be happy with 4 boxes of Monte #1.
  12. Something we're dearly lacking right now
  13. 1 SP Non Plus 2 R&J Extra Super Wide Churchill
  14. Cute blondes do not make good drug 1 of the smugglers handbook
  15. I've had some boxes of SLR Serie A that were just like smoking peanut butter cookies.....yum!

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