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  1. Just don't let the peas touch the carrots 👻
  2. 7+ places.....but I'm trying to cut down...HELP!
  3. A friend of mine sent me a box of R&J Cazadores back in 95, absolutely incredible cigars. I remember thinking I could smoke just these cigars for the rest of my life. I couldn't wait for dinner to be over to have one. I think I smoked that box in 24 days, I gave one away as a gift. So order me up a few thousand boxes of those and show me the island.
  4. Our flag should be upside down this year
  5. Maybe Scotch is the best paring with a Rocky Patel cigar......thankfully I'll never know.
  6. Just remember....cigars are like books...
  7. I think for quite a few years 20% of the cigars in Cuba are rolled at the Windtunnel Heartbreak Hotel.
  8. I'm not smoking in the fireworks factory, because if I blow myself up it's my last cigar. But I am smoking anywhere it's not illegal or dangerous!
  9. I bought lots of cigars there in the 70's....beautiful store....great memories.
  10. SLR Pacificos....I need more white peaches!
  11. It was a Cohiba band...looked like a Behike...54 or 56
  12. Can they cook...
  13. I'm no donkey dick lover, I'd be happy smoking dalias the rest of my life. But since the turn of the century I've learned to not buy cigars by size or brand, just chase the best tobacco. I got a box of these to see if they would scratch my big Bolivar itch and they did! I'm halfway thru my second box. This cigar is well filled, 17.2 gr but the draw is still a little to open for my liking. 1/3: lightning it I get a lovely sweet roasted coffee flavor. On the 3rd or 4th puff the cigar just gets decadent and I think...slow down, don't overheat this Yule log. There's an incredible mouth coating sweetness with roasted coffee, vanilla wafer, chocolate and that beautiful Cuban earthiness. I feel like I'm smoking 3000 calories. 2/3: I made some french press coffee with Baileys to go with the cigar but but decided to wait till the last 3rd because the flavors are so delicious. The cigar has gone from medium to slightly over and the flavors have come together and are just lip smacking. 3/3 now medium full, the coffee has gone to espresso, the chocolate is bittersweet and the rich earthiness just keeps building. I took one sip of coffee, lost flavors, had some water to get the flavors back...had the coffee after the cigar. What a great smoke! I'd give this cigar a point off for not making me dinner and one point off for not sleeping with me.

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