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  1. I'm gonna need a bigger box...
  2. This cigar was a no brainer for me, PL+Dalias = love. I'm enjoying one right now, it's my favorite mid morning smoke.....breakfast of champions! I remember a form member posting he had 10 box aging, I thought he must be crazy......looks like I'm crazy too!
  3. When I think of or smoke a great Hoyo DC I get pumpkin pie, SLR white peaches, so the Punch seems next in line with its citrus orange blossom yummyness. Then you've got the RAG, best fruitcake you've ever tasted. And Lucy, the best friend I have on the back nine, Italian leather, espresso and a spicy snickers bar.....I usually play a Hoyo on the front nine. Obviously I love them all... And a great box ....or 2 or the BCG's couldn't hurt!
  4. You may have another loser in your box, may. The problem isn't with this particular cigar, it with all cigars coming out of Cuba these days. In Northern California we're used to weighing what we smoke before we smoke it, a heartbreaking experience when it comes to Cuban cigars. In most boxes today only half the cigars make the published weight, and 5 of the 12 lightweights belong in the trash can. The other 7 or so can be anywhere from a nice smoke to bland disappointment. I've had it with smoking bland garbage, I check the weight of every cigar I smoke now and only smoke well filled changer! If you read about a man throwing draw test machines out a window of a cigar factory in Cuba, you'll know I'm there.
  5. You've got to do something to dress up all the wind tunnels coming out of Cuba these days, what's better than a 3 banded wind tunnel......
  6. I can see the comet coming in the sky ⛄️☄️
  7. Looks like the possibilities for underfilling are endless, wind tunnel donkey dicks 😰
  8. With a after dinner cigar I like coffee and or sauternes, port and cognac.....not just those but that's what first comes to mind. I like Montecristo, Vegas Robaina, Trinidad and Diplomaticos with coffee and if there's some chocolate around all the better. I like the fruity tobacco with port, except tawny, Punch, RJ, RA, JL, SLR. Sauternes and cognac I like Cohiba, Bolivar, QdO, PL, SCdH, Upmann. But any nice cigar is a lovely dessert to me...
  9. What I meant by "super high quality" is tobacco that produces cigars that can age beautifully for 15+ years. Back when dinosaurs roamed around and I started smoking CC's that was more the norm, now it's the exception. I know they can still do it because I have a few post 2000 boxes that will probably out live me, but not many. I wish you could tell by looking, but you have to put a match them. If I start a cigar and it's delicious and by halfway I'm wondering if I can finish it, I know I have something to lay down.
  10. I wish I could tell you buy this brand or that cigar for long term aging, those days are gone. Today it's down to boxes, they're not that many and hard to find. Today the amount of super high quality tobacco coming out of Cuba is down to a dribble and it can show up anywhere. I'd either tell Rob what you like to smoke and have him look for a stunning box, or just let him pick out something he thinks has long legs. Otherwise hop on a plane to Spain and go digging around for yourself.
  11. Ravi is the real Santa Clause!
  12. I don't think much has changed for me in almost 50 years, I just love Cuban cigars.
  13. 🍾Happy Birthday 🍾
  14. I just wish the aliens would stop eating so much tobacco at the factory's and start putting it back in the cigars.
  15. You did say you wanted 2 boxes of cigars, so you will end up with 1 box of well rolled cigars.....and 1 box of wind tunnels 😰 I'd go with the BCG's while you still can.

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