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  1. Bartolomeo

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Having worked in the restaurant/bar business when I was younger, I make sure to take care of the servers as I have first hand experience how hard/fun it can be, also suggest every high school/college kid works in a restaurant at some point in their life, that experience teaches them math, customer service, social behaviors, responsibility, etc. that is priceless later in life IMHO As far as drinks go, I tip a $1 a drink whether it’s $1 bottle night or $11/beer at a Vegas pool cabana.....same tip amount at a minimum no matter the venue and have the ability to add more money if service/experience was great I dont believe in leaving a $0 tip but leave something then explain it to the guilty party on what problems I experienced so hopefully it gets corrected for the next table Bart
  2. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2013 Sig 4 on back porch here in Wilmington
  3. Bartolomeo

    Killer P2

    My comeback cigar of the year so far I have never had good luck w these ever or consistency until last 9 months, smoking great fresh and I am going through them quickly while lying some down as well
  4. Bartolomeo

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Nice, I was there on Tuesday
  5. Bartolomeo

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Thanks for the sampler!
  6. Bartolomeo

    Seattle, WA

    This unfortunately /\
  7. All depends on the cigars BTO boxes of Cohiba are highly desirable and also pricey for a reason i don’t chase old stuff because I have developed a fresher palette but that’s just me but there are always exceptions
  8. Cohiba Short....
  9. Bartolomeo

    email of the week.

    Have him send them to me in the US and I will pay him for his box, full closed
  10. Thanks for the summary, looked like a grand time!
  11. Bartolomeo

    Vacuum sealing

    Long time, no see great to see you post!
  12. Bartolomeo


    Alonso is best driver pound for pound since Schumi IMHO.....
  13. Bartolomeo

    French Riviera

    Of course you will, where haven’t you guys been in the last 12 months?.....Texas, Australia, Cuba....Congrats and see you in November pal! 😎
  14. Bartolomeo

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PL Gran Robusto RE Paises Bajos...wet, young but blend made for long haul IMHO, box worthy
  15. Bartolomeo

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Have my daughter this week, she finished Duke tennis camp and us karting in 98* temps.....good times

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