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  1. ERDM Lons, VR Classico, LGC, Siglo 3, Partagas de Partagas, Cohiba Anniversary Humidor, Monsdales, ERDM Anniversario, EL Espy's, recent VR DA, 2013 PSD4 ....this is what cigars should look like
  2. Buy as I do for most things, to try out and form an opinion, that's what cigars are all about, try everything, figure out what you like and go from there Bart
  3. Cohiba 50th Anniversary Humidor

    Is cello left on for travel purposes than taken off? tks as always for sharing!
  4. Happy Birthday Mike!

    Happy Bday Mike!!
  5. won't be able to make it tonight fellas, next time!
  6. Hurricane Irma in Cuba

    Shows the true Cuban spirit, love this pic....
  7. Irma Call Out over the weekend.

    Parents in Boca still dealing w wind bands but have power, Hamlet safe in Miami w his brother
  8. Hurricane Irma

    Parents in Boca prepping, going to get ugly
  9. "Never needs calibrating"

    Salt test them....
  10. Last two months smoking a ton of fresh VR DA (2015-2016), Cuaba Salomones(15-16), Serie E(15-16) and Customs from Nov 16-Present watching Game of Thrones, all 7 seasons....excited about College Football, Go Gators!!! Drink of choice lately is Pacifico beer and Dark n Stormies.... Bart
  11. I like the PSD5 & 6.....serves a purpose for a quick cigar but I don't buy any, not priced correctly IMHO UPE coded Monte DE on release were fantastic and worth every penny, since then I have not really had a good Monte DE worth their price and they are overpriced as well, I like Monte and like the DE size but I can't justify the price for the lack of performance...sort of like the Edmundos, hard to find a consistent box Cohiba Medio Siglo is an enjoyable cigar flavor wise, other than that its a waste of money compared to what else is out there, again it serves a purpose for a quick smoke but priced itself out of the game Bart
  12. When cigars in ziplocks are taken from freezer to refrigerator, condensation occurs in the refrigerator that gets the box/cigars wet in my experience removing the bag between the freezer and refrigerator eliminates that risk
  13. I started this journey back in August 2009 when my old man bought a box of fake Cohiba where he lives in South Florida, I posted them online and was soon "educated" on why they were fake....this led me to learn as much as I could about Habanos moving forward South Florida...lots of fakes, big business Los Angeles....lots of fakes due to location next to Mexico, lots of cigar stores selling Habanos in the back room then those guys posting pics on IG of their recent pick ups, seen more shops here than in Florida selling the fake Habanos Cuba...not the real factory cigars but still Cuban tobacco fakes being peddled by everyone and their cousin and I don't blame them, they are trying to survive compared to the fakes in America being sold, which the sellers are all about the greed IMHO In everyday life here in North Carolina, I would say 65% fakes from friends coming back from Mexico, Caribbean, etc vacations are what they are showing me, they have no idea and most could care less if they are fake or not but it's a large % of fakes coming home w tourists Bart
  14. August Trip Report (Picture Heavy)

    Thanks for sharing, why didn't the Hotel Nacional staff let you in the humi? Never been a problem before again, thanks for sharing!

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