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  1. Johnny O Talisman Review

    No mystery, 100% Cuban tobacco rolled in Cuba
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Awesome Edmundo from 2014, tasted like a Jello Pudding Pop minus the pervert....
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    VR DA....B+ LGC Caribe...B Torreon.....B+ ERDM Tainos...A Punch Clasicos RE from Jamie ...A- SLR Marquez...B- and climbing, D upon release 09 PSD4 from Jamie Ireland....A 05 HDM from Jamie....A- look at that dimple, always a sign of a well made cigar
  4. If he bought them in Cuba he paid more than what Cuba will be selling them for down the road
  5. VR DA Serie E LaFuerza
  6. Back from OZ Pic #2

    I am jealous, looks like fun!
  7. Sweet pics, keep em coming Great deck pics with Dana, she classes up the joint!
  8. UK vendors have sold today REG JUL 17 and UAO JUL 17 based on convos
  9. Note from a well connected friend who visited EL in September watching these being rolled: "These are from El Laguito, they changed it from triple cap to pigtail. The initial release was triple cap at the Feria del Habano. The boxes that I saw at EL were all pigtails. Don't understand why they did that but if you look on the Internet any images of boxes they all have pigtails."
  10. I use this Cuban Crafters model because I have large hands, lifetime guarantee, love it
  11. I think it comes down to people's situation and the cigars themselves. Cuban cigars will never be sold at a lost unless the buyer was an idiot and severely overpaid. Look at certain RE boxes that are considered "really good" by enthusiasts such as Conde 109, PL Mags, LGC Gloriosos, RA Gladiator, etc....those boxes rarely surface and when they do they command exorbitant pricing, I don't see these ever flooding the market in the future. While on the flip side there are tons of RE and LE that are still available because people don't care for them, volumes produced and pricing. For the most part, Cohiba LE's is an exception to this rule as these will sell for 3-5x original price in a short time period, look at 1966 and Supreme Robustos pricing now...and how the Talisman will continue this streak. How about regular production? I think a good cigar is a good cigar no matter the brand or year. Some regular production smokes will increase in value year over year more than others, some examples are: 98 Punch Monarcas, 2013 Cohiba, 2011 Serie E, 05 ERDM, lots of 2013 stock, etc. ....all of these examples command extremely high prices and rarely seen publicly for sale Lots of regular production cardboard packs available today from 99-01, available because they are crap IMHO So in summary I think it comes down to the cigars themselves rather if they are RE, LE or regular production when it comes down to investments. Just my two cents from someone that regularly smokes, ages his own cigars and occasionally sells cigars. Bart
  12. Video Review - Hamlet 25th Anniversary

    I respected his first release and really enjoy this release, much better IMHO Bart
  13. 1966 were $241 and Robusto Supremos LE $277 on release in Cuba so I am guessing these will be $300ish in Cuba on release, think they are going to be 450-470€ at Euro vendors and obviously see the U.K. Prices above look at what the 1966 and RS go for these days...bottom line is Cohiba LE cigars are a better investment than most stocks 😂
  14. Happy Halloween

    Cigarsmokingmodel pic...too funny!

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