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  1. Happy Birthday, Rob! Best wishes for a wonderful day and year!
  2. Congratulations, Khalil
  3. 11000

  4. Coffee's my go to drink with a cigar. For my taste, the two go together perfectly. If coffee's unavailable, I'll have hot chocolate.
  5. Happy Birthday Diana!

    Happy Birthday, Diana!
  6. I'm going to be a father!

    Fantastic news! Congratulations!
  7. for my 200th post

    Congratulations, Derrek!
  8. New Humidor is Ready!

    It's beautiful. Congratulations!
  9. Cigar + Coffee = Heaven

    Had a caffe' mocha with a BBF yesterday after work...wonderful pairing.
  10. Happy Birthday Ben!

    Happy Birthday, Ben!
  11. Cigar lounges in Anaheim?

    If you can make it to Newport Beach, there's Gulfstream Restaurant. Really good food and a patio with fire pits and heaters. The patio gets crowded, but you can smoke cigars.

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