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  1. Have to give a quick thanks to our hosts for this one. I won a box of these from Rob years ago in a little contest they were having at the time. 2002 Upmann "Tang" Monarch. Fifteen years old now and still a gem. One of the finest cigars I have had the pleasure to smoke.
  2. Just looked through the thread. I appreciate the help!
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to Cuba in July and wanted to ask you all where I should stock up on customs. Any particular shops have some killer stuff? First time in Cuba, so I would appreciate the help!
  4. Go see Wallace and Omaida at the LCDH.
  5. I have a box of SLR Regios that are 100% legit (lets just say the source is well respected and one of the most reputable around). When I entered the code online the results indicated that the box was HDM Double Coronas. Needless to say I trust my source 100% and don't even bother checking the codes anymore.
  6. My 2 cents. The wife and I got back from a week of cigars and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands a few weeks ago. She insisted on visiting the turtle farm so I gave in and paid the $36 US so she could get a few shots of the sea turtles. Long story short, she dropped her camera in one of the juvenile tanks.....twice. So I found a camera store in George Town and we bought a Nikon D3100 kit. The camera has been great and I could really tell a huge difference in our vacation photos with the old Olympus and the new Nikon. Not the top of the line by any means, but for the recreational photographer, well worth the money. On another note, I would wager that that was the most expensive turtle farm visit of all time.
  7. That is what you call a sh!t-eating grin
  8. Mystery Cigar # 3 Best cigar of the comp for me. The cigar was ugly as hell which lowered my expectations (and maybe lead to the nice suprise). HUGE veins, and a patch of green tobacco visible in the center of the foot. No oil whatsoever. Clipped at a slight angle and was welcomed with a near perfect draw. 1/3 - Low side of medium. Creamed coffee, chocolate....brilliant. Nice tangy finish. 2/3 - Straight medium body. Still like a nice cup of coffee, although with a little less cream as the 1/3. Still very nice. 3/3 - Coffee and cream, what can I say. This cigar was dominated until the end by coffee/cream. Loved it. PM sent to Rob.
  9. You guys have probably heard the joke: Soccer (Futbol) is like the "Twilight" movies. They run around for 2 hours, nobody scores, and its billions of fans insist you just don't understand.
  10. Mystery Cigar # 2 Well packed, although wrapper is rough to the point of being almost like fine sandpaper. Huge veins running the lenght of the cigar on all sides. The fact that Van said his was slightly box pressed has me scratching my head, as my sample wasn't even slightly pressed. It was round as could be. Aroma at cold is floral/sweet. Clipped the head and the draw was perfect which I have found is rare nowdays with robustos (I don't smoke many, but I usually find them to be like drawing through a drinking straw). The cold draw is clean tobacco with a light tea flavor. 1/3 - Very nice opening of toasted tobacco, slightly creamy and maybe some cocoa on the finish. I get almost an old lady perfume aroma coming of the cigar, it's quite pungent. No spice through the nose, very enjoyable however. Just under medium in body. 2/3 - Picked up that soapy character that others have written about. Almost like a bar of Zest sprayed with the old lady perfume. Once that settles, the flavors are the same as 1/3 although quite muted. I got a little bored with it at this point and wanted to pitch it out into the yard but decided to journey onward. 3/3 - Little bitterness as I reach the end. The body has gone to medium now and there is a spicy tingle on the back of the throat. The cigar ends with a strong charcoal flavor (think of smoking a Kingsford briquet). I had to put it down. Overall I was very interested in this one during the 1/3. If the whole cigar was like that it would be something quite good, however it quickly faded once the ash fell for the first time. I'm a little stumped as to what this could be, but I think I have it narrowed down to two cigars. PM sent to El Prez.
  11. I'm shocked. The cigar I smoked was 100% without a doubt Cohiba. I figured most all participants would nail it. Sad that such a "prestigious" and expensive brand suffers from such inconsistency.
  12. X2 He is a master of the cluster-f**k
  13. Victor is a great host! If you are lucky enough to be in town when the manager Gerry is there you are in for a real treat. This is a top notch LCDH.

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