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  1. Tiger Woods

    I am sure I could never understand what his life is like but I do have sympathy for him as a human being despite and all the self inflicted mistakes he has made. Still I will never understand the very wealthy that get behind a wheel and drive in any circumstance impaired when having someone available 24 hours is an easy thing to do. Having said that it is not like he takes his money and fame and does nothing. His tournament raises a lot of money and his foundation has helped, and continues to help, a lot of children so far. For the children he is helping his family and himself I am hoping he gets his life and health (mental and physical) in order. It's possible now he can do more to help others by being an inspiration in a different sense but good person on not at least his work in his foundation is more admirable than anything he has accomplished on the golf course so I will continue to root for him as a person and hopefully a success again. Arnold and Jack did it differently but lets hope when he gets to their age we will be talking about this part of his life as the exception not he rule.
  2. Rob, Never heard Petula Clark? Have you ever seen a show called Seinfeld?
  3. When the rules weren't as clear I had a bit of an argument about a lighter in an approved container taken from my golf bag that was being checked in Phoenix. The JetBlue lady behind the counter interjected what was starting to be a bit of an argument between me and a few TSA guys and eventually mailed it to my address. I never forgot that and wrote them a nice letter about her after I received it. Sometimes you get lucky I guess.
  4. Buying Cubans duty free

    I came through a Duty Free in Mexico a few years back (maybe 8-10) and got a very good fake Sig VI tubos. I even sent it to someone who is well known on the boards who opened it up and confirmed it was a well done fake. It happens or happened but regardless be happy you can take care of the collective knowledge of the Board here to help you out.
  5. Super Bowl Competition

    1) Atlanta 2) Freeman 3) Ryan 4) Edelman
  6. Locked and Loaded.....

    Election night in one of the most watched areas of the country I am guessing it should be pretty quiet down there! Have fun Prez! :-)
  7. Exodus 180

    Very interesting thread! I hope when the dust settles the people do better than the Native Americans did at least originally. I can certainly say that I have "donated" more than my share back over the years. On to cigars I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't just put a ban on the export of non rolled tobacco, assuming they had an interest in allowing private companies to conduct business in the Country. If you want to make Cuban cigars then they are grown, rolled and packaged by Cubans in Cuba etc etc Just my two cents.
  8. I freeze everything mostly because my cabinet in my unfinished basement can get a little warm. In the hottest part of the summer it gets to 72-73 degrees so I just sleep better but I never had a problem and know plenty of people that haven't had any problems as well.
  9. Punch Aguilas (instead of RJ ) Perfecto 50 x 143
  10. I use the Avallo with the 4 canisters and additional fans and have no complaints. I went a little overboard and put a canister (two likely would have worked) on each shelf along with the additional fans and best I can tell I have a pretty stable humidity throughout. I also like the ability to easily adjust the humidity accordingly which this time of year is great with my temps in the 58-60F range.
  11. I don't agree with the process but 3 Cubans in the top 25 makes some sort of sense only when you look at the way they say they rate cigars. First, I don't know the number but a guess would be maybe 15-20% of the cigars they rate are Cubans (13 out of 77 in last issue by my quick unofficial count) if that many. Second, they supposedly buy them at retail and then if they score well buy them again for the final tasting. So it seems they are buying the Cubans blind and since a large part of the scoring in the top 25 relies on consistency it makes sense to me that for this type of testing Cubans don't score as well as we would think. That is not to excuse 3 in the Top 25 of course but it's just my attempt at a rational explanation. I know I am very happy I don't have to buy blind and I suspect that if CA did the same things might change.
  12. Since about the age of 12 I have always wanted to be Hugh Hefner's replacement and for over 30 years nothing has changed.
  13. I suck compared to some of you guys (12 handicap :-) ) but I also enjoy smoking on the course as well but I stick to NC's as I generally as I don't have time to concentrate on them. My old tobacconist used to ask me where and when I was playing the next day and select a few for me. I used to think that was a bit much but I did actually find that certain wrappers smoked better in windy conditions.
  14. I had one within the last month and I still thought it needed more time which really surprised me. I have been trying these pretty much every 6 months waiting until I thought they were ready and I am still waiting. It is the only cigar I have had where my patience hasn't been rewarded by this much time. Could be I got the odd off box though.

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