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  1. Very appreciative to the Paley family as I have had more than a few nice days smoking in Paley Park while at the same time getting the evil eye from other people who think I am dong something wrong. Cigars can be funny one day at Cigar Inn I happened to sit next to someone who was friends with a dear friend who had recently passed away rather abruptly. I had never met him but remembered my friend often mentioned him and somehow we realized we both knew the same person. We had a few laughs remembering our a fellow friend.
  2. Looking forward to Rob setting up something like this for trusted members as I am not part of the trading board as I have 8 plus years here but not enough posts (but fully enjoy the forum) but I do like to sell off some stuff preferably to worthy brothers. I recently sold a HQ/ PSP box of SW’s I think I got in 14 or sometime around there to someone for near cost I think $350 give or take and he flipped them to a guy that gave them out in packages to golfers in a golf outing. It shouldn’t have pissed me off as much as it did but I wasn’t looking to make money just reinvest in other stock I have time to actually smoke. Mostly wanted them to find a good home for an appreciate host as strange as that sounds.
  3. Tie between Tony Soprano and Jimmy McNulty for me.
  4. 60 minutes had a great piece on this in the last year. Not sure if the link gives you the entire piece though. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-havana-club-rum-cuba-revolution/
  5. I am going to agree with the Illusione Epernay. I have always said I would love to throw them into a blind taste test mixed in with some Cubans and have people see if they can pick it out.
  6. In NY smuggling cigarettes from down south it is a big tax collection problem so it is my understanding that they look for cartons with specific tax labels on them that only come from certain channels (no idea on the process though). I don't smoke cigarettes but that is my high level understanding. Maybe they have a similar thing in the UK and once the dog finds it they check the carton or box?
  7. Dru, I have the exact same humidor and use the Avallo Acumonitor with a canister on each shelf (I only have two top shelves which I felt would better for storage and air circulation) and it includes fans that circulate air as well which I attached above the canisters. I also get the same thing with the humidity being higher in the lower part of the humidor but not by much. I store my humidor in a semi finished basement so the temp can vary 4-5 degrees from top to bottom (colder on the bottom I assume due to the cold floor) and the fact that the humidor (mine at least) had an opening for a light at the very top that I believe wasn't sealed well. There is still a little discrepancy in humidity levels for me but once I sealed off the hole in the top better the top level works better. I believe had I not had a canister on that shelf and lots of beads it would have been a bigger discrepancy. I don't think I helped in your question except I will say your not alone!
  8. I used to go to a place very similar that unfortunately closed. The best part was meeting some great guys I would have never met otherwise which was worth more than just the cigar benefits. Good luck hopefully you have the same experience.
  9. Did anybody else who saw the movie think that the ring gauge he was smoking was off? I know it is a bit picky but I have a friend that notices when films use more current ring gauges to depict cigar smokers of years past and always comments so I try to pay attention to how accurate they get those type of details. It's probably more likely the camera added 3 to the ring gauge than anything else though. I did enjoy the movie and thought Oldman did a great job.
  10. It will be hard to tell how good he will be because baring injury the team should win around 90 games regardless of who is the manager. He seems likeable and if he can be media savy the team should take care of the rest for him to be liked. It really is a lose lose situation though. If they win 95 it was because they were loaded and if they win 85 it is because he screwed it up. Personally I wanted Beltran but its tough to get worked up about a manager as the last time I did was when they hired Torre and that worked out pretty well.
  11. I have a friend that smokes two when he is reviewing a cigar. He uses one he knows and likes well as a control cigar and the other for the review to make a comparison.
  12. I have a box but below is NOT my personal review of the Capuleto so it doesn't obviously count but I thought it would be of some interest to those reading this thread. It came back from a good friend over the summer who is a very experienced smoker with a good palate. I recently sent him some of my stuff to get some thoughts and other validations of my stock and see where his thoughts are compared to mine. I sent it as part of 15 or so cigars I sent to him completely blind and below is his blind review of the Capuleto. Colorado wrapper shade promises big rich smoking experience; solid feel without any soft spots or apparent flaws offers hope that performance will not be an issue; closer exam reveals veiny, toothy character and curiously dry quality -- but not in the sub-par storage way, just that this particular wrapper isn’t oily at all. Pre-light, the cold draw smacks me with light, bright fresh-cut greens sweetness --- excellent promise for what’s to come. The draw is fine, flirting with tight, but perhaps that’s the ring guage? As expected by a solid feel and good draw, the burn is proper and develops without much blister and, wonder of wonders, the first puffs are light and airy, with citrus-fruit highlights. Aroma is toasted nut-like, walnuts maybe, and then marvelous just-baked bread pops up, that yeasty note wafts about. Once I hit cruising speed I’m getting a chewy mouthful of smoke, easily matching the promises of the aroma. Overall, performance ranks near the top: holding a steel grey ash well, virtually no blister, and nice cool draw with big flavor! If all of that keeps up, ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! But, please hold your tickets, as we have a ways to go before the finish line...if the first 1/3rd gave me sweet floral and barnyard notes, chased by just a hint of green-ness ( youth ) it was balanced and full enough, ending the phase with lip spice and some power rising, while the retrohale remained almost soft -- baking spices! I was enjoying the mix so much I had to force myself to slow down, otherwise I’d be overheating the smoke, even one this fat. Nearing halfway mark, I still notice clean floral top notes but now I’m tasting and smelling plenty of big earthy ( not muddy yet ) wood/ wet leather/ nut-oil mixed in; surprisingly, these elements are all playing nice! Completely unforced, I find myself making comparisons to past examples of Cohiba/Trinidad and Behike : solid company for any brand/size to fall into ---but can these flavors be sustained? Let’s find out, even at the risk of tainting what has already happened ( hard to be excited about a cigar you only want to smoke part way through, no matter the price. ) Nearing the final third, the smoke is still clean, deep but not (yet) overstrong or one-note; new flavors creep in, leathery and oily, but near silky, not the gummy, overbearing mouth-coating effect so common in recent years. Forest fruit, dark cherries, dried raisins and some pleasant mineral notes come in and out -- those are hallmarks of a successful, complex blend. If you have to chase them, look for, and hope for, their return, then you certainly cannot be bored or disappointed by a cigar offering such a dance. The retrohale has a powdery, almost talc-like quality, and the aroma is now all-enveloping, so I get up and leave, stay away for moments. On return, I find it lovely, warm and toasty but not rank, sour or foul. By this time though, some burn issues have arisen, but the burn corrects itself without a touch-up and I simply ash the end, and the wrapper holds -- not tearing or splitting. Now comes the moment where humidor time earns extra thanks: and sure enough, yet more complex notes emerge. Almost like reaching the center of malted milk ball, but these are far forward on your palate -- dark honey, chased by ginger, more mineral elements: this is a meaty smoke, only somehow it’s also showing me echoes of the floral and cream notes that marked the very beginning. Nothing lasts long enough to dominate, and as it comes down to the end, it’s mostly muscle, but far from overpowering. I force myself to slow down once more, because I don’t want this cigar to end - what other changes can it offer? There are still sweet, syrupy tastes, and the mouthfeel is rich but absolutely clean - nuances come and go, but no one aspect takes full control, and by carefully pacing my smoking rate it hasn’t overheated. What a pleasure and how I wish it would last just that much longer -- but to avoid ruining the experience, and souring my taste buds, I lay this one to rest. While the tastes that highlighted the beginning are some of my favorites, the changes that followed were welcome, and never left me bored or let down. This is a cigar worthy of plenty of humidor time, and one that will continue to improve almost certainly. If you have more than a few, count yourself lucky -- if you only have the one box, try not let yourself smoke them too fast, otherwise, one day soon you’ll look down and see the last one --- and realize you won’t ever get to enjoy that mix of flavors again.
  13. Tiger Woods

    I am sure I could never understand what his life is like but I do have sympathy for him as a human being despite and all the self inflicted mistakes he has made. Still I will never understand the very wealthy that get behind a wheel and drive in any circumstance impaired when having someone available 24 hours is an easy thing to do. Having said that it is not like he takes his money and fame and does nothing. His tournament raises a lot of money and his foundation has helped, and continues to help, a lot of children so far. For the children he is helping his family and himself I am hoping he gets his life and health (mental and physical) in order. It's possible now he can do more to help others by being an inspiration in a different sense but good person on not at least his work in his foundation is more admirable than anything he has accomplished on the golf course so I will continue to root for him as a person and hopefully a success again. Arnold and Jack did it differently but lets hope when he gets to their age we will be talking about this part of his life as the exception not he rule.
  14. Rob, Never heard Petula Clark? Have you ever seen a show called Seinfeld?

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