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  1. Well done mate, good trades! Puts/Takes APPROVED!
  2. Looks great mate! Puts/Takes APPROVED! Some long lost Discontinued treasures going in here - when was the last time anyone talked about the Sancho Panza CG? Awesome to see! Many thanks mate, enjoy your takes!
  3. As of this morning, our Box Pass is over the ocean on the way to Hawaii! First time the FOH box pass has left the continent. We're breaking new ground (water?) with @Notsocleaver!
  4. Mate, I'd love to support a new box pass, and I've got a few members who couldn't be included in the current one that I'm sure would be keen to join yours. I understand how the current one looks pretty ambitious at this point, but don't forget that in any box pass, the value overall will always rise from start to finish, because generally speaking folks should always be putting in the same or higher value than they are taking. That said, there is a lot to be said for a box pass that is accessible to all, and it's something always worth striving for, i know i do in mine. Count me in, and when I've got a moment tomorrow I'll pass on some words of wisdom to your PM. i would suggest for right now - it may be best to set it up but not start it until the current one is finished (should be done around late Oct/early Nov). That would prevent confusion around the two passes, and allow me to pass on the FOH Box Pass notebook to you to include in the pass! Nice work mate!
  5. Looks good mate! You're ready to go!
  6. It's true! Over a hundred days on the road. And two of the cigars in there have made the whole trip so far, the Sancho Panza Eslavo RE Serbia and the RA Club Allones LE have been there since the start! I'm happy to get those back (particularly the Eslavo, probably the best SP RE they've ever done), but equally happy if they find a new home too. And hey - next trip through USPS take the box over the ocean to Hawaii. A new step for the FOH Box Pass, it's never had a long water transit before LOL!
  7. @Charley, these look great! Your overpay with the Sir Winnie more than makes up for the legendary status of that BTO CoLa and the MUR LGC MdO#2. Trades Approved! Please Post up your pictures before sending on, mate! Many thanks!
  8. Boxes of 10--Opinions please..

    I'm with you 100%. Feels like they are trying to condition the consumer to pay the same for a 10 box as they would for a 25 box. It's the same thing with RE's that come out as a 20-box. At $600 to boot! Nice try, HSA. I'm not buying it....literally!
  9. I was shocked too's not exactly easy to find anymore.....
  10. My Favorite marca. Which means of course that they've discontinued it to within an inch of it's life. But hey! At least they finally cleaned up the embossing iron for the bands. Used to be you couldn't even tell that it was a coat of arms before, now most bands are extremely well embossed. Baby steps!
  11. Thanks for the great pictures, @jacktarnold! I'm pleased to see what good condition the cigars are in at the point in the pass! awesome!
  12. @jacktarnold, I'll echo @Boosted, it's fantastic to see some discontinued love here on the pass, particularly with the ERDMs! Trades APPROVED! I also thank you for restraining from licking the cigars....although I agree there are a good number that look good enough to eat. Thanks for the little something haha - much appreciated although not required! Thanks too for replacing the outer box - It's starting to look like the kicked around delivery box from the opening of Ace it's a good thing to maybe swap that out haha! Unfortunately, @joshb has asked to step out for work reasons, so the next guy up is @Charley. I'll see if josh can join us back in at the tail end of California in a few weeks.
  13. Oh, I should mention - we did double up on the RS12, which wouldn't be okay normally for anything but a regular stick, but given the vintage-ness and rarity of a cigar from the early 90's, I'm willing to make an exception!
  14. You're welcome man - those 11 Hup2s are awesome, aren't they? Glad you enjoyed it
  15. Exceptionally done, @Boosted! You've made a hell of a good trade for the Presidencia and I'm happy to see it go to a good and worthy home. TRADES APPROVED! Your extra cigar and gifts are too kind as well, thanks man - no one would ever doubt your generosity!!! Now please make sure you give us all a review of the Presidencia when you smoke it! I'm sure we're all curious to hear how it was! Big thanks again to @PigFish For his generosity as well - those were some special sticks you put in, Ray! They each found a good home and i'm grateful For What you Did for the pass, thank you mate!

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