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  1. It's absolutely Rob's signature. I have a few boxes with that signature on it from Czar...
  2. Now we're talking!
  3. Cuba November 2018

    Yes indeed! You'll have to go next year. I deploy in January for an 8 monter...i know the feeling!
  4. Cuba November 2018

    I'd have to bribe him to take us through the Panama Canal first, seeing as we're in the Pacific...
  5. Cuba November 2018

    Wish I could join this time around, guys. I'm scheduled to sail on 12 Nov for a month of work-ups..... I know you'll have a blast!
  6. Bahrain- where to buy/smoke/drink

    Paging @almudawi... Five years ago I visited and wish I had left more room for the Bahrain Airport duty free - it had tons of selection! Hopefully still good!
  7. I'll say $525 Leyenda, $475 Maltes, $425 for the Dumas
  8. The last LE fail?

    I used to love trying the LE's to find ones I like, but I've definitely gotten disillusioned and turned off by the skyrocketing prices and terrible wrappers, so I barely bother anymore. Stick with what @PigFish says - a decently aged corona beats the crap out of just about all LE's I've ever tasted. I agree with most on here - biggest LE fails I've seen: HDM Regalos '07 - Crap Wrappers, Crap Taste. Trini Ingenios '07 - I don't care what @CanuckSARTech says, these were an epic fail. Cuaba Piramides '08 - Languished for years, was actually a decent cigar but way stronger than the rest of the line. Confused people. Partagas SD5 '08 - I think this is the first of the "Let's shorten a good cigar and charge more for it!" brigade. For that reason alone, a despicable cigar. Trinidad Short Robusto T "10 - I still remember the hundreds on boxes on the shelf in Charles Grech tobacconist in Malta. I bet they are still there, years later HdM Short Piramides '11 - Lame taste (HdM suffers terribly from darker wrappers IMHO), lame release. HdM Grand Epicure '13 - HSA STOP MAKING HdM LE's - they are never good! My $0.02. I stick with RE's when I want a double bander for the most part now (at least the wrapper has the same chance at quality as a regular cigar), but even that market is drying up for me based on the skyrocketing price - @NSXCIGAR is bang on about the RG88s. Fonzie on his surfboard is about to jump for RE's if they keep going this way,....
  9. Who's been keeping me away?

    Thanks everyone! We are enjoying every minute. He's starting to keep awake a little more, his eyes are open and just pull you in. it's like you can see your future in his eyes. I am smitten Ouch Derrek - I have to hope he wouldn't hurt his Dad's feelings that much by stooping to the Air Force! I've got 16+ years to change his mind - better start working on him now! Thanks Claus. One month in and I'm barely able to keep my head up half of the time. Coffee is my new best friend....
  10. Hey Everyone, My activity on FOH has been spotty at best the last month...and here's why! I returned from a month's of Navy work in Guam on 2 discover that my wife was about to give birth, 3 weeks earlier than planned. So much for my planned "Diaper Party" (Whisky and Cigar Party) on 4 February! Instead we welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world, little Charles! He's as cute as a button, and even though we've not had much sleep since he joined us, we couldn't be happier with the little guy. Even though it means that time for cigars, forums, whisky, and friends is a little short right now, we've waited for this moment for a while, and can't wait for the journey ahead. So I won't be posting much for the next little while, as I take a few months off work to get to know Charles a little better, but I'm still out there lurking! All the best friends! PS - I did end up having the Diaper Party a couple weeks after the birth. Handed out AMO-code PSD4s to friends and family, and smoked some of the finest cigars I have to celebrate: My last Partagas Piramides LE 2000 My only Ramon Allones Pheonicia 30 (thanks to the Box Pass!) Ramon Allones H&F 225 RE UK All spectacular cigars.
  11. Farewell F.O.H..

    Guy! Je suis vraiment triste que tu vas partir de cette monde des amis de cigares! Guy, you've been a wonderful and generous friend to me over the years, and welcomed Chantelle and I both in to your home soon after we arrived in the UK a few years ago - I only wish I could have repaid your hospitality by hosting you in Canada or even in London! I treasure our conversations over the years, and I look forward to seeing you again someday soon, when I can get back to France somehow! I feel terrible that I've not been able to keep up our letters and messages recently - work and Chantelle's pregnancy has kept me off the forums much more than even I expected, but I have your address Guy - and I promise to write so we can keep in touch. That way I can tell you next time I will be close by! Thank you so much for all that you've done for me, for us, and for our community. We'll miss you on these conversations, and I'm sure we'll be happy to hear from you anytime as a community. All the very best Guy - I hope to see you again soon! Chris
  12. My thoughts exactly. Hated the plugged/boring/lifeless samples I've smoked of these. Probably my least favorite AP RE ever.
  13. Piggy's Pos

    You and me both, Ray. Can't wait for my project to finish in February so I can stop working 12hrs a day! Keep well and safe this holiday season, my friend!
  14. I'm really encouraged to see more box passes happening around FOH. Nicely done guys! Would love to join but I'm pretty sure my address up here in Victoria, BC cuts me out, so all good. Just wanted to say I'm glad to see more box passes! Enjoy guys!

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