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  1. Hi Everyone, we're underway again as the box is now enroute to @ehdg. Hope everyone had a good weekend! Unfortunately Knilas has had to withdraw from the box pass due to personal reasons. We're sorry to lose you mate!
  2. Inventory

  3. Folks, an unavoidable delay here as the next guy up is unavailable at short notice over the weekend, so the next Puts/Takes Proposal should be up by early next week. Have a good weekend all! I'm taking off myself for the next couple days to celebrate my birthday up island - Looking forward to a birthday herf on Sunday! Cheers everyone!
  4. Thanks @Tave1225, my pleasure - All looks great here!
  5. Diplomaticos Exclusivo Países Bajos....

    I sent Ray 5 of 'em - that should get him started!
  6. Diplomaticos Exclusivo Países Bajos....

    LOL thanks @PigFish - I can't see Youtube videos at work but I will watch at home. Sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it! Macanudos are excellent cigars, Archie Bunker said so! I remember watching an episode where he opens up a package and whistles with anticipation...."Edith, deese is fine cigars. Deese are Ma-ca-nu-do"
  7. If I had the cash in hand, I would....
  8. Folks, I've confirmed with @vintagerodshop that he's now free and able to rejoin the pass, so he will slot in right at the tail end of the box pass, after Lotusguy but before it returns to me at the end. Welcome back, vintagerodshop!
  9. @Tave1225, These are awesome trades, and your Robusto T gift is very generous also - you've gone above and beyond here mate! Trades Approved! Thanks very much mate. You've set the bar high again here!
  10. The box pass is enroute to Tave1225 and everything continues running smoothly, a testament to some great guys in this pass! Thanks for making this seamless so far, gents! With Erm's take of the RA Gordito, we reached an interesting milestone - that's the first time that a person's puts had been completed taken out of the Box Pass, as that was the last of @ComancheKeen's cigars left in the pass. Obviously the longer we go, the more folks will reach that point, but CK was the first! Onward to Tave1225!
  11. Thanks @Nekhyludov - Puts/Takes approved! That Monte A looks awesome - we've got some big sticks in the Box Pass now, with the Sancho Panza Sancho already in! Well done mate. Let me know when you have tracking number!
  12. FYI - joeypots has withdrawn from the Box Pass for personal reasons, so the next guy up after Nekhyludov is @Tave1225!
  13. Thanks Erm - That's very generous of you and not necessary, thank you so much for those kind gifts! I am glad you've enjoyed the pass and I hope others are enjoying it as much!
  14. Some great trades here, Erm! Trades Approved ! There is a lovely injection of Ramon Allones coming into the pass,great to see!

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