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  1. Hey mate, wasn't it a Super Seleccion No. 2? Thats what i remember, because it was that or the Hoyp Des Dieux and I ended up with the latter instead....
  2. I found time for a second PC this week! After a hectic start and a brief to my superiors on Tuesday, I found enough time later in the week to enjoy a second cigar at work. Rare as it is, I will take the opportunity, even if I can't enjoy a tipple with the cigar! This one here is a little younger for sure. I love Juan Lopez cigars more and more each year, and the PC is one that I keep my eye out for now. I have a nice '13 HQ box aging away, but I found a good '14 box in the Partagas Factory in November last year during Havanathon, so I bought it as soon as I laid eyes on these beauties. I tried the first one not long ago from this box and now they are in my regular rotation (if you could call it a rotation). Young and punchy, but delivering the goods already! I love the complexity, and yet the straightforwardness of this cigar. It doesn't try to do too much, but still makes you pay attention at the same time. Kind of a paradox, but an enjoyable one. This cigar looks great, with decent oils, a good firm roll with some give yet, and a nice cleaned up band. The aroma is pure, straightforward tobacco. I can't call it anything else LOL. The opening draw is spot on, just a hint of resistance, and some cinnamon/clove spice on the palate. First third - Can I just say "perfect everything"? Loads of Rich molasses sweetness, with more cinnamon/clove spice around a copious amount of smoke generation. Like a damn delicious spice cookie. This is a can't lose smoke! It's complex, demands attention, but makes you feel like it was worthwhile. It just feels and tastes right. At less than three years of age! Second Third - still delivering the goods. Power is medium to full, but the flavour remains constant - spice cookies with enough sweetness to keep you impressed. Draw remains perfect, and I remain impressed. I must get more of these cigars. Final Third - Well, this hasn't happened yet for any out of the box so far, but it happened hear - evidence of youth! The power ramped up to full, and the sweetness has fallen off. More white pepper and sharpness on the tongue. I am still enjoying it, but it's becoming a heady smoke. I can't be too surprised, and perhaps I'll let them age a little more now, but these have the pieces to age into 95-96pt cigars. Firing on all cylinders right up until the end. It finished off with 1/2 an inch to go, as I started to burn my fingers. Overall, an excellent experience, that would make you want to buy another box right away. The final third brings it down a tad overall, into 91-92 territory, but as I said, these could go to 95-96pts. If you see this code, I'd say buy with confidence. These are cracking good cigars. At least they aren't discontinued (yet!) Cheers mates! To Canadians out there, have a great long weekend!
  3. We've had an awful winter here and a lousy spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Just the worst kind of endless rain and cold. Monday's "high" of 10C was the lowest high on record for that May 15th in Victoria. Horrendous! However, that seems to be changing as we're skyrocketing above 20C this weekend. That means it's time for some of my favorite cigars - 42 RGs! First one for these reviews is the late, great Punch Petit Corona. This one's a 2007 edition that a mate from London traded me, I saw boxes of these 2007 beauties in Geneva a couple of years ago, but I ended up going for the older 2004 box (misprinted as "Petti Corona" on the side of the box) for the same price. The 2007 singles I've had since then make me wish I had gotten the 2007 box instead. Ah well. This is my last 2007 one that I have - hopefully someday I'll be able to pick up more. This one suffered under a coordination fail - I dropped it a couple of days ago wile removing it from my humidor. Cracked the head. We've all done it - embarrassing as hell. Hopefully it'll still draw. One thing I've loved about the 2007-2008 Punches is the improved embossing on the 42-RG bands. I have 2004 (and older) cigars that have bands which could charitably be called "embossed", but in reality were flat as a board. Thankfully it appeared that someone in 2007 found the embosser, got their act together and started cranking out really beautiful Punch bands. You can also find them on EMA NOV 07 Petit Punches, EMA FEB 08 Super Selection No.1s, and 2007 Punch Superfinos RE Italias. Maybe it was just an EMA thing. Either way, they are gorgeous bands. A careful clip of this one, and we're off - the draw is proper, and with some careful manipulation, I think I'll be able to smoke this one. Cold draw of nutty, slightly spicy tobacco. Oh I should mention, I'm smoking this at work, so no tipple for me aside from water unfortunately. I'll save the whisky for later First third is wonderful - Rich, Fruity spice with sour fruits at the fore - exactly what I want from a nicely aged Punch. When they made them right, these really shined. I even get a little maltiness in the background, like you would on a Highland malt like AnCnoc 16. Delicious smoke, and no draw issues from the cracked head. Second third is much like the first. Lots of complexity in the palate, perhaps some more nuttiness (walnuts and pecans). Still lots of stewed sour fruit in there. It's smoking like a champ! Final third starts to go a bit awry - once the band comes off the wrapper gives up, and it's hard to keep together, so with about an inch to go, I must say finis. Still, even with the self-destruct before the normal end, this little guy was an excellent smoke, I'd say 93pts for sure. If you've got any 2007 Punch PC's - enjoy 'em now, they are in their stride! Thanks for reading!
  4. I'm keen to hear how these smoke, Bart - Wonder if they are worth the punt. No comment about the size LOL
  5. Assuming you had them in stock, I'd throw it all on an HQ/PSP 50 Cab of Punch Double Coronas. It's pretty much the only box of cigars I want right now, but of course I don't have the coin for them right now. If there was any left, I'd use them on Boli PC's or Juan Lopez PC's.
  6. Seriously? I'll be back on Guam for all of July this year....where is this at?
  7. Agree x1million. Awful tasting swill. Zaya used to be great, but they must have changed the recipe at some point.
  8. Love it. This should make my flights to Guam (a United hub) in late June verrrry interesting
  9. Croatia and the Dalmatian coast was spectacular, my wife and I loved our visit in 2015. If you have the means and the time - I'm sure you'll enjoy this!
  10. Classy, wonderful looking piece!
  11. Loved it! Brought me back to my post-whisky club late night wanderings in Central London. Also - another shout-out to the Wellesley. I love that lounge, great ambiance and service - and especially for the super rare cigars in the walk-in that I'll never reach. £800 for a single LFDC Diadema? Well, i better get two then! LOL
  12. Great write up, "Jhon"! (did you ever get your jar mishap sorted?) Loved reading it, felt like I was back in Havana again. You certainly did it right! My awesome experience in November haunts me, and I hope to go back sooner rather than later - we'll see how if my wallet and "the needs of the service" actually allow me to go before the decade is out! La Terraza's Octopus and Lamb Leg - I could eat nothing else for a week in Havana and be absolutely satisfied. Remarkable food! Cheers @Avrus!

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