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  1. Farewell F.O.H..

    Guy! Je suis vraiment triste que tu vas partir de cette monde des amis de cigares! Guy, you've been a wonderful and generous friend to me over the years, and welcomed Chantelle and I both in to your home soon after we arrived in the UK a few years ago - I only wish I could have repaid your hospitality by hosting you in Canada or even in London! I treasure our conversations over the years, and I look forward to seeing you again someday soon, when I can get back to France somehow! I feel terrible that I've not been able to keep up our letters and messages recently - work and Chantelle's pregnancy has kept me off the forums much more than even I expected, but I have your address Guy - and I promise to write so we can keep in touch. That way I can tell you next time I will be close by! Thank you so much for all that you've done for me, for us, and for our community. We'll miss you on these conversations, and I'm sure we'll be happy to hear from you anytime as a community. All the very best Guy - I hope to see you again soon! Chris
  2. My thoughts exactly. Hated the plugged/boring/lifeless samples I've smoked of these. Probably my least favorite AP RE ever.
  3. Piggy's Pos

    You and me both, Ray. Can't wait for my project to finish in February so I can stop working 12hrs a day! Keep well and safe this holiday season, my friend!
  4. I'm really encouraged to see more box passes happening around FOH. Nicely done guys! Would love to join but I'm pretty sure my address up here in Victoria, BC cuts me out, so all good. Just wanted to say I'm glad to see more box passes! Enjoy guys!
  5. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    haha did I use a term that means something different down under?
  6. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    @SignalJoe You've started this one off with a massive bang! Very well done indeed!
  7. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    Having it pegged is a great way to keep it visible - even with lots of traffic it can get buried, thats why I had mine pegged as well. Thanks @Fuzz
  8. Newbie Box PASS 2017/2018

    @Wertman, I'm happy to still be a part but i understand how it'll be difficult to include me while I'm in Canada. There are members with cross border options. I'll also be in a U.S. Territory in January if that makes a difference LOL. Let me know if you solve the border issue and I'm happy to join!
  9. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Haha that's kinda funny! Poor John can't catch a break..... You're lucky to have a La China Lancero, that would be stellar! I have a La China Piramides from last year's Gala dinner - it will likely get a few years before I give it a light!
  10. Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Wish I could have been there! I saved my Encuentros Banded cigars from last year's Opening Gala, and plan to smoke one each year around the same time if I'm not able to make the festival. It had nothing to do with John DeCosta's unfortunate luck with his Encuentros cigars (each was underfilled and pitched right away at the dinner ) ............ Last week I lit up the first, a RyJ Wide Churchill. Surprisingly a good cigar, even if I hate the size! No construction or burn issues. Flavour was medium with some good RyJ sweetness. Reading the comments above, I think next year I'm smoking the Connie 1!
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Sorry to hear it, @Bartolomeo. I like a good Sancho RE but I never tried with these after seeing the dimensions, too fat for me. I hope it picks up for you in a few months!
  12. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    Yup - they are going that way because they think they can convince consumers that that after several decades of "age matters - older whisky is much better", the real truth is "age doesn't matter if we pick the barrel better, and use a super sherry/port/red wine cask for maturing our spirit for a short time that we feel embarrassed to tell you because it's a single digit number". Oh, and "if you want old stuff, well yeah that's not much better but just in case we'll charge you $100's more per bottle". Greed. It has to be said that the only reason Older whisky was available in great numbers until recently is that production left over from the 70's/80's and early 90s when whisky was not in vogue had given distilleries a great stock from which to draw upon. With those "whisky lochs" now depleted, they simply can't keep pace with demand and there is only two ways to go - limit release volume (which a few do) or release immature product to ensure they capture more of the current market and create fanciful reasons for why "age doesn't matter" to the consumer regarding the quality of this younger stock. I'd much rather producers not cheap out by peddling marketing crap instead of properly matured whisky, but aside from the select few (like Springbank, Glenfarclas, others), they take the easy way out. Nope, I'm not offended at all that they fail to acknowledge the duplicity of their messaging. That sucks - my last bottle of SP18 that I bought 6 months ago here in Canada was about $125 USD. TBH it's worth much more than that if you ask me, but I'm assuming purchases on a budget
  13. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    You're not the only one who's disagreed with me on this, and that's fair - everyone's palate is different! - best advice I could give you, @Ethernut - see if you can try at a local bar before buying the bottle. That's what I did with Lore and a host of other recent bottlings.
  14. Scotch Connoisseurs - Anything here with buying?

    Hey mate! I couldn't this year - wife's pregnancy and recent deployments overseas kinda prevented it this year. we'll see about next year.... As to your glass case here - some great malts on here, no doubt. The Laphy Lore was kinda "meh" if you ask me - yet another "No Age Statement, Incredible Marketing-driven Story About Careful Cask Selection Blah blah blah Whisky" that doesn't deliver much more than the classic Laphy 10. From what's there, I'd say any self-respectable scotch shelf should have: - Springbank 18 yr. A fantastic Classic. I've always got a bottle on my shelf. - Any Redbreast whisky - If you need an Irish whisky, you won't find a better, more consistent product than Redbreast. Well, Jameson's is consistent.......but not better. - Highland Park 18 yr - Probably the best HP whisky that's not in the stratosphere for price. A peated whisky of a different cut - the heather-based peat that they use for HP Whisky is on full display for this dram. - Octomore - We've talked about Octomore before but I'd still recommend the 6.3 or 7.3 bottling (white can) if you can - that one looks like the 6.1. Still, the 6.1 is a great whisky and Octomore is legendary for sweet, creamy peated whiskies. It's not as overwhelming as you might think. But I would agree with others - paying a premium is too easy these days, prices have skyrocketed all around. Must haves? Springbank 18 (only if $125 US or lower), HP18 ($125 or lower), or Octomore (100 USD or lower).
  15. Thanks guys - we are very excited! I'm kind of treating the Box Pass as one of my last "cigar hurrahs" for a little while, as I'm sure I'll be far too busy to light up for much of next year haha! I'm glad you've all enjoyed the pass. I hope the next one is just as enjoyable, whenever that starts! A fair question - only about 8 cigars are new to me from what came in the end - but I'm certainly not fussed at all. I tried my best to make sure that trades were not influenced by what I would otherwise get back - it wouldn't be fair to everyone otherwise, and I certainly had lots of extra cigars coming back regardless! I'm still bowled over by all the fantastic generosity of all participants in the pass. Thank you guys! Of course, if anyone has an Edmundo Dantes Belicoso RE Mexico that they are happy to trade all means let me know!

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