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  1. Good point, but I was thinking of placing it in a tube to protect it a little better than the rest.
  2. Here's the Party Piramides as discussed. Thoughts on including it or not? otherwise, i am considering replacing it with a PL Legendarios RE Espana or RA 225 RE UK.
  3. Hi Everyone, We're nearly there - just waiting on confirmation responses from 4 members, and I'll be ready to post the Box Pass Order. Hopefully I hear from those last 4 folks by today or tomorrow. In the meantime - I have collected all the Box Pass Cigars, so that list is ready! I will get some good pictures up of these this weekend. FOH CAN/US BOX PASS 2017 – THE BOX PASS CIGARS (Updated – 23 June) Cigar Box Date Section Notes Original Owner 1. Cohiba Lancero MEL ABR 08 Regular El Laguito chanceschmerr 2. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1 ELU MAY 14 Regular - chanceschmerr 3. Bolivar Belicosos Fino URG OCT 10 Regular 25 Cab chanceschmerr 4. Sancho Panza Belicosos TPG JUL 08 Regular Czar PSP chanceschmerr 5. Partagas Presidentes RBS ABR 08 Regular Czar HQ chanceschmerr 6. Saint Luis Rey Double Corona SOA ENE 08 Regular Czar PSP chanceschmerr 7. Saint Luis Rey Regios EPR JUL 07 Regular PCC Vintage 50Cab chanceschmerr 8. Juan Lopez Petit Coronas OME MAY 14 Regular - chanceschmerr 9. Por Larranaga Petit Corona EMA SEP 08 Regular Czar HQ chanceschmerr 10. El Rey Del Mundo Gran Corona RPO ABR 01 Discontinued *Millenium rule chanceschmerr 11. Punch Ninfa EAR NOV 02 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 12. Quai D’Orsay Gran Corona PEL MAY 02 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 13. Partagas Corona ECA MAY 02 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 14. Sancho Panza Sanchos HTM ABR 04 Discontinued Czar HQ chanceschmerr 15. Punch Super Seleccion No. 1 EMA FEB 08 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 16. Partagas Serie du Con. #2 LSM MAR 08 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 17. Diplomaticos No. 4 OPM FEB 09 Discontinued Czar HQ chanceschmerr 18. Bolivar Regentes OSU ABR 01 Discontinued *Millenium rule chanceschmerr 19. Punch Petit Punch EMA NOV 07 Discontinued - chanceschmerr 20. Partagas Piramides LE ‘00 RAR NOV 00 Dbl Band LE DAMAGED chanceschmerr 21. Cuaba Piramides LE ’08 LSM AGO 08 Dbl Band LE Czar PE chanceschmerr 22. RA Club Allones LE ’15 SOM DIC 15 Dbl Band LE - chancehscmerr 23. Bolivar Libertadores RE France POS MAY 07 Dbl Band RE 2007 25-box chanceschmerr 24. RA Short Perfecto RE Italy ’14 OPG DIC 14 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 25. PL Belicoso Extra RE AP ’08 EMA JUL 08 Dbl Band RE Czar HQ chanceschmerr 26. LFDC Gran Cano RE UK ’13 LAR OCT 13 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 27. ERDM Infantes RE Cuba ’13 LAR MAY 13 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 28. RA Belicosos RE Germany ’10 LRE MAR 10 Dbl Band RE ‘50s blend chanceschmerr 29. SP Eslavo RE Serbia ’14 LUB DIC 14 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 30. PL Sobersalientes RE UK ’14 AUM SEP 14 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 31. La Escepcion Sel. Finos RE Italy LEM OCT 11 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 32. ERDM NL No. 1 RE Netherlands TAU NOV 11 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 33. Diplo Excelencia RE Cuba ’15 SGA DIC 15 Dbl Band RE - chanceschmerr 34. Bolivar Simones RE Canada ’07 TEB NOV 07 Dbl Band RE CzarHQ50Cab chanceschmerr 35. Monsdale (Jorgito-Club Havana) Nov 2016 Custom Roll - chanceschmerr 36. Robusto Larga (Jorgito-C. Hav.) Nov 2016 Custom Roll - chanceschmerr NOTE: Cigar #20, the Partagas Piramides LE 2000 (Original LE), got damaged last night. I dropped it accidentally on the floor from about 2 ft high while collecting up the cigars for the pass. This is the last Party Piramide I have left available from my 25 box (I have only one other one left, but that is laid aside to smoke once I get my next promotion at work....or if I have a child someday). My first inclination is to remove it from the box after dropping it, as the foot sustained some damage. However, the rest of the cigar (aside from the foot) is fine and it will smoke just as well - so since it's such a rare cigar to begin with, I will consider including it in the box pass. Normally, a damaged cigar is never allowed into the Box Pass - it's like putting in a plugged cigar or one you know will be bad. If folks believe an exception is warranted in this case because the cigar is still otherwise fine and is obviously hard to find otherwise, I will include it before the box goes out. Obviously, the valuation for the cigar would be lowered because of the foot damage, but it would still be worth a decent LE in trade. Please post your thoughts on that, I'll post pictures of the damaged cigar shortly. I will clarify - if this cigar is included in the Box Pass, it would be the only damaged cigar allowed in. No further damaged cigars will be allowed in the box pass.
  4. Cigar Connoisseurs used to be great, they had SLR Petit Coronas and Punch Super Seleccion No. 1s back in the day! Not so much anymore..... It's true, they do have a good selection of Men's accessories, lots of humidors, etc. They are just always so pushy with the commission-working staff..
  5. Quinteros are not banned....but folks will likely find a difficult time finding an even value trade to put one in!
  6. To make it interesting, more than anything. Last one I ran, RyJ's were excluded. Same reason. This time around, RyJ's are good but Hoyos are not.
  7. I have a bunch of PMs to get to, but here is a sneak peek at some box pass cigars!
  8. Hey Everyone! I can now release the Participant List. It's posted below. As each member confirms their address and availability, I am building the Box Pass Route - as soon as all addresses and availabilities are confirmed, I will release the route. Just waiting on 8 more responses. Oh, and the Cigar List will be released shortly as well, hopefully by tomorrow. If all breaks well, this will be shipped out to the first member next week! FOH CAN/US BOX PASS 2017 PARTICIPANTS CANADA 1. Ramrod918 2. Garnett 3. Onsto 4. treberty 5. Shlomo 6. ComancheKeen 7. havanaclub 8. ChrisMG 9. CanuckSARTech USA 10. ChefBoyRG54 11. zulubravo 12. CatchNRelease 13. Nekhyludov 14. joeypots 15. Erm310mce 16. Tave1225 17. ehdg 18. dizedean 19. zeedubbya 20. Knilas 21. jsummers157 22. Newkarian 23. Boosted 24. SloppyJ 25. khomeinist 26. Boopdeep 27. jacktarnold 28. joshb 29. Charley 30. Notsocleaver 31. topdiesel 32. fabes 33. Lotusguy
  9. That sounds like a perfect experience - I'm happy to hear that! I love having a cigar down by the harbour here in the summer, it is a great downtown for strolling with a cigar. It's just unfortunate that the other cigar shops were closed, but in the end I don't think you could have had a better time. Just next time maybe drop me a line if you're in town LOL. I'm rarely free these days but I try my best if I can!
  10. Yeah, those humidor shelves you saw in the walk-in used to be chock-full of cigars, each box different. It was like that when I bought that Sanchos. Now? There's like a foot or two between boxes, and nothing but bone-standard Cohiba/Montes.
  11. Interesting, an article about my local Cigar B&Ms here in Victoria, BC. What's fascinating is Old Morris's Manager confirming that "100%" of their business goes to Cruise-ship tourists. I don't know any local cigar smokers whatsoever that patronise that business. I shopped there many years ago but their prices skyrocketed, shelf stock plummeted and customer service cratered. I bought my first Cuban Cigar ever there (Sancho Panza Sanchos), but i'd never buy there again. All clerks are working on commission and immediately point you to Cohibas, as if the rest of the humidor doesn't exist. It's entirely unshocking that they have pivoted their business completely to tourists. A shame too, because it's a historic property with lots of potential. Goodfellas and Cubar Cigar Shop are the better B&Ms. Goodfellas has good events (Hamlet had a great event there last fall that I attended) and Cuban Cigar Shop has the best selection (so many REs!), nicest owner (Aemon is a pleasure to chat with) and the best prices. Of course, no Canadian B&M's prices come close to Czar's pricing so I'll never buy a box in Canada, but I still like to buy a single or two from a local B&M when I can.
  12. The year was 19-ought-6. The President is the divine Miss Sarah Burnhardt. And all over America, people were doing a dance called "The Funky Grampa!"
  13. Hey, it's my Box Pass, I'll ban HDM's if I want to LOL! Besides, I only joined that club in the last 6-9 months. I used to love HDMs. Something happened, I don't know what! Last time I ran the Box Pass, I was on a similar RyJ funk. Then, in 2014, I had some brilliant examples and RyJ is out of the doghouse now.
  14. LOL Welding torch. Nice, Ray!
  15. Oops, you're right, forgot one more! 19. No Officer jokes from the lower deck crowd.

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