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  1. By the way - Looks like I'll be in Guam for nearly all of July - I guess Mac and Marti Cigar Lounge will be getting lots of my business this summer haha!
  2. LOL just saw this now - you nailed my height bang on too, that's kinda creepy there, Rob and yeah, you're telling me! now you know why I joined the navy instead becoming a pilot like my old man LOL
  3. Most unique whisky I've ever tasted...and I've only tasted it once. No...I don't have a bottle LOL
  4. Glad to hear it confirmed yet again. I can stop hoarding my last half bottle of Barrel Proof from Gibraltar in '07, and actually enjoy the bloody stuff! Thanks Andy!
  5. I love the Pacificos and I like those ruins of the cathedral in Macau (explored them and the crypt in 2008 during a port visit to HK). It's a lovely, if impractical (do side-opening wood humidors actually seal properly?) and too-highly priced piece for me though. I'm sure it'll look nice in those clients' shelves, even if the cigars themselves don't get smoked. Heck, can I just buy the Pacificos and you can keep the box? LOL
  6. I like it, man - but how often am I needing to login and set up my team for games? Is it daily, weekly,?
  7. know how I feel. LOL
  8. The one I smoked recently from my PSP '08 box was plugged, so although the flavours I got were pleasant, the experience overall was unpleasant. I'll let you know when I smoke one from that box that isn't plugged....
  9. I'm hoping to check out that Steakhouse, good to know it's decent! I'll look for the Rotten Apple LOL We saw the Slingshot haha.....not for me, man. Heights and me don't usually agree
  10. Haha we all watched that on the way over here. Hank Johnson's priceless...... LOL
  11. Well, my trip to Japan took a turn for the longer, and I'm now in Guam for the next week. Had a great time in Yokosuka/Yokohama the past week, but only got one night in Tokyo. I made the most of it with a brilliant Wagyu Beef dinner and a visit to a friend's friend's members-only club - I hope I'll be back again in the summer to see more of Tokyo! But anyway - Guam. Any FOH locals here, or spots anyone could recommend? I found a good cigar lounge called Mac and Marti's, so I'll be there a lot this week in the evenings.....and don't worry, I know about the gentleman's clubs, I was here 10 years back on a port visit (before i really got big into cigars) and had to visit them regularly to round up my engineering crew LOL. Thanks all!
  12. calling @chris1685 - he found some Chiado's recently in Porto....
  13. 15K boxes? LOL. You'd think they would have learned after the 12K RA Grandes boxes (which was a stellar cigar, to be fair) lasted for years on the shelves.....
  14. Y'know, the length is fine - just make it a 40 or 42 RG and it'd probably be a hell of a smoke! I've always wanted either an SLR Perla or an SLR Lancero.....

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