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  1. Erm310mce

    Who's been keeping me away?

    Fabulous, congratulations Chris!!! Enjoy every moment, Cheers!
  2. Erm310mce

    Farewell F.O.H..

    All the best Guy, you have always been gentleman willing to share so much knowledge with us. Thanks for all your contributions. Cheers,
  3. Erm310mce

    Happy Birthday Bart

    Happy birthday!
  4. Erm310mce

    poll on favourite italian reds

    Barolo! Second place isn’t close for me.
  5. Erm310mce

    italian wines

    Great post Ken.
  6. Great work on the pass Chris, thanks and Congratulations mate! That is fantastic news! So happy for you!!
  7. @Nekhyludov well done my friend. Really fabulous review. I am very happy you enjoyed it. We will get together again for another session. Cheers,
  8. Good day everyone, I really try to not like this cigar. I don't like the price, the size or the packaging. Yet each time I have one it fills a need for me. I know some say to cut a D4 down or throw it away early but I love my D4s and can't bring myself to do it. I was driving a few weeks back, it was a 45 min drive to the golf course so I lit one up. Half way through my mouth was filled with this sweet sugar cane taste that was absolutely incredible. It's a top cigar moment for me and now I'm chasing that experience to happen again. They are now in my rotation for shorter smokes. Anyone else?
  9. Erm310mce

    I have a problem!

    I've been guilty of hoarding. It took me a while to realize that of all the amazing cigars I've had, I'd rather have the memories of taste and enjoyment of that stick than the memory of it sitting in my humidor. I had an older SLR DC for a number of years that I truly forgot about in my singles drawer. One day I just grabbed it and fired it up, it was glorious. One of the best smokes I've had, I can remember it much better now. Plus... it's a 50 cab, you have 49 more restock at 25 and do it again. Do what makes you happy, enjoy in good health.
  10. Beautiful PSP MEG FEB 2016 PSP MUL July 2014 PSP 2016s...
  11. Just mine or others from the thread? I used the browser version to load them, not tapatalk
  12. Met up with @Nekhyludov this afternoon and passed off the box to him. Nekhyludov is a great guy, a real BOTL. Hope you all enjoy the pass!
  13. Good afternoon, Package has landed in great order! A pic of my takes: Thanks so much for the Cosho Catch and Release! Much appreciated. PigFish's three additions are now in the box to pick from. @ChanceSchmerr, this has really been an outstanding box pass! You have done a great job, its a lot of work and a lot of effort to get the box out there. I've included a small gift for you in the end. A Hamlet Flying Pig and also a 35th anniversary Libano. Thank you! I hope you enjoy them. Great work. Off to pass to @Nekhyludov Cheers everyone,
  14. Erm310mce

    Box Pass

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