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  1. Happy Birthday Rob, hope you're having a good one brother!
  2. Called from Cuba

    Congrats on the new job!
  3. Box codes and dates

    BTO was definitely around in 2013 so I'd be surprised if MUO started in Feb/2013.
  4. That video is from 2 years ago btw. Crazy though.
  5. That is quite the gift... 1 of 1 exclusive.
  6. Airlines dropping service started happening well before Trump's reversal. it's still illegal for Americans to visit as a tourist and the majority will not go because of it. Sure many here on the forums and into cigars would happily go and claim People to People tour, or go through another country, but we're in the vast minority. Airlines saw the pot at the end of the rainbow, but realized there's no gold, yet.
  7. Isn't that what the Hotel Nacional is for a lot of tourists??
  8. But cigar smoking is bad for you... says the State of Washington that made it legal to smoke marijuana. There was a really cool annual Seattle Cigar Expo where the event was literally next door to the Space Needle. We used a building for vendors/booths and had a really nice sectioned off outdoor area to smoke and relax. The City of Seattle made a 5 year deal with the organizers. The annual event lasted 1 year. It was the same weekend of Hempfest which draws thousands of marijuana smokers walking around the waterfront in public. The City loves Hempfest and it's been going on for years. I got nothing against marijuana, but the hypocrisy is thick in Washington!
  9. If this Bill passes, business owners who want a lounge will love it. Until they get sued for discrimination when a non-smoker doesn't get hired. lol
  10. Every man needs a cab of Party Shorts... especially if you don't often have time to smoke larger cigars.
  11. Cueto will be there. Maybe they can try a duo world record in the pool??
  12. Beetle alert

    Read the post above yours... wood mites. Do a wood mites search here and don't waste your time freezing.
  13. You can find a lot of info just by searching this site... (and CCW used to have this function, not sure if they still do)
  14. RASS - question to experts

    Also, fake. Sorry man. But if you like the taste, oh well.

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