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  1. Enjoying an LRE Mar 09 QdO Corona with a blackberry soda.
  2. Enjoying an after-dinner ERDM Demi Tasse as the temps cool off.
  3. Enjoying a MUR Jun 12 RA Allones Superior on a hot and muggy Sunday afternoon.
  4. Enjoying an after-dinner RSE Abr 03 RG Panetela with a peach soda.
  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying a MOE Oct 14 PL Picador with a blackberry soda on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
  6. Enjoying a TEB Nov 08 BCJ with a pineapple soda.
  7. Enjoying a Nov 99 VR Clasico on a hot Sunday afternoon.
  8. Enjoying a GLP Abr 10 R&J Mille Fleurs on a hot and muggy Saturday.
  9. Snuck out of work a little early and went for a ride. Had to wait on this guy to cross the trail. Enjoying a post-ride SCO Oct 01 Especiales No1 with a peach soda.
  10. Enjoying a June 99 SP Molina on a hot Thursday evening.
  11. Enjoying a GLP Abr 10 R&J MF paired with a peach soda.
  12. Enjoying a BAM Jun 12 RASS with a blackberry soda* on a beautiful Monday evening. *the glass may have been 1/3 full of gin before the soda was added
  13. Enjoying an LRE Mar 09 QdO Corona while watching the clouds move in over the mountains.
  14. Spending a long weekend in the mountains. Right now I'm watching a rainstorm while enjoying a MUR Jun 12 RA Allones Superior. Had to build a ghetto ashtray as there were none in the condo. Pretty nice view from the deck.

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