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  1. Enjoying a UPE May 12 Mag46 on a breezy Sunday afternoon.
  2. Enjoying an AME Ago '12 PLPC on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
  3. Enjoying my last R&J Sport Largo from a MUA Mar 10 box on a pleasant Monday evening.
  4. Enjoying an RSE Abr 03 RG Panetela and seltzer on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  5. On the upper deck enjoying a BAM Jun '12 RASS on a beautiful spring afternoon.
  6. Enjoying a '99 VR Clasico ( see what I did there @planetary ?) on a beautiful Friday evening.
  7. Hopefully there's a Sbarro's at the food court...
  8. Enjoying a PL Picadores with seltzer on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  9. Waiting on the sunrise with an R&J Sport Largo and coffee.
  10. Enjoying a BAM Jun '12 RASS on the upper deck on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
  11. Enjoying a Party Habaneros on a beautiful Thursday evening.
  12. I remembered this thread and searched for "jig". A pretty cool device IMO.
  13. The answer lies in the archives:
  14. Enjoying an HUHC on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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