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  1. PL Picadores by the pool. Bliss!
  2. Enjoying an '01 Vegueros Especiales No 1 about 30 minutes before dawn. The birds aren't even awake yet.
  3. TEB Nov 08 BCJ on a beautiful afternoon.
  4. Watching the sunrise with a '99 VR Clasico and coffe.
  5. "Watching the kids" by the pool with an RG Perla.
  6. Flew into Cancun last night for a week in PDC. Enjoying one of my favorite Mexican rituals - a fine Cuban cigar on the rooftop deck. Waiting on the sun to burn the clouds away. It's supposed to get up to 30°C today. Got caught up in a quick-moving rain shower and had to move to the downstairs deck. First world problems indeed!
  7. Enjoying a BAM Jun '12 RASS on another winter day in the 80s.
  8. We're having crazy weather for the last weekend of winter. Right now its a beautiful 82°F / 28°C on the back deck. I'm thoroughly enjoying a TEB Nov '08 BCJ and seltzer.
  9. It is stupid warm out today so I'm enjoying an HUHC after dinner.
  10. Enjoying an Oct '14 PIcador on a warm Sunday afternoon.
  11. We're having spring weather for the 4th of March with temps in the mid 60s. I went for a ride this morning and saw this guy giving me the stinkeye. Right now I'm enjoying a BAM Jun '12 RASS while Coco catches some rays.
  12. Enjoying an SCO Oct '01 Vegueros Espciales No1 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
  13. It's an abnormally warm day out today -- around 74°F (which I'm guessing is about 42°C). Very nice for the tenth of February! I'm thoroughly enjoying a TEB Nov '08 BCJ and seltzer on this sunny afternoon.
  14. Enjoying a MOE Oct '14 PL Picador on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
  15. First smoke of the year - BAM Jun '12 RASS

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