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  1. worst movie ever

    I feel like there are two answers here. The worst movie that is redeeming in its awfulness and the movie that is just a disaster in every which way. I’m not sure what I would nominate in the first case but I could use some help if anyone can identify the title of the worst of the worst. It was an early to mid 80s space movie about a starship named Arcturus that was somehow infused with the mind of a person as it’s central control computer. Nothing seemed to happen you just waited for it to end. If anyone has been unfortunate enough to have watched this and remembers the title, it would be a public service to warn others not to waste any moment of their life watching.
  2. Right. Fundamentally worth nothing and even if the market assigned it value, only too soon would they would be destroyed by governments. No way they’re giving up the power of seigniorage.
  3. In terms of pure cream, I have to agree with NC Ashton Cabinet, especially the Belicoso. Haven’t had one in a couple of years but last time WOW. Like smoking a cup of half and half. For Cubans, I’d say Hoyo epi 2 has been the best.
  4. Speaking of Lazenby, there is a documentary out titled “Becoming Bond” which tells the story of Lazenby’s becoming and unbecoming James Bond. Pretty interesting if you’re a Bond fan.
  5. I don't think it's ugly but the wife says otherwise.
  6. Just finished my last CS from a box of SAG May 09. For all the hate I see out there for this cigar, I can't get it. Unbelievable subtle flavors of citrus with a light dusting of chocolate and vanilla. Truly great. May this one never go the way I'm afraid of.
  7. I think the most likely reason the 100 point scale is so popular is that most people (at least in the US) were graded in school on the 100 point scale and can relate to it. Usually, with minor variations, anything below 70 was an F or failing grade. It didn't really matter if you scored a 40 or a 69 either way you had a failing grade.
  8. No worries, enjoy them. My wife thanks you.
  9. Alright Pl Montecarlos then, mine.
  10. I'll take the RA Superiores if first
  11. 48÷2(9+3)

    288. Parentheses, then multiplication and division from left to right.
  12. Line In the Humidor

    If I'm first I'll take these BGM's
  13. A portrait of the artist as a young man by Joyce and Moby **** by Melville A little too "Classic" maybe but I was educated by the Jesuits and both books were perfect for the time I read them. First in my middle teens, second in middle 20s. Now that I just hit mid 30s, looking for the next one. As an aside I've recently read a bunch of Benedict XVI's books and while obviously they wont be everyones' cup of tea, I find it hard not to be impressed by the depth of his philosophy and thought.

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