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  1. Sorry I missed seeing this till tonight but had to attend my daughter’s school presentation tonight. Hopefully next time. Have always wanted to try Jamie’s.
  2. stephen hawking RIP

    One of the greatest minds of this century. Amazing all he accomplished in his lifetime n proved what people can over come. Thank you for all you did n taught us! RIP!
  3. Just noticed this today, I'm work in Westfield and would possibly be interested in meeting up after work sometime or maybe on weekend lmk.
  4. Happy Birthday Rob! Hopefully it was a good one n you treated Di to a new pair of shoes in honor of it.
  5. THE box arrived safely in Camelot today n will be on the way tomorrow to Zane tomorrow. For the host I put in a PL Petite Piramide from Peru n a HdM Du Deux from '00. Also wanna thanks Tave225 for the Chiox Supreme. From this pass I decided to partake the Dip #1, Cohiba Supremo n the RA Beritus. My additions to the box where H. Upmann SC, H. Upmann Mag 50 EL n a ED 54 RE Mexico. Thanks for letting partake n annoy you with a few emails Schmerr!
  6. I've never ever seen the trading room n I'm pretty sure I've been here at least 6 months!
  7. Personally I'd take it up with the store and not Habanos. IMO the store probably sold you a fake that they produce in their back room in darkness typically sometime after midnight and before 8 am. I'd definitely ask for my monies back from them and if they won't refund it either stay there and pitch a fit till a bobby showed up so you could report the owner of the store or contact the local chamber of commerce of bout the store being a fraud.
  8. Been a long time since I was part of a box pass. Sounds interesting. I'm willing if y'all would have me.
  9. Both are nice but I personally prefer the SLR if you can only get one. Plus I like that the SLR came in a SLB boxes better for aging purposes imo.
  10. Personally I'd try one n then put them down for at least 10 years. The older the better they get if stored properly.
  11. Wow very nice really hoping to get some of these!!! Can't wait to sample them and so hoping there similar to the 109's in taste.
  12. LFDC Siboney RE SLR DC H. Upmann Sir Winnie Partagas Lusi Cabinet Cohiba Lancero
  13. Humidor

    Holy crap!!! Well there goes my new car purchase I was thinking of making this summer!! Geez how am I gonna remember what to purchase to replace what was in my humidor? I think I had over 50 boxes in their ageing.
  14. Hmmm seems like the humidor isn't working since the new upgrade. How are we to check our stock of what's in our humidor? Will this be fixed soon or being worked on presently? Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

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