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  1. Been a long time since I was part of a box pass. Sounds interesting. I'm willing if y'all would have me.
  2. Both are nice but I personally prefer the SLR if you can only get one. Plus I like that the SLR came in a SLB boxes better for aging purposes imo.
  3. Personally I'd try one n then put them down for at least 10 years. The older the better they get if stored properly.
  4. Wow very nice really hoping to get some of these!!! Can't wait to sample them and so hoping there similar to the 109's in taste.
  5. LFDC Siboney RE SLR DC H. Upmann Sir Winnie Partagas Lusi Cabinet Cohiba Lancero
  6. Holy crap!!! Well there goes my new car purchase I was thinking of making this summer!! Geez how am I gonna remember what to purchase to replace what was in my humidor? I think I had over 50 boxes in their ageing.
  7. Hmmm seems like the humidor isn't working since the new upgrade. How are we to check our stock of what's in our humidor? Will this be fixed soon or being worked on presently? Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?
  8. Caught last night or early this AM take your choice An affair to Remember starring Cary Grant and Debroah Kerr.
  9. I wouldn't wish a Monti Open on my least favorite friend!
  10. I'm sorry but the Monti C's get a bad rep for no reason. They are quite good and you should revisit them. I do appreciate you honesty with the HdM. If they're going to charge a premium then it should be a premium cigar. Once again just proves if a cigar is crappy to start with age isn't going to help it any!!
  11. Sorry y'all guess just proves once again Cuba will be Cuba n weird things can n do happen there. Lol
  12. That's interesting cause from all that I remember seeing n reading David Tang was involved in the red Upmann bands n they where only used for his Special Tang release cigars, the Number 2, Corona n Monarch. The rest of the line didn't start using them till somewhere around '04 to '06.
  13. Thanks Ken thought it was 2002 but wasn't positive as my years are all running together. Could he have pulled the wrong ones n messed up the date on them? Hmm you saying Rob deals in fakes but only for his n your consumption? Lol. (I'm kidding being sarcastic in case folks don't realize it).
  14. I'm confused wheren't the H. Upmann bands brown in 2000? I thought the red bands wheren't seen till the Tang Monarch's done in either 2002 or 2003.
  15. Depends on the season as I don't smoke inside only out doors. At least 1 day after work in spring, summer n fall. On weekends least 2 a day. In the winter maybe 1 a week.

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