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  1. I started flying trapeze lessons. Now admittedly it's not the cheapest gym alternative, but that's before considering all the weeks I paid for a gym membership without actually going. The classes run on weekends and are 1.5 hours long, but ultimately it's exercise without feeling like exercise, with the bonus feeling of accomplishment when you finally catch different tricks. You'll still need to find another exercise activity during the week, but even just doing one lesson each week can make a difference. For me, it was finally an exercise activity that I both looked forward to and found excuses to do more regularly.
  2. If I'm still paying for them, I'll continue to take the regular production.
  3. After that god awful D4 I had on the weekend for the review competition, the La Fuerza is what I smoked the next night to try and right those wrongs. They are magnificent sticks that seem to sit below the radar.
  4. A friend gave me this cigar for Christmas last year. He has bought me cigars for birthdays and Christmas previously, and they have typically been average. I know where he buys them, and I choose not to spend my money there. But it is the thought that counts, so whenever I receive these gifts, I smile, tell him a bit about the cigar and explain how I’m looking forward to trying it. This particular cigar got off to a rocky start, as before we opened our presents, he asked me about plume. As soon as he mentioned it, I immediately knew I was getting a mouldy cigar for Christmas. But again, he had put effort into getting me something he knew I was interested in, so I did my best to explain that nobody was certain and it was still a point of debate in the community. Despite this cigar exhibiting this excellent plume, the vendor mysteriously chose to wipe it off upon purchase, so I’m unsure how much mould was originally on this. This cigar has sat in its tubos in the back of the humidor until I pulled it out for this review. This cigar was ugly. The cap is lifting, and there is a tear in the wrapper just above the band. The band looks a little rough and was stuck on crookedly. And it’s hard to tell from the photos, but this thing flares out like a pyramid – the top is visibly narrower than the foot. As I got ready to light this, I laughed at the thought that this might be another case of the ugly duckling and the swan. Those thoughts were quickly abandoned. The opening was fiercely pungent and musty. And at the risk of sounding like I’m exaggerating this for the purpose of this review, the best description I can give you for this is a beachfront public toilet – that distinct odour that is a combination of sand, sweat, salt and urine with an undertone of industrial cleaning products. I immediately regret pairing it with this beer, as each sip cleanses the palette and allows this cigar to make another fresh affront on my tastebuds. By the middle third (because clearly I’m a sucker for punishment), I’m not sure if it’s improving slightly, or if I’m just getting desensitized to it. The cigar continues to be unpleasant, but at least it isn’t anywhere near as repugnant as earlier. Now it is just sour and musty, and I’m browsing the Internet in an effort to find a distraction from this thing. I finally abandoned this partway through the final third, feeling like I gave this more chances than it deserved. And immediately went inside to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth. Despite this, there was still a delightful residual taste left in my mouth the next morning, so this cigar was just a gift that kept on giving. I’m happy it is out of the humidor, but I deeply regret the method in which we parted company.
  5. Variety is the spice of life, and the only time I will ever smoke the same cigar multiple times in a row is if I'm travelling and I pick up a box. But I have never had a strict rotation either - I always open the humidor and see what takes my fancy at that moment.
  6. MrGlass

    Driving and smoking

    I used to do it occasionally when I had a drive that was over an hour, and I still had a car. No, it was never the same as sitting at home and relaxing with one. But I also had some very enjoyable experiences with it regardless. I remember driving up to the Sunshine Coast one Easter, stuck on the highway in standstill traffic because everybody always has the same idea. I was smoking a Partagas 898 that was so magnificent the fact that we weren't moving was irrelevent to me. I don't recall much else from that weekend, but I remember that drive up being fantastic, regardless of the fact that it took twice as long as it should have.
  7. During the Dust Storm in Brisbane back in 2009. It was an eerie day to be outside and, perhaps unsurprisingly, absolutely everything was covered in a fine red dust. So for some stupid reason, I took a longer lunch and headed out for a cigar in this.
  8. I smoked this one over the weekend and it was just another really enjoyable cigar. I'm looking forward to doing this again next year.
  9. MrGlass

    email of the week.

    So what do you say, and what do you want to do? You're a dick, and nothing.
  10. MrGlass

    FOHrensics: Ash and Embers

    So to be clear, I am in no way qualified to be designing such a test. That being said, I would do something like this: 1. Select two cigars from the same box, comparing both the weights and the cold draw to find two cigars as similar as possible. Repeat this process two more times, given that there will be three of you, ideally with cigars from a different marca that are the same format. 2. Each person would smoke both cigars simultaneously, alternating draws between each cigar at a designated time period (for example, take a draw every thirty seconds, but swap cigars with each draw so that each cigar is receiving one draw every 60 seconds). One cigar is left to ash naturally, while the other has the ash removed regularly to leave the ember exposed. 3. Use a non-contact thermometer to record the temperature of each cigar at a specific distance below the lowest burn point of the wrapper at regular intervals. Whenever the ash drops on the cigar that is ashing naturally, you can also use this point to compare the temperature of the exposed embers between the two cigars. 4. Ash each cigar in a different ashtray so you have the option of comparing the ash colour. Is the ash noticeably different in colour between the two cigars, and is there any consistency in which ash is darker or lighter (for example, do the naturally ashing cigars all have a lighter ash colour)? 5. Measure the smoking times of both cigars. Does one smoke faster than the other, and is this consistent across the three participants. By smoking both cigars simultaneously, you negate the potential effect of ambient conditions as both cigars are in the exact same environment. And controlling the draw interval helps smoke the cigars evenly and allow matching resting periods, while the purpose of measuring the wrapper temperature allows for an even temperature comparison between the two cigars without having to ash the cigar where the ash is being left intact. Each person can also compare the flavours and profiles of their two cigars to see if they smoke noticeably differently and if they have a preference between the two, but this one is obviously more subjective.
  11. If it's for up to four people, I'll cook eye fillets with duck fat roasted potatoes, mushrooms and some veggies. My Weber baby Q does a fantastic job with steak, you just can't fit an awful lot in it. If it's a bigger group, I cook roast beef with a horseradish and mustard marinade that's wrapped in a bacon weave. It's pretty easy to put together, feeds plenty, and you can pair it with whatever salad takes your fancy that day.
  12. Most people here ended up with an aged collection by virtue of purchasing cigars faster than they smoked them. And remember, most people don't exclusively smoke aged cigars - just take a look at the Daily Smoke thread and you will see tonnes of picture of people smoking recent production cigars. So don't stress about it - enjoy what you've got, buy what you enjoy, and before you know it, you'll be five years down the line stressing about where you can possibly find space in your three cabinets/coolers to store the 10 boxes that are currently inbound.
  13. The bank has returned Mr. Overton's stolen money.
  14. MrGlass

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    This is why we train with safety lines extensively when learning new tricks.

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