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  1. Not with cigars themselves, but I have been pulled aside by security at the Brisbane airport who wanted to inspect my cigar cutter. Thing was, it was in my checked in luggage, and this was after my flight.
  2. I'm kind of surprised that they are out in the open. I have been through the Kuala Lumpur airport many times and from memory the cigars were always kept in walk-in humidors. That being said, the conditions inside the humidors weren't necessarily great and I have had mixed results with cigars picked up from there. But at 100AUD it's probably worth the gamble if you want to try them, especially if you are looking at blowing your left over local currency.
  3. Cigar: Nothing in particular - I have always favoured variety. Music: Underworld. TV: Just started working my way through Parks and Recreation. Beverage: Gin. Hobby: Flying trapeze has taken over my life in the past six months and I've begun working towards flying without safety lines.
  4. Connie 1 vs Connie A

    If I had to pick one I'd opt for the Connie A, but getting both would be preferable.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Epicure Especial, but I didn't think it was Corona Gorda?
  6. 24/24 Lag?

    Sometimes they make the post early but set it to hidden, then change it to visible at the correct time. When this happens like today, the post will appear but show as being 24 minutes old because technically it was actually created 24 minutes earlier. This most commonly appears when they are doing locker sales, as the post is typically created the day before, so the post will show up but appear to be one day old. They started doing this occasionally to bypass the overload problems, as they were having problems creating the posts when everybody was hammering the refresh button waiting for the post to appear.
  7. “I have to be leaving, but I won’t let that come between us. OK?”
  8. The recent Partagas Lusitanias have been exceptional, and you can get them in a 10 count box if you're hesitant.
  9. Inventory

    I keep a spreadsheet of everything in the OLH as that is where the bulk of my cigars currently reside. It's a pretty simple spreadsheet - purchase date, brand, cigar name, box code, box size, FOH grade and purchase price (I try to ignore this column).
  10. I always find it exciting to visit a cigar lounge when I travel just for the stupid thrill of being able to smoke inside. It saddens me to think this is something that can never exist in my own country. Honestly, I'm ok with some of the smoking restrictions they introduced in Australia. Moving it from right outside the door of a shopping centre isn't necessarily a bad thing. But there should be a middle ground instead of the take take take policy they have adopted. A venue should have the right to choose if smoking is allowed, just like people have the right to choose if they wish to visit, or pursue employment there.
  11. Video Review - Cohiba Piramide Extra

    This particular price rise was thanks to HSA, and while there was a general price increase, the 10% jump was specific to Cohiba:
  12. Thanks again for hosting this guys. It's been a blast.
  13. I have a few singles that I've been meaning to try but haven't gotten around to yet. And of course there are tonnes of special and discontinued releases that I would love to try but will most likely never have the opportunity. So putting those aside, I'd say the one regular production cigar I've been meaning to try but haven't made any progress towards is the Partagas Culebras.
  14. "soft crush"

    That's easy - start with tobacco that has no good taste.
  15. I smoked this one on Sunday night and absolutely loved it. At just under 2.5 hours, it took a long walk to get through it all, and I was still a little sad when it was all over. The draw was perfect, and the cigar opened with cream and spice. That creaminess dropped about halfway through the first third, replace with a sugary sweetness. Throughout the second third there was a development of leather and cedar, but that spicy sweetness was ever present. The final third was just a continuation of the second third. The cigar did need a few relights after it passed the halfway point, but apart from that there were no issues. I'm looking forward to the reveal.

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