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  1. If the listing specified an exact box code, then that is what I have received. But sometimes the box code is marked as *mostly, and in those cases I sometimes receive something completely different. Even when this happens I'm not really worried about it - I'm sure it'll be up to the standard that was advertised.
  2. I smoked cigar number one on Saturday night, opting to go for a walk with it to get away from the endless conversation and "herbal cigarette" smells coming from the apartment above. It started to rain lightly about 30 minutes in, and a few times it got really heavy and I had to take refuge in whatever cover I could find, but I still think I made the right decision in leaving. The other reviews have generally reported good/perfect construction, but this was not the case for me. The draw was really tight and only started to ease a little during the final third. I found a couple of stems in the head of the cigar, but removing these didn't really help things that much. The cigar opened with a citrus sweetness, but this quickly developed into an intense sugar sweetness that lasted until the end of the first third. During the second third, that sweetness faded into a mild syrup that sat quietly in the background and a gentle spice began to take the stage, like a cinnamon spice. The final third saw the spiciness grow in intensity, but this was like a kitten attacking as it was still incredibly gentle. The sweet background remained all the way through to the end. The draw issues are the only negative point I can make about this cigar. I really enjoyed the flavours it delivered, and I have never experienced anything like that opening third. I'm clueless to what it is, but I'd be interested in getting more.
  3. Nothing - he didn't say what they were smoking and we won't know until the review comes out.
  4. I have TOR box codes on 2016 Du Prince boxes if that helps.
  5. As someone who did have the gates of heaven open with their first Cuban, I can tell you this was both a blessing and a curse. While that first cigar was heaven sent, I expected every cigar that followed to offer the same experience and the grim reality is that that will never be the case. Having your expectations high is the easiest way to turn a good cigar into an average one. I know that this comment was probably made in jest, but it is something that a lot of people get caught up in at the beginning.
  6. This is a fantastic tool if you ever want/need to convert one timezone to another: It accounts for daylight savings and even lets you put in future dates/times if needed.
  7. The Montecristo A's made a surprise 24:24 appearance just last week so it appears they rolled a couple recently. Hopefully they come up again soon as they sold out in about three seconds.
  8. There has been lots of good recommendations so far. Given the recent discontinuation of the Bolivar Corona Gigantes and Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro, I would aim for one of these if you have the inclination to try either. If not, go for the Partagas Lusitanias - the recent production of these has been fantastic, and they are available in a 10 count box if you just want to try.
  9. Flying trapeze on Saturday afternoon, and most likely heading out for dinner on Saturday night for my birthday (but somebody else is in charge of organising that so I really have no idea).
  10. The 80th is already out of my price league - I can't see me ever affording the Montecristo "I can't believe it's not Behike" line.
  11. I absolutely loved the few Magnum 56's I've smoked, and the Connossieur A proved to be magnificent as well. They may be producing some great large ring gauge stuff, but you'd hope so when every new stick they release is a large ring gauge.
  12. I always assumed it was to prove the authenticity. People can clearly see that the boxes definitely contain cigars, and these are guaranteed to be genuine because the box seals haven't been broken.
  13. I would agree that the Magnum 56 has proven to be a standout from that list. I picked up a sampler of these and was impressed enough to bite the bullet and get a box when they last came up in the 24:24. They're sitting in the OLH right now and will stay there for a few years to come. The Club Allones were also pretty impressive and I'm happy to have gotten a couple of these boxes away as well. As for the Robustos Supremos, I tried them again last year and I think they still need a couple of years before they hit their stride.
  14. I've never had much of an issue in starting a box, but finishing a box is the hardest for me. I have a single 08 Des Dieux buried in my humidor that is the last stick from the very first box of cigars I ever bought, and I don't know when I will ever be able to bring myself to smoke it.
  15. I've picked up cigars from duty free stores throughout the Middle East and Asia and I've never seen any indication these stores are pushing fakes. But as others have mentioned, the storage conditions often present a bigger issue. I remember the humidity being too high in Malaysia and Singapore (with the Singapore prices being fairly high as well), but the Middle East stores seemed to be much better managed. I went through Doha late last year and their stock was pretty limited, but I saw this as a positive (in a sense) as what they did have was consistent with what was available elsewhere. I've never had any issues with the Middle East stores allowing me to open and inspect a box before purchasing either.

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