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  1. Probably the same guy that designed this light switch:
  2. La Gloria Cubana Medaille D’Or No.4 has been an absolute standout for me. They are brilliant little sticks and I wish I had found them earlier.
  3. I found this old topic that discusses the pros and cons of cellophane:
  4. When I was in that position, I opted for the single box of the Magnum 56. It was truly an exception cigar, and although the Connoisseur A is fantastic in its own right, I also figured that I could easily pick them up in the future.
  5. Yes, she's a Bengal. Five years old now but still thinks she's a kitten. But thankfully she's much better behaved than most of the Bengals you see in videos posted on the Internet.
  6. This is Zaia, who prefers to hang out with me on the balcony when I'm smoking rather than staying inside.
  7. Ultimately it's the length that I find more off-putting than the ring gauge. Of the 32 current production cigars that have a ring gauge of 52+, 8 are 120mm or shorter in length. And it's the current trend towards these short, fat, stumpy little cigars that really irks me as they just never feel like they are in proportion. I'll take a petit corona over a petit robusto any day, especially when they are so much cheaper with a similar smoking time. A tapered end is not going to make any difference here.
  8. They'll probably try to go the other way with this and use it as justification to make the price increases even larger.
  9. An 898 voyage.

    My 2008's took about 5 years to come around, and I was so disappointed in them initially that I never bothered chasing down another box. I regret that now, but it seems I had a much easier journey than you. I hope you enjoy the rest of them.
  10. Cigar Collection

    There are a few collections posted in the photo gallery here: Be warned though - you may find it depressing to look at your own after checking some of these out.
  11. This was the first thought that came to my mind. The original is terrible.
  12. Will we see the inaugural performance of Ken Springsteen and the Burke Street Band?
  13. Not with cigars themselves, but I have been pulled aside by security at the Brisbane airport who wanted to inspect my cigar cutter. Thing was, it was in my checked in luggage, and this was after my flight.
  14. I'm kind of surprised that they are out in the open. I have been through the Kuala Lumpur airport many times and from memory the cigars were always kept in walk-in humidors. That being said, the conditions inside the humidors weren't necessarily great and I have had mixed results with cigars picked up from there. But at 100AUD it's probably worth the gamble if you want to try them, especially if you are looking at blowing your left over local currency.
  15. Cigar: Nothing in particular - I have always favoured variety. Music: Underworld. TV: Just started working my way through Parks and Recreation. Beverage: Gin. Hobby: Flying trapeze has taken over my life in the past six months and I've begun working towards flying without safety lines.

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