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  1. My choice always revolves around how long I can/want to spend on a cigar at that time. So after choosing a size, I figure out what options I have and pick whichever cigar I feel like most from those.
  2. Check out this topic from @JohnS last year discussing marca breakdowns in peoples humidors. @planetary then used some wizardry to collate this data into a spreadsheet here:
  3. I'm in Beijing right now and smoking is definitely less prominent than it was two years ago. And the duty free cigar area at Beijing airport looked so terrible I didn't even bother looking at any of the boxes.
  4. You're right - it was previously 50 grams. They have just dropped this to 25.
  5. Rob had the Hamlet samplers available in March 2016.
  6. Probably half the cigars I smoke are smoked while walking along the Brisbane river at night. I live in a tiny apartment, so it's good to get out and about. By the time I end up doing it there aren't too many people about, and I let it go out while I walk through busy areas like Portside. Sure the burn can go wonky at times and you might miss some of the more subtle nuances, but I typically get more enjoyment out of the cigar taking this approach than staying at home with the same stick. I'll always leave the more expensive sticks at home mind you.
  7. For what it's worth, I'd go with another lighter. At least that has multiple applications if they aren't regular smokers.
  8. I knew the guy who first set the record for juggling while suspended upside down. He was a busker and figured it would be pretty cool to be able to say he had a Guinness World Record, and he went for that one because it was the easiest.
  9. No I'm not - I have no money
  10. Based on your disclosure, US$250? They look good though. Are you going to hold another deck tasting like the Montecristo Dantes?
  11. I'm with polarbear - Febreze works wonders.
  12. I took the opportunity today to get a quick picture of my baby: Meet the 2014 Triumph Daytona 675. *I sadly have no affiliation with any other vehicles that may appear in this photo.
  13. I smoked this one over the weekend. There was a small hole in the wrapper, most likely from when the band was removed. And although I had my concerns about this, this didn't end up causing any problems. The construction was good, only needing a few touchups along the way and the draw was perfect. The cigar opened with hints of chocolate which faded pretty quickly. There was also leather and spice elements throughout the first third. The second third saw the body beginning to build slightly, although it was still fairly light, with leather proving to be the predominant flavour. The body then kicked it up another notch for the final third, which was exactly like drinking an espresso. I'm none from two right now, and expecting to be none from three when this one is announced. But it's a fun exercise regardless.
  14. I never knew what career I wanted to pursue at that age, and 13 years later I'm still none the wiser (with even less of an idea on how I ended up in my current position). The only thing I ever really considered was a pilot, but that was never really an option due to the cost involved. When I finished high school, my parents gave me some great advice - don't go to university for the sake of going to university. As much as they wanted me to go, they knew I still wasn't sure what to study and knew that ultimately it would just be an expensive waste of time. I nearly started a science degree, but didn't bother pursuing it. And now that I'm engaged to a scientist and have had some insight into that world, I'm even happier I didn't start it.
  15. This doesn't really answer your question, but I always thought that the development of a cigar was in part due to the fact that you are "smoking" the leaves in the second and final thirds before actually igniting them. This process is something that you obviously miss in the first third.

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