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  1. I was making a recipe from an Iraqi friend recently, called for a bit of date and pomegranate molasses. I tasted the two separate and mixed - Immediately was back to a San Cristobal La Fuerza. I can;t remember the date of the box, but it was the perfect descriptors. Also, that gracious mixture of dirftwood, sea salt, caramel in Sancho Panza. Pronounced sea salt
  2. Yes! I have found that that I spend at least 90 minutes with the No. 4s. They are delicious.
  3. Last month I found a very long piece of twine in an older RyJ Ex. No. 4. Month before that I found a string attached to a thick piece paper that read "E879" written in pencil. Also have found red and yellow ribbon in the past.
  4. Yes!!! Thank you! Arrived safe and sound Nice treat on my day off today.
  5. Vintage H Upmann Mag 46 cab... smoked one - outstanding. And, HdM Elegantes. Both have an intoxicating aroma. Almost as good as the Cohiba Lanceros box last month.
  6. Rest in peace Terrance. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and family. Thank you for your service in our country's vulnerable time.
  7. I will be there this upcoming fall. Looking forward to Japan vacation. Just off of personal taste/experiences, I would automatically go for the SP Coronas Gigantes, LGC Mdo No 3, or Bolivar Corona Extra. Those are magnificent cigars if aged properly with good construction. The ERdM Balthasar was pretty tasty as well. Wonder how it's aging. I would stay away from the Davidoff No. 1 as even though it can be a "special" experience, you will likely pay a high premium at a place like Chardonnay and more times than not be disappointed. Let us know what you choose and try to take some pictures, too!
  8. Your stack beat mine by 4 boxes! Those 2013 are sooooooo delicious.
  9. This is true. The two cigars that are my biggest pleasures are the Juan Lopez Malecon and Trinidad Vigias. Even though they are fat ring gauges, they are out of this world delicious. It's disheartening to see all larger RG's, but I am not in control of the industry... Variety, variety, variety
  10. If any one is doing a group buy please PM me!
  11. That will give me nightmares Like a horror movie...
  12. Current production loves: everything Bolivar -BBF, BRC, BCG, Tubos, Cohiba Lanceros and Robustos if you can find them, HdM du Prince, HU Noellas, Montecristo Especiales, Punch Punch, Tinidad Vigias and Coloniales. If you can stomach them, the new Trinidad Topes pack a lot of flavor (albeit huge). From recent tasting, Don Jose, 898 RE, and Bolivar Poderosos are my highest rated smoking newer REs - just excellent ! SLR Marquez is not showing any promises at this stage IMO. The new Dantes are creating quite a stir. Cigars are becoming fatter, more expensive, and more hyped. A good example is the Cohiba Medio Siglo. Surely decent flavors and construction but for $400+ I think many of us are left
  13. Yes, indeed! I still love Bolivar don't get me wrong... in tie of 3 for my top favorite marcas. They rarely disappoint. But yes, 80s and early 90s Bolivars are a whole different ball game
  14. Congrats William! Enjoy the SLRs
  15. I've sampled standard production, pre-embargo, and clear-havanas ranging from late 1800s through 1990s - now, and in all honesty a majority of the cigars 1930+ have been mostly good, great, or sometimes out of this world sublime. The only very poor/non-rewarding habanos I've had were from mid-1940s, 1970s, and 1999-2001. Just like with wine, there are plenty of off years that don't stand up to the test of time, as well as certain formats and blends that are best enjoyed in the shorter timeframes. Of course it's all up to personal preference. And in my preference, I believe that a good 2/3 of habanos lineup can be enjoyed for decades to come, and if stored correctly/taken care of for half a century. It does help if you start out with a high quality product, you are likely not going to be enjoying Quintero Londres Extra or RyJ Julietas in 20+ years... Marcas that I've found the most enjoyment out of from 20-60 years of age: Bolivar, H. Upmann, ERdM, Montecristo, Punch, Ramon Allones, and Sancho Panza.

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