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  1. Haiti would be the closest land to Cuba, compared to DR, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Wonder if they are any good
  2. Saw this at IPCPR this year. Beautiful, yes, and gigantic! From memory I recall over 2 ft long
  3. Gross wrappers! Lifeless
  4. Something about that box and cigars does not look right...
  5. Wow what an awesome story here!!! Cherish and enjoy in good health. Some true gems. You've inherited what could fetch $7,000+ of aged cigars on auctions. Might not all be delicious, but what a collection - and what generosity!
  6. Lovely pickup! sounds like a blast! Nice Enjoy in good health.
  7. another box of Cohiba Lanceros; then the remainder split between boxes of FdC Casanova and HdM Elegantes. They are all three smoking excellent. FdC with my coffee following breakfast, Elegantes mid afternoon with a glass of prosecco or sauternes, finishing out the night later with a Lancero. Perfect day!
  8. It shouldn't be a minority Bart, they are delicious!!! I am loving them. One of my favorite releases in the last 5 years.
  9. They are mighty delicious I will agree with the others. My favorite partagas. My only complaint is I wish they lasted even longer
  10. I am wondering... they stated "hundreds of thousands of cigars" - now is that 200,000 or 999,999 cigars? I'd say there's a significant difference. Nonetheless, a devastation to their company.
  11. I was making a recipe from an Iraqi friend recently, called for a bit of date and pomegranate molasses. I tasted the two separate and mixed - Immediately was back to a San Cristobal La Fuerza. I can;t remember the date of the box, but it was the perfect descriptors. Also, that gracious mixture of dirftwood, sea salt, caramel in Sancho Panza. Pronounced sea salt
  12. Yes! I have found that that I spend at least 90 minutes with the No. 4s. They are delicious.
  13. Last month I found a very long piece of twine in an older RyJ Ex. No. 4. Month before that I found a string attached to a thick piece paper that read "E879" written in pencil. Also have found red and yellow ribbon in the past.

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