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  1. Have not seen Shin Godzilla yet. But...we're traveling to Tokyo this summer and will be staying at the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku where the red carpet for the movie premier was laid. Cool! Wilkey
  2. Oh, and here's the above Unimatic looking much more serious on a MilTat Hexad Oyster bracelet with diver ratchet clasp. Great watch. Wish it had a bit more drop on the lugs but this is about a happy as it gets.
  3. Squale 20 Atmos Blueray. I love the sunray's mesmerizing in the bright sun. Hypnotic!
  4. Yep, Starting to plan our late summer trip to Japan, centered on Tokyo and surrounding regions as our base. I'd love to hear what the travel pros and frequent visitors have as advice for things to see and places to stay. Tips for hidden gems from native denizens would also be greatly appreciated! Wilkey
  5. Two new acquisitions: Seiko SNZF17J1 - one of the best, inexpensive Sub-type divers and Unimatic Modello Uno. Lovely design, just crisp and beautiful, purity of design, with a high level of finish. The rubber strap is very nice but I don't like it. Also came with a high quality, classy Nato. Have already ordered an aftermarket 22mm Hexad Oyster bracelet with ratchet diver clasp.
  6. Casio G-Shock GWM 5610-1. So comfy, a throwback to 30 years ago for me. The automatic clock signal time setting is a nice convenience.
  7. Recently received this. Orient Mako II. I wanted an inexpensive, comfy diver with Arabic numerals.
  8. What's better than the latest copy of Playboy?
  9. Envious! Wilkey
  10. Maybe I'm a bit boring, but I'd buy as many boxes of RyJ Cazdores as it would cover. This is my mainstay and it's always advisable to have stock in the pipeline. Wilkey
  11. It's not just that the dial is a crisp. clean, legible design. It is so multidimensional. There are at least four planes including the dial itself and the marker channel and Arabic numerals. The real trick is that they pull it off without it looking too cartoony. There is one reservation I have with this watch, though. Every component carries the appropriate weight and solidity for a flieger. It's not a brick like a 43 mm diver. Every component except the clasp. It is inexplicably flimsy. Clearly stamped out of steel that is too thin gauge for a watch of this caliber, if there's even a little looseness on the wrist, the band clinks against the clasp body issuing a tinny sound. Unforgivable in a nearly thousand dollar watch. I will probably have to apply a small patch of tape or a silicone dot to the underside of the clasp to prevent this. Wilkey
  12. Sign up for the newsletter. That 30% code does work for the Mako II USA because that's how I got mine at such a good price. Wilkey
  13. Brilliant. BTW, if you like Seiko, Orient is having a 40% off Sale right now. Just picked up a Mako II for under $200 delivered! Wilkey
  14. Classy. Been looking a pickup up a "5" for a knockabout watch. How does that unit wear? Wilkey
  15. It's a rubber forearm for storage and display. Velvet-lined winders have become so passé. Wilkey

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