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  1. You want to browse cubans go to Cuba. In all seriousness. You are in Dom. Rep country.
  2. LCDH Best buy's

    Du prince. Good stock.....and not for long. The ones I seen were gorgeous. Good price.
  3. Just back from Havana and will probably be my last for the foreseeable future.....it will be interesting to see how things progress. New swanky hotels in the process of being built on the malecon and Prado.......it's a real juxaposition for the Cuban Govt. I certainly noticed a Increased cost of things like our casas, meals, cabs, booze, etc.....the lack of Cristal beer and the abundance of Miller Lite. I believe our Casa doubled in price in less than a year. Interesting for sure as we watch change. As mentioned in an earlier post the quality to cost ratios for other travel destinations in the carribean will factor into my travel plans. ..............and for the record Ken we leave our wacking clubs at home when we travel abroad......eh. 🇨🇦
  4. A box you left too long?

    2009 RyJ Duke EL
  5. Some of my best smoking experiences and mind blowing cigars have been elsewhere...Cuba, Mexico, etc. I feel that my smoking at home can sometime equate to going through the motions.
  6. Need More Space

    Cheap wine fridge......check kijiji.....use it unplugged and buy and oasis or similar type of humidifier for a hundred bucks. Set and forget it.
  7. Habana libre certainly has one of the best single for purchase cigar selections in Havana.
  8. Passing of Fidel Castro

  9. Customs, Customs and Factura's

    I have exchanged cash at banks in Varadero and various other locations in Havana several times with no problems or issues whatsoever. Me and my wife were in Centro Havana at a large bank to exchange about 1000 cnd and it was an absolute fail. No English ( which is understandable), about an hour wait with the locals in a next man up fashion...was hilarious and exhausting in a Cuban time......and the circus of exchanging that amount of cash was particularly concerning to them as we had to go through about 3 or 4 bank officials.......and on and on. Again....no English with any and even my wife's poquito Español was no help. Seriously would have been so easy to stroll to the Cambio at the National Hotel or elsewhere than kill that much time. Never again.
  10. Customs, Customs and Factura's

    Do not exchange at bank in Havana. Use a cadeca or hotel or anything else than a bank in Havana. Story to long to tell here......better options to exchange cash....use something that is more touristy or well travelled......not that the exchange is worse. Just stick to the basics.
  11. Browns fan......we are in deep again.....too young and too much change...right now. Raiders and Brownies could grow going into the future to be strong. Changing of the guard. Seahawks back to the podium.
  12. RyJ Duke....2009 LE. Has really softened with age year by year to boring cigar. First couple of years were much more fruity, cherry with some snap. Have aged but not to my taste. Good lesson learned....smoke em if they are favourable to your palate.....not to age just to age.
  13. Hangover cure!

    Was taught by a paramedic once......IV solution to hydrate with gravol........lol. He used to party pretty hard and would hook himself up on the drip in the am.....and maybe others. 😬 Crazy shit you see and do. Amazing what straight to the bloodstream does.......moral of the story is find cool paramedics to party with......
  14. Outstanding! Nice to see people living and not existing.
  15. This. Current production smoking great.

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