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  1. I tell you right now that what she has to offer is cheap compared to what my wife and I have built and continue to build. My marriage has it's ups and downs, but the whole idea that there's something better out there is built on a foundation of fantasy play sand (I've seen it happen before) and it will crumble in short time or shortly before everything is supposed to come to fruition.
  2. Smoke one
  3. I prefer a cooler to combat temperature swings, but the containers recommended above will be fine if that is what you want. Your existing container looks like it is serving you well as a "Desktop Tupperidor"; but now you have diagnosed yourself with a case of TAD (tobacco acquisition disorder), when you decide on the larger container, it is likely that you might find it more convenient to store them in their original boxes... if you emptied them all out and had tons of singles, you may go mad trying to find the one you want or you would have a lot of small boxes with singles in them that would require maintenance on each box's environment rather than just the one big box. Cedar is good for those small (single cigar) environments, somewhat assisting with the Rh swings and adding a nice aroma and arguably enhancing the flavors of the cigars. I would consider additional cedar as a preference when storing full boxes... I have a 48qt igloo that stores boxes just fine and I do not add cedar to it. There are typically thin cedar dividers in the boxes already (as you may have noticed) so consider that in your decision. I have seen @Ginseng write about his sticking pieces of cedar to the sides of his coolers as he prefers to do and he may be able to comment on that based on his preferences.
  4. You're not still regretting it, are you?
  5. A+, I like the creativity!
  6. Looks can be deceiving!
  7. It was a good one, watching it a second time would be neat... kind of like The 6th sense, you're looking for the same things that were very different the first time around.
  8. Maybe @El Presidente just smokes all of @Ken Gargett's cigars? Who knows...
  9. Thank you for the nice review. I do love when a cigar leaves that butter flavor.
  10. You're on a roll with those Trinidads, Jose! Thanks for the reviews, I rarely have them, but I just love Trinidads for some reason... maybe it's the pigtail that give them that elegant appeal, but they are just all around good cigars to me.
  11. I would like to see a how it's made video on these... I could see it taking hours, or even days to get all of those little leaves to line up and roll nicely.
  12. I will make mixed boxes when I buy 1/2 boxes or 1/4 boxes but for the most part, I keep the full box purchases by themselves like @CigarAsh stated he does. I would not have a problem with it, before I moved to larger storage capacity (cooleridor) for my whole boxes, I just stored everything together (many of them for years) in multiple desktop humidors and have always enjoyed the sticks as a result [I have never had a complaint from a friend either].
  13. Thank you for the review! I just ordered a box (different code) and I am looking forward to them, in my mind, you've increased the likelihood of my hopes being fulfilled!
  14. Is that you Honey? Oh... you did a quick search? oh, haha, I have these in this one desktop here in the living room. Oh that other wooden box in the office? Haha, that... yeah oh that's a box I like, I just keep a few things in there. What cooler in the guest bedroom closet? Oh that cooler, yeah, that's just a cooler that I got at a garage sale and keep a few things in because it's not really a great cooler. So that's it, just those few in that little humidor there, no big deal, not an issue here, I don't have a problem.
  15. I try to smoke about twice a week and depending on how much time i have dedicated, I may smoke anywhere from 1-3 sticks (or one bowl of pipe tobacco). On Average, I'm at about 1-2 cigars every week and a bowl of pipe tobacco at about the same average. And this is my biggest factor for my lack of smoking, there are advantages and disadvantages to having a wife in the medical field; instead of a day or two, it's more like a week or two for me, haha!

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