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  1. Spanishcedar

    FOH Mould Study

    I prefer my cigars on the drier side, so I would say that the conditions that cause mold growth do not improve it... but they still taste wonderful.
  2. Apparently someone drinks Fosters here, I see it on a shelf now and again but have yet to see one being consumed in public. Maybe they are a closet Fosters fan. @99call, those are some killer Fannie Packs... If I wore, or had a need for one it would be tempting...
  3. They may have a little crunch to them when you take a bite but still as good as ever
  4. Spanishcedar

    Wooden Desktop Humidors

    If you're looking for the best made, would you consider contacting a well known furniture craftsman in your area? I'd be willing to bet that he or she would love to help you out; from experience, I know that it is a joy for a craftsman when they get an opportunity to work with some different projects aside from tables, chairs & vanities.
  5. Clean House, cut out dead wood and get your service to your customers running smoothly again. Keep trying to make contact.
  6. Spanishcedar

    Who's got a long one?

    Fonseca no. 1's have shown up with good quality... something to consider. Just realized you said "In Stock"... consider partagas Lusitania.
  7. Spanishcedar


    Sure, but make sure you have enough brass and arrows to back it up.
  8. 5. Aroma... this is where I start. 3. General quality of wrapper... what else can there be after smell? 2. Oil content of wrappers... I like shiny things. 1. Uniformity... they are so pretty. 4. Hard spots, Soft spots, Over Packed, Underpacked... you mean I can touch them... all of them? Yes please and thank you! 6. Small non significant breakages... I can fix that one. 10. A humidity condition (wet or dry)... on the wetter side, I can buy dry ones at almost any 7-11. 9. I'm shopping for cigars and not insect shadow boxes, right? 8. The box was sealed before you inspected it... I thought I was special, oh well.
  9. Spanishcedar


    I have an inventory of my boxes but not the amount of cigars in each box. I just use Excel and I back it up with a pencil.
  10. Spanishcedar

    Minutos, Perlas and Reyes small smokes

    The San Cristóbal El principe is a good smoke, which might leave me with the option of lighting another up, or sometimes that's all I want. It has a molasses type flavor and a darker burn for me. The Trinidad Reyes on the other hand feels more refined and always leaves me wanting to light another up, I have a box of Coloniales that I have yet to try... hoping that it won't leave me hanging.
  11. Spanishcedar

    Buying cigars in Nicaragua

    This is spot on. They also sell cellophane bundled packs in the "markets" and you can get good prices on those but they are not high quality... they were good cigars to smoke while I was fishing though. In the airport at Managua they do have a decent selection of cigars and they also had a guy rolling cigars there too, so that was kind of neat to see... I bought a box and he rolled two "Free" ones for me. The airport is not the best price point to buy rum FYI... nor the liquor stores in the middle of the tourist city. Get on the outskirts and prices drop.
  12. Spanishcedar

    How would you respond.....

    Oh my, what has he done to deserve that?
  13. Spanishcedar

    How would you respond.....

    Dear Sir, The Ramon Allones company is currently not answering emails for holiday until 2098, pending a capitalist regime taking over. Should the regime not yet be established in 2098 due to technicalities and political instability, please wait another 50 years. Your concerns are very important to the Ramon Allones TEAM.

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