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  1. 2017 Tobacco Crop Update

    How long is the processing? Will we see a boost of quality as soon as this year?
  2. A Juan Lopez ring would bei great. I love the Juan Lopez cigar band.
  3. Ahh......That would be me

    A vendor once showed me: You can also grab the cigar in the fist (near the head of the cigar) and blow through the foot. If the draw is good you can feel it pulsating
  4. I really hope you are wrong. Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas are essential...
  5. Mold! 😱

    UPDATE: After I cleaned the cigar I put them back in the airtight container. I was unable to decide what to do. Now, 5 months later, I opened the container again and had a look at the cigars. The mold did NOT return! The cigars look clean and pefect. No mold visible. Amazing and also a bit weird.
  6. Mold! 😱

    As far as I know Aspergillus fumigatus is green-grey and Oespora Tabaci is normally not to be found in the humidor. It would be interessted to know what kind of mold the white one on my cigars is.
  7. Mold! 😱

    Is this the reason why some people distinguish between white mold and yellow/green mold? Aspergillus fumigatus is grey-green.
  8. Mold! 😱

    These are the airtight containers I used for the cigars I showed you. The cigars have been in a very good condition when I put them in. Just the cigars. No humidifier.
  9. Mold! 😱

    Pictures of the same cigars before and after a quick cleaning.
  10. Mold! 😱

    @Dozerhead @cosmoker @losttrailer @cigarmanTim I scraped the mold off the foot and now I don't know which cigars were effected. I can only dump all or none.
  11. Mold! 😱

    @Ethernut I have no idea. The cigars have been in this box for years. Without humidifier. I check every 6 months or so. This was the first time I saw mold.
  12. Mold! 😱

    It was very easy to wipe the mold from the wrapper and to scrape it off from the foot. The cigars look perfekt now. The problem: I know how they looked before....
  13. Mold! 😱

    I guess I will still smoke them.
  14. Mold! 😱

    Dry. I guess the cigars have been to wet from the beginning.
  15. Mold! 😱

    Emsa. No humidifier inside. Just the cigars.

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