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  1. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    I had dinner at Crasto in 2010. I think the pool was just built at that point. I like their dry wines better than their port.
  2. What should I request?

    Can you call ahead for custom rolled cigars?
  3. I really like the Robusto T's. Fundadore's are nice, but it never seems like an equal to the Lancero. Close.
  4. What should I request?

    Go for a Habanos Humidor (with cigars) or one of the Books. Both on the pricey side, but well worth it once in your possession!
  5. This is some real cloak and dagger stuff. I wonder if the brain injury is a side effect for something else the perp's wanted to accomplish?
  6. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    Would not touch a collector Bourbon especially Pappy with huge amount of fakes on the market. You thought Bordeaux was being faked a lot; Bourbon is so much easier to fake...
  7. Bordeaux....Heck All things French wine

    Which 2000 and 2005 BDX are you drinking? Heck, most of my 2000's are just "getting there" and the lower tier 2000's are drinking marvelously. Same with 2005.
  8. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    Good for you on the Altano! Another similarly priced wine from the Douro is Ramos Pintos "Duas Quintas". Made by the same Ramos Pinto of port wine fame from the same grapes. Altano is made by Symington's which own Dow, Graham, Warre port brands (among others as well). Duas Quintas is more full bodied than Altano at a similar price point. Quinta do Crasto (another famous port & dry wine producer in the Douro) has some entry dry wines; one called "Crasto" and "Flor de Crasto" which are also great values. Quinta do Crasto is one of most awe inspiring pieces of land to grow grapes in the world. I tried the Kirkland Gigondas and it was pretty good! Good buy at that price; I would suggest picking up a bottle or two. Very clean and smooth with nice fruit. 5-7 year ager.
  9. Pre-band era I liked the 1's more, but now I they are about the same to me. Depends on what vitola I would rather smoke at the time. I am out of either one at the moment.
  10. Toss up. Would come down to the actual box, but they are equals in my book.
  11. Fresh from Cuba Sir Winston

    That is one cigar I can't seem ever find!
  12. Cheap and Cheerful Red Wines?

    If on a budget, the Costco Rioja Reserve is quite the buy. We've gone through cases. I think it's $7.00. Could easily sell for double under a different name. They also came out with a Gigondas at around $15 I bought a few, but haven't tried yet. May do that one tonight. If decent, that's a heck of a buy as well. Their Pauillac at $22 is also solid, but I don't think it'll age as well as a Pauillac should.
  13. Top Five Strongest now...

    This and any of Partagas EL's are strong.
  14. What would you buy - Baby Edition

    Birth year items should have the birth year on it; just like buying wine for a birth year... Go for 2017 EL's. If you plan to smoke one a year, how about a fancy box of Cohibas?
  15. Top Five Strongest now...

    Could say the same thing for all Habanos...

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