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  1. 24:24 WEDNESDAY

    I would've bought all of these, but missed them again... Been wanting to pick up a few boxes of Fundadores...
  2. Is that your house or an actual cigar lounge?
  3. I'd be more worried about the current administration putting a clamp on smoking in any form as a higher priority than saving a long time American-centric industry like cigars... The anti-smoking lobbies are more powerful than the cigar lobbies.
  4. The president has no qualms on anyone here legally.
  5. I got an email from a cigar advocacy group on this segment yesterday. I normally watch Tucker, but made sure I would not miss last night. I have a hunch our current administration may take some steps to remedy what the previous one did. Sounds like low lying fruit and an easy win for the administration.
  6. What's in your glass today?

    My local Costco had a run on the Meandro for a while, the 2007 vintage. I was picking them up for like $22 a bottle. I bought a lot of them, but down to my last 5-6 bottles. For basic Douro wines, 10 years is the plateau. I have seen this across the board with Crasto, Altano, RP Duas Quintas, and a couple of others.
  7. What's in your glass today?

    That's a great wine and you are drinking at a good phase; if not young. Still could go another 5-10 year cellaring. The lower end Meandro hits it plateau at 10 years, so this one should age longer.
  8. Factory codes

    Not sure on the years, I have had luck with TEB and OSU; which ones are those?
  9. It's all about the size and relative price. If I find it in in EL or RE, I buy them.
  10. Most Loved, Most Hated Cigars

    I like most of the Habanos catalog, so better to say what I am not a fan of: Dislike - Regular Production: PL, Vegueros, 52+ ring gaurge short cigars, Guantanamera, Montecristo Open Eagle's.
  11. I buy with the plan on smoking them, but if years or decades go by and I don't get to the box, don't smoke so much from the box, and the value is 2-3+x more than I paid I will consider a trade or sale. It's not like those boxes are really going to impact me as I am not smoking them often or have ever smoked them. Wasn't my intention, but the reality at that moment. Someone else will get more enjoyment from them and I have some extra cash for other boxes.
  12. 1 Box from Cuba

    Something in a humidor, book, or jar would be my first pick.
  13. A book for the coffee table:

    I love Taschen books.
  14. Steak and fellatio day...

    Isn't this every day or at least most days?

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