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  1. Protecting customs in your luggage?

    Bring a roll of cellophane wrap and roll each cigar in it. That is what I do for travelling and works great. Cigars are protected, stay humid for week+, and can take one at a time when hitting the town.
  2. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Better to ask which is your favorite AC/DC album?
  3. Sparkles on cigar

    I have seen some flecks on cigars to me that look like mineral content.
  4. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Tough one... AC/DC is more about a vibe than a song. It's all one big glorious song... Let Me Put My Love into You For Those About to Rock R&R Ain't Noise Pollution
  5. Cigar Spots in Mexico City

    We can fly direct to Mexico City from our local airport. We've been talking about going there for a trip. This is good advice on where to look for Habanos! Thanks.
  6. I had an uncle who had a shirt factory in Cuba and then moved it to Haiti at the time of the Revolution.
  7. So crazy the difference between Haiti and DR from every facet considering they are the same island.
  8. 3 weeks the cigars will be fine, but whether it's next day or month, the cigars should rest in the humidor before smoking.
  9. What's in your glass today?

    How was it. The color can be like rose yet intense on the nose with old Barolo.
  10. 2018 Habanos Released

    I like the Double Edmundo 10 count humidor. Definitely picking one of those up. I need a travel humidor and like DE's! Oddly enough I normally take some DE's when I travel.
  11. Heating a Garage, looking for advice

    You have an excuse to buy that air cooled 911 you been itching for. Can heat the garage and no construction.
  12. Been doing my best to not smoke them. Think they're worth going heavy on before they're gone?
  13. 2018 Habanos Released

    The churchill size stuff sounds cool especially that RA's. I hope they make enough of them for regular folks like me get a chance at them.
  14. Heating a Garage, looking for advice

    Time for male bravado to take over!
  15. Heating a Garage, looking for advice

    How do all these thread posters give in so easily and just move their passion outside or in the garage? The perfume of a Habanos in the house makes it a home...

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