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  1. Chinese will fake Habanos better than Habanos can make them in the first place...
  2. Any time!
  3. I haven't heard that brand mentioned in a long time. I bought a few bottles of their tequilas way back at Spec's in Texas.
  4. We bought half of a Vermont grass fed steer recently, stashed in our mafia size freezer in the basement. That is going to be our go to for beef for year plus I expect. I believe it's around 300 lb's of beef; all cut into mostly bone-in and two person size cuts. Everything is like 2.5 lb cuts... So, the new steakhouse is my house, lol...
  5. What brands do you import? Are you US based?
  6. Looks healthy
  7. Can't go wrong with liquor... You can get the bottles engraved to make it extra special.
  8. I wish, but a bunch of other DG employees are going. We have quite a display set up at BH. If you go, stop please stop by & check us out. Mention you know me and you'll get some extra freebees. They printed really cool t-shirts this year for the event.
  9. Into road bikes (velo de corsa) for long time. Better built for soccer, but more passionate about cycling. Use to race in high school and ride regularly now.
  10. Cigars I liked 20 years ago I still like today, but those are cigars generally everyone likes... Kind of like wine or cars... Cristal always is good and Ferrari's are always cool looking. Nothing changes in that respect...
  11. I picked up a 6 pack of those earlier this year. Good wine for the money.
  12. I can't find a cycle to my preferences I wish I could. I do tend to hover the same few most recent boxes and kind of forget about the older ones pretty easily. Like showing a baby a new toy and all the old ones don't matter.
  13. If you are flying to US; you clear Customs in Abu Dhabi.
  14. Would like to try one (not the whole thing), but not at that price... Could roll a blunt with a Esplendidos at that price...
  15. Pretty good prices and selection. Sure you can find stuff online for les... Bolivar Emirates are really cool. I get the Abu Dhabi and Dubai airport duty free's mixed up, but either one is good. They'll open the boxes for you

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