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  1. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Coon hounds or Basset hounds?
  2. Has Wine Gone Bad?

    I feel vineyards should be bio-dynamic or organic where it makes sense to their business model. A don't feel a touch of sulfur is going to ruin a wine. I prefer wine to be made as natural and keeping with tradition as possible with only exception is on hygiene within the chateau. I like the "natural wines" to a degree and own a few from US, France, and Portugal in the cellar. The whites I find more interesting. I also like oxidized wines like Vin Jaune so go figure... I don't feel this category will grow much more than it is today. Not everyone likes that style of wine and all the background history won't sway someone from drinking wine they do not like the taste of.
  3. The Jobs that won't be here in 2030?

    Desktop Support Engineers. Computers don't require as much support as they did and the need for this kind of IT staff will diminish over time.
  4. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Seldom do dogs look like they're enjoying their costume...
  5. Picked up a new box of R&J Belicoso from nightly offer a while back and must say they are the benchmark Belicoso out of Habanos today. Utterly terrific cigar. Smoked one right after a BBF which is great, but R&J really was the headliner! Complex with an aged tobacco flavor. BBF came off crude in comparison (and it's still a great cigar at that). 2 Belicoso or 1 Churchill fit perfect within an NBA play off game... Go Celtics!
  6. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Adding a picture of Lily waiting to embark on our Sunday drive to the Cape
  7. Aging at High Temps

    I could see this happening. Could mold start easier in a warmer conditions as well?
  8. I'd love to have a go around the Ring as either a driver or passenger with a professional "Ring Taxi" driver.
  9. Macs have their own technical challenges and are hardly perfect or without issue.
  10. Opening Boxes in Havana LCDH’s

    Being able to inspect the cigars should be the norm no matter the locale. You are the buyer/customer and don't forget that.
  11. Microsoft helps puts food on my table, so I am not going to disparage their products. Google is more helpful than a built-in dialogue box. Event Viewer should give you additional clues on the issue you experienced.
  12. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Guarding the vineyard? Where is the spiked collar?
  13. Aging Cigars

    Are any EL's past prime? I can't think of any.
  14. Pics of Your Furry Smoking Buddies

    Here's Lily Ruffhausen von Spotsnout. Cigar and driving buddy

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