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  1. Punch and Partagas 2017 Limitadas

    Have liked all the Partagas EL's so far.
  2. King of the Ashtrays!

    Just need the Holland & Holland Range Rover Autobiography to go with it....
  3. What The Swiss...

    I break up Lobster all the time for Paella and the like. We are "taught" to put the chef's knife into they head and then cut if half to take off the tail and rip the claws off. Old timers just cut them in half without the knife to the head...
  4. This really just happened...

    If there was any malice behind this those involved need to serve many years behind bars.
  5. This really just happened...

    I work in mission critical environments. This was not an innocent mistake. Of all the "wrong buttons" someone could pick. They click this one and acknowledge the choice with a 2nd dialogue box? How is this even a pre-set alert; shouldn't this be a national alert?
  6. What The Swiss...

    We use to go to an all you can eat Lobster place that would go through 1,000 lbs+ of Lobster a weekend. What do you think their opinion on this would be? The whole idea of eating meat could be considered barbaric in a 100 years. "Could you believe they killed animals for food back then?"
  7. What The Swiss...

    I grew up on Cape Cod. I use to do clamming and lobster traps in the summer, and for several years as my sole summer income. This is the most absurd thing I have heard. Killing is killing... Keeping seafood on ice is to prevent us from dying...
  8. Secondary year bands

    how about plain paper with some simple adhesive?
  9. This has gone on long enough

    Low morals and bad taste.
  10. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    Funny, I was little disappointed in Bad Magic compared to After Shock. Will give it a few more listens... Are you Priest fan?
  11. Havana Club - Bacardi v Pernod Ricard

    A friend of mine is friends with the Bacardi family and they were trying to get her to marry the son and I think heir to Bacardi... For whatever reason she wasn't into him and is with someone else. I had a Cuban bottle of Bacardi white before. Decades in a bottle just made it less fresh; more novelty than anything else. Personally, I do not think Bacardi or Havana Club are that good of rum considering all the brands and price points out there. You get a lot for your money in rum compared to other spirits.
  12. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    Was listening to After Shock yesterday. Probably my favorite and maybe their best album.
  13. Favorite Discontinued Smoke

    Can find them in Singapore, but you're gonna pay...
  14. Favorite Discontinued Smoke

    LGC MdO 1&2 Partagas Corona RA Corona Cuaba Diadema Punch Royal & Super Selections

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