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  1. As of today, I would say it's going to be Eagles vs. Pats repeat. If not the Pats, maybe the Steelers...
  2. I put no premium on aged stock. Could care less as long as it's a good box. I like 'em fresh, I like 'em aged... It's all about that particular cigar. I wonder when I see 10-20 year old boxes at vendor, "have they been sitting for a reason"?
  3. BrightonCorgi

    Puerto Rican

    Not only that; there are not many places to smoke cigars.
  4. BrightonCorgi

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Around here the Glenlivet 21 is around $200; no tax
  5. BrightonCorgi

    Forget the Caribbean: Was Rum Invented in India?

    We buy this often for mixed drinks. Very well priced and tasty too!
  6. Once the tobacco is divided and rolled, they are then sorted by color. One cigar could be from one roller on one side of the floor and another from the opposite side. The filler or binder could've differed in look or quality some. I don't know how many days if more than one day go into a batch of cigars before being boxed up. I'd like to think or assume that a box of cigars is from one day's rolling at that factory. Does anyone know for sure?
  7. BrightonCorgi

    Lets Talk Cohiba

    Doesn't make factory sense to change protocol simply because today we are rolling Cohiba. Cigar factories need to be consistent day in and out on all aspects of manufacture.
  8. One cigar is near impossible to say as different cigars are the best cigar at that time for different reasons. Do you want the best cigar ever that you are unlikely to ever be able to buy listed? Doesn't do much good if can't buy one... Just for the sake adding something to the list: LGC MdO 1&2
  9. BrightonCorgi

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I was offered 2 tickets yesterday to that game behind the catcher out of the blue! Had stuff planned already or would've went. Did you enjoy Fenway Park? Great day for a game.
  10. BrightonCorgi

    Letting Cigars Breathe

    I use to unscrew the cap on tubos when I had desktop humidor just for looks. I like the change in flavor the tubo gives to a cigar. I don't smoke tubos that often, but a whiff of cedar is part of the joy.
  11. BrightonCorgi

    Porto y Habano

    The prices in Portugal are not usually anything write home about. You'll find an amazing selection of Colheitas, but vintage really isn't their thing in Portugal. More of a special event wine to them. Tawny and Colheita are mainstays. Auctions are generally good. You need to know what your are doing and the deals aren't as great as they use to be. Keep in mind shipping costs too. Provenance becomes a bigger issue as the years go by. Port is a tough wine, but who really knows how and where a wine was stored? My advice on wine and port deals are go to every clearance bin and don't be afraid to make an offer on a bottle you know may have been sitting around for a long time. Make sure you asking the right person. Works best at "mom and pop" liquor stores.
  12. BrightonCorgi

    Porto y Habano

    We did a '77 horizontal last summer and I did not think Taylor or Fonseca were that special. I'd take '85 of either over '77. Actually, I would like to pair '77 against '80 (total sleeper vintage). The '77 Dow can run the gamete of great to maybe down the drain. I have a 3L of '77 Taylor I'd like to open one day. I drank one before with a friend and our WAG's (along with two more bottles...). We represented that night! That's heck of a lot port. Luckily we were staying the night. Have you tried the '77 Cockburn? This was held back to market by Cockburn until a couple of years ago. All the bottles have been in their cellar. I haven't tried one yet. I'd put '70 Niepoort as one of the best of the vintage.
  13. BrightonCorgi

    What's your giveaway cigar?

    Depends on what they are capable of smoking. Don't want the cigar ashed a quarter way. Don't want them getting sick... Usually a robusto sized cigar is most liked by the occasional smoker. If they can handle any cigar, I usually give them what I am smoking. Putting out a few boxes on the dining room table and letting them take their pick fun. Guests get a hoot out of that.
  14. BrightonCorgi

    Porto y Habano

    '77 hasn't lived up to the hype IMO. Cork issues in some and just decent port across the board. Some have got better like Grahams. Many dismissed it as hot, but if they had a bottle recently would lament drinking them so casually. Gould Campbell and Warre are the two I think of first as best of the vintage. Only had '77 Niepoort once, but that could be a contender too.
  15. BrightonCorgi

    Porto y Habano

    Want to say I got that 3 pack for under $300 USD.

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