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  1. Happy Birthday Di!
  2. I hope this mall fails. For a lot of the decision makers in Cuba, these types are deals are "big money now" types of arrangements. Long term, I think Cuba needs a more homegrown strategy. More local business, less corporations from around the world. Cuba's charm is in it's independence, its' "stopped in time" 1950's look and feel and the hustle and charm of its people. And on a selfish note. The "Americanization" of Cuba will erode the cigar culture that is well established. You're already seeing some hotels ban smoking from their lobbies. And the irony of such malls in Cuba is just too much. Surely Fidel was alive when this was in the planning stage? What was his views on this? Obviously a judgment call was made for $'s over ideology?
  3. Past 24;24 sales are hidden once they're done. Send me what you bought and on which date and I can access the old threads. Did you put your purchase in the locker or are you awaiting delivery?
  4. I think it has more to do with the one set of rules for all, applied differently depending on who you are. A Saudi Royal "transgressing" wouldn't get 1/1,000,000th of what a regular Saudi citizen would get for "transgressing".
  5. I've only flown through Rome on my Italy travels and I don't recall much of what was in stock being of any interest to me. I've only noticed TONS of Monte Opens with the odd small 3/5 packs of Partagas, Montecristo and HdM. Price wise I couldn't tell you if there was much of a saving in DF. Hopefully someone who's recently traveled through Milan can shed some light.
  6. These look no different than any custom roll one can get in Havana. I know there's a few "special orders" such as the King of Spain banded Cohibas We saw a bunch of those boxes in El Laguito in 2012 IIRC. They were just rebanded CCE's. The bands looked very nice. Nicer than these KSA's. To what degree is Habanos involved with these? Do they gather the requirements on blends, vitolas, produce the bands? Or is this a more "personal" order with well connected people in Havana to get this done? How much different would it be than me just having professional BWS "Bundwallah Selection" bands made for my Hamlet Salamones?
  7. So. Does the jar hold 25 cigars exactly? Or more? My SF jar holds more cigars than it says it should. So much for design and planning.
  8. There's been a few threads based off of Jame's Suckling's list of recent vintages here. Here's one.
  9. A great Canadian hero! If only he'd put that speed to use on the ice chasing seals and clubbing them.
  10. Awesome! Love Judge Dredd. The comics and the two movies.
  11. 2013 Unico. Loving the V cut
  12. Not that high at the Hotel. That's secondary market pricing. IIRC, the largest one is 30/35CUC. They go fast when they pop up. So good luck to you!
  13. Something to celebrate with on a nice afternoon.
  14. One of the major reasons I love this forum. Insight and knowledge like this. ^
  15. Attributed to what? I assume the switch from Habanos 2000 to Criollo 1998 strains? Something else?

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