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  1. I'll play this game. These pics won't do justice to the actual cigars, but here goes. Picked up a few boxes of Cohiba Piramides EL 2006 and they're all have a gorgeous oily maduro style wrapper. Then there's my prized 1988 Diplomaticos No 7 box. Love the 2009 LGC Deliciosos Cuba RE jar too. And finally, a 50 cab for Punch Double Coronas from 2005
  2. I had a Topes this past March in Havana. It was a bit on the wet side but overall it was underwhelming. Haven't had the chance to try a Vigia yet. In my mind, there's no replacing the Robusto T or Robusto Extra. I still enjoy the Reyes, Coloniales and Fundadores a great deal so these do not really catch my eye.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cuban holy trinity. Cuban cigar of course. A 2002 RA 898. Cafecito de Cuba Havana Club 7
  4. Modern Guayabera's

    Very metro. Simon, is that you? @Strada
  5. Ah but why stop there? Go for the combo of Birth Month and Year. To answer the OP's question. If a girl, a smaller RG "dainty" cigar. Like an HdM Du Gourmet or Cola. 25 cab or something else in the Dalias/Lonsdale vitola (if still around). For a boy, I might go for Mag 50, Sir Winston, Esplendido,
  6. 100 Greatest Singers of All Time

    She occupies slots 1 - 100 on the World's Worst Singers Ever list.
  7. Back on 2011 Hamlet spent a whole summer in Canada. Mostly Toronto. He rolled a lot of cigars for us needless to say. 😎 According to him. He selected the tobacco he wanted to bring up in Havana and then it was shipped from an LCDH in Cuba. Probably Partagas as he worked there. And then it went directly to Havana House which is the Canadian distributor. He had to pick it up from there. I understood this to be the norm as Arnaldo Alfonso mentioned he did the same thing.
  8. 100 Greatest Singers of All Time

    Axl should be higher. No Rob Halford. No Phil Mogg of UFO (seriously underrated). Robert Plant is present, but should be in the top 20 at least. Bob Dylan? Great songwriter, horrible singer. Freddie Mercury should be in the top 5 too.
  9. Hurricane Irma in Cuba

    Thanks for the insight Nino. Money disappearing and not making it to those in need is what I was afraid of. Some locals are planning to go down to Havana in November. If we raise any money, they'll take it down. Hopefully, airports will get sorted out and restoration of services will be well underway by then.
  10. Hurricane Irma in Cuba

    Just horrible. Not just for Cuba but also those other Caribbean nations that got hit hard. Anyone know which organizations to send donations to that will result in money being directly allocated to Cuba?
  11. Partagas - smaller vitolas

    @kuma and @smallclub Thanks for the entertaining posts. Going forward, please cool your jets and take this to PM please if you want to keep sparring.
  12. cigar : Been enjoying a few Punch Punch over the past few weeks. music : Always tuned into anything with Michael Schenker on guitar. UFO, MSG, Scorpions. reading/TV/cinema : Not much reading besides the weekend paper and a Cigar or Wine magazine. Been catching up House of Cards on Netflix. beverage : Been enjoying Lime margaritas and Mojitos for the past week. hobby : slowly getting back into art. Doing some sketches and watercolors. Also, lifting weights 2 - 3x per week.
  13. QdO Reboot

    So. Does this only apply to the new additions or will the Coronas' blend get re-jigged? I certainly hope not. The original QdO's are something unique and special in Habanos' portfolio; which is why they're screwing with it. The new band is cool though.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RA Grandes. TEB OCT 08 and Cafecito de Cuba.

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