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  1. bundwallah

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Perhaps. I've heard he smokes cigars now and then, but....fake CC's. LOL.
  2. Keep in mind this is just my opinion. I do agree with @Hutch in regards to the Imperiales. Either way, if you've never had a QdO, I think you'll be satisfied by their blends. Very different from other Habanos offerings.
  3. The closest I could find in the Habanos lineup that matches up to the Cuban Davidoff's are QdO's. They launched around the same time and the blends haven't really changed since.
  4. You beat me to it. Cool looking vitola.
  5. bundwallah

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    The prices aren't the local tobacconists fault. That's gov't taxes at work. Not all B&M's have the same stock. It will vary.
  6. bundwallah

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Follow the link to get the base email template, fill in the blanks and send. Don't let a technicality stop you. This is the letter. http://www.bettercigarplan.ca/letter.html
  7. bundwallah

    Cigars Age Better in Cuba

    There is definitely something better about smoking a cigar in Havana. Maybe it's the salty, fresh sea air? The endorphins of being on vacation and a general relaxed state? From my experience, I can smoke 5 -10 cigars a day in Havana and be able to taste each and every one to their fullest and be able to distinguish flavours between them. Back home, I'm lucky to get to 3 without some of the cigars tasting the same. Anything aged I've smoked in Cuba is due to me bringing it there. Mid 80's Davidoff's, A 1943 RA Aristocrates, 1988 Dip 7, etc. The oldest, aged in Cuba cigar I smoked there was a 1998 Partagas Charlotte back in 2012. Courtesy of Ajay. I'm not convinced freezing has any ill effects on flavour but there is something about Cuba that makes any cigar smoked there more enjoyable and flavourful.
  8. bundwallah

    Your next box is likely to be?

    Sir Winstons are always on my list. Looking for Partagas Presidentes too.
  9. Wow. A full year older than mine. A lot can change over a year. In either direction.
  10. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Big thunderstorms today, bringing much needed rain. Now that things have cleared, I've decided to fire up an OPA DIC 09 Lusitania. To accompany this fine cigar, I've poured some Backwoods Bastard Bourbon barrel stout. Cheers all.
  11. For me, Tripe. As a kid, my mother would slow cook it in tomato sauce for 8 hours and it still had the texture of a pencil eraser. Pig's Feet. It wasn't always made at my house, but I could smell it a mile away when coming home from school. I would end up eating dinner at a friends house instead. Cottage cheese. I used to love it as a kid and now I cringe at the very thought of it. Liver. See above. Loved it with fried onions. Snails. Slimy, snotty critters that drag themselves through dirt? No thanks. Tofu. Aka "toe food". Or anything similar to it. On the liquid side:Milk. Disgusting. Never drank it as a kid or had it in cereal. I recall trying to drink it once and spewing it into the sink and backsplash.
  12. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    TBH I've been smoking CC's since 2009 and I've only had about 5/6 plugged cigars, two of which I had to pitch right off the bat. I bought this so I wouldn't have to pitch any vintage sticks with a tight draw. According to some friends who are well familiar with the PerfecDraw, I overdid it with that hole I bored out. I watched an instructional video afterwards, and I definitely went beyond what was typically needed. I think that hole ended up tainting the last 3rd for me, which I ended up pitching. I was getting too much or an acrid taste. Very similar to when you purge a cigar and relight it an hour or so later. Not pleasant at all. But, the tool did let me enjoy most of the cigar.
  13. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Made myself a Cafecito de Cuba, added a smidge of HC7 and then fired up a 1998 PSDC No 1. It had a tight draw, so I put my PerfectDraw to use with good results.
  14. bundwallah

    New Quintero Band

    Saw the new band on the Favoritos at the Toronto LCDH, the other Quinteros cigars had the old band.
  15. Cool thread. I envy those that got to see a lot of the great 70's bands back in their heydays, Zep, Floyd, Stones, etc. I'm a big live bootleg collector so at the very least I can listen to some excellent concerts from the past. With that said; I did get a chance to see some great shows nonetheless. For instance, a relatively unknown GnR opening up for Iron Maiden shortly after Appetite for Destruction launched. Seeing Rush 5 times since the Signals tours. Would have loved to see them during the Hemispheres tour. Saw Iron Maiden and Judas Priest about 5 times. Can't go wrong there. Got to see Heaven and Hell with Ronnie James Dio back in 2009. The first and only time I saw him perform live. And his voice was more powerful than the recordings. RIP RJD. Motorhead one time. Too short a set. Epic nonetheless. Metallica a couple of times. The most memorable being their Toronto stop for the Master Or Puppets tour. A few months after Cliff Burton died. Probably the best "show" had to be KISS on one their late 90's reunion tours. Not the greatest band of musicians, but they sure know how to put on a show.

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