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  1. Great review. Don't have many of these left. Might have to sample one before the summer is over and see if I get any butter taste out of one.
  2. Hmmm... not very appealing. Looks like a polished goose turd.
  3. Meh. Could care less. Now Marvel comics turning Thor into a woman?!
  4. No real basis behind the claim. After certain altitudes, they won't work. Period. Some potential for interference with radio communications exists. It's probably touted as a line to keep distractions down during takeoff and landings where the cells are still in range. Ever been on a bus or subway train with numerous people chatting on their phones loudly? It's far more annoying stuck in a flying tube. My guess is that its a BS line to keep passengers alert during the two most precarious stages of a flight.
  5. Thanks everyone. This has been very helpful. Everyday is getting a little bit better. This week we'll be getting some of his ashes, the majority of it will be placed next to his mother and grandmother (his wishes). We're going to prep for a wake and focus on the positive.
  6. Yes. I can see it now. The new Partagas Provolone Salamon. El Rey del Moldo (new marca coming 2018)
  7. Any screenshots you can provide?
  8. Fantastic effort Rob! Thanks for undertaking this. I think I might have a candidate for actual plume. I have some old HU No 4's from the Mid 70's. No fuzzy stuff on them, but there are shiny, crystalline spots here and there. I don't have the right camera or skills to photograph it though. @photorob Maybe you can take some close ups this week?
  9. After receiving so many PM's from fellow members I've decided to unlock this thread. Not for the sake of my mailbox though. What people have shared with me was very moving and helpful. Perhaps this would be a good spot for some catharsis on the matter? If anyone wants to post anything. Go for it. Those of you that pm'd me, there's no expectation to publicly share what you privately shared with me. I do want to say thanks to you all. The different stories have helped me put things in perspective. Regards Frank
  10. Most sincere condolences for you and your friends' loss. No words can bring back our departed loved ones but hopefully we learn to let go of the pain and keep the good memories with us always. Hang in there mate!

  11. Hi Frank,

    Helene and I send our deepest sympathy to the loss of your friend.It sounds eerily similar to our story when our oldest son passed away 7 years and 11 month ago.Exept that he didn't kill himself,but alcohol was the deciding factor.We're almost sure you torture yourself and ask"what could I have done more or not enough"We asked that ourselves many times and still do but there's no answer to that.Albeit never forgotten,in times it will get better.If you need to talk about it you know where to find me.In the mean time,sorry for you loss.


    Hans and Helene


    On another note we still have to make a date for the dinner I promised you.Let me know when you and your upper managment could be available.If possible on a saturday.


  12. To those of you that sent a PM. Thank you for your kind words and sharing your pain. I'm finding it helpful.
  13. Before I begin. This thread will be locked. I'm not looking for likes or condolences. I just hope you read it and that it has some value to you should anything you read herein give you pause for caution IRL. This won't be the most eloquent read as I'm still heartbroken. But I need to get this off my chest. I hope you don't mind. If you plan to read beyond here. Thank you. If you suspect someone you know is having mental health issues and worry that they may do something drastic. For God's sake intervene even if they'll resent you. My friends and I just had a horrible day. We couldn't reach a friend for 3 days and went to his apartment to check up on him. I banged the hell out the door to no avail. We convinced the superintendant to unlock the door, which fortunately she did. The door opened but the chain lock on the inside prevented us from getting a good look around. Plus the door was barricaded with some heavy bins. We knew our friend was in there because that chain was engaged and moreso due to the acrid smell that came out. I slammed the door shut and took his GF down to hall to make the 911 call. Firefighters were on the scene in minutes, bolt cutters in hand and face masks on. These poor guys probably have been to so many of these types of calls that the face mask is standard practice. They opened the door, cut the chain and pushed through the barricade. The fire fighter who did that warned us to stay back He the poked his head around the door, got a good look and informed us that our friend, that we'd known for 15+ years was dead and had been so for a few days. We were crushed. The EMS, police, coroner and body removal service folks came and did their part, with dignified professionalism I will add. We waited outside for seven hours from the time of discovery to the moment they wheeled his, large, crumpled body out in a body bag and placed him in the van for his ride to the coroner's office. His family was estranged somewhat and lived in different provinces and countries. They were the next of kin, they would need to be notified. Our friend rarely talked about them and certainly didn't leave us any full names or contact info. My good friend loved a beer or two..or six. He was a tall, strapping athletic guy. He could handle it. Feb/Mar 2017 was bad for him. He was anxious, depressed and started hitting the hard liquor. Non stop. He'd had few falls, stumbled and cracked his noggin real good, but survived that. A four day stay in the ER and a confrontation with me days later seemed to have set him straight. He did some detox, he visited his doctor often, took some meds to calm him down, ease him off the liquor and even tried non-alcoholic beer to satiate the craving for the taste. He appeared to have received the message. He set some goals and met them. Came out for BBQ's, parties and weekend stays at our friends' cottage. What we didn't realize was that one of his goals was to hang himself. That was to be his final act and from what the police said, it looks like he'd been planning it for some time. He'd avoid having us come over to his place due to it being a mess or that he was busy studying to maintain his professional accreditations or some other reason. He rarely had us over as we did a lot of hosting at our house or we'd meet up at pubs. He was a chill, disarming guy and he managed to make us believe that he was turning things around. Not only from what he told us but from the way he acted. He had a rough childhood and some setbacks but seemed to persevere. We believed he was going to come out of this. In the end he lulled us into a false sense of security and executed his secret plan. The tough guy we knew gave into some long standing demons of which we were aware of and I suspect many more which we were not. We're left feeling empty and crushed. He was my friend and he was also my neighbour as he lived a 5 minute walk away. We'd have him over for the odd BBQ a beer and cigars. He loved a Cuban now and then. He's helped me with a dozen or so home projects too. He was dependable and always willing to lend a hand. He was the "chillest" guy we knew. We called him "The Dude" ala Big Lebowski. Only he was cooler and a lot smarter. These past few days we're picking over what we may have missed, what we could have done better and wondered should we have tried to pry harder. Most disconcerting was how well he misled his girlfriend nevermind the rest of us. They've been on/off for years but have always had a solid friendship at the core. We go back and try to recount what signs we missed, what things we could have done further. We tell ourselves that his stubborn ass made his mind up and Project Managed the way he was going to go out. Everyone loved him but in the end he really didn't love himself or feel deserving of it. He tells me of the ways his family disappointed him over the years, how he yearned for some positive encouragement, not constant criticism. To hear him talk and to see him handle things lead me to believe that he had this. We all got fooled. Or did we not see the signs? We're racking our brains over what we may have missed. Perhaps it's not what we missed but what he hid from us. We thought it was just the booze, that he had a moment of weakness and that he was fighting to get better. And it appeared that he was. We saw the improvements, we saw the drive, but he had an ulterior motive which I can only surmise was a deep sadness in his core. He took himself out ina violent way during a time of year where a lot of us were not around or assumed he would have other stuff on the go with other friends. We were wrong. He left the world and whatever pain it was causing him and left us to pick up a mess. I'm sure he would apologize if he could. But he can't. I wish he were here so I can chew him out. Goodbye Dude. I'm fucking pissed off at you! But we all love you too damn much to let that sit. Farewell brother. I hope you found your peace. We will never forget you. END.
  14. Thanks for the update Nino. For the past two years or so, we've been trying to raise money for this cause and others during our annual MegaHerf's in Toronto. We'll look to do the same again this year.

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