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  1. Behike Ceramic Jar

    Good catch. I should clarify this. It's not so much as "Habanos" selling empty jars, but rather the LCDH's are. My mistake. There'd be a huge difference between the two bodies in terms of selling empty jars. In short, it makes more sense for LCDH to sell them vs Habanos. In effect they're just branded humijars. Not tied to any actual cigar releases. A while back I posted a picture of the three, aforementioned jars at the Toronto LCDH. See here.
  2. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    "Dry boxing" is when you take a few cigars you want to smoke over the next few days out of your humidor and store them in a plain cigar box. The idea is that the cigars will "settle", lose a bit of RH and be more smokeable. YMMV on this of course. Many people do this because they find it benefits them. It doesn't mean you have to do it for each and every cigar you own. In some cases where people are having trouble with a particular box of cigars, they do a dry box run to see if it improves the experience. If it does, they repeat the process. Not all cigars in a humidor are equal. Some are more dry or wet depending on many factors. Dry boxing is one way to "fix" things.
  3. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    This is good policy. If "newb" questions bother you, better to move along rather than offer up snarky comments.
  4. Gnocchi: Pasta or Potatoes?

    I love gnocchi. It takes minutes to cook them and you can be creative with the sauces you use with them.
  5. Behike Ceramic Jar

    These can be found easily on eBay. Not an officially sanctioned Habanos product and definitely not going to be filled with real Behikes. There is a generic, large Behike jar that Habanos does sell. But not with any cigars. Just as general humijars.

    Happy Birthday Lisa!
  7. Iroda Micro Jet's. Simple, cheap and reliable. Haven't failed me yet. http://pro-iroda.com/mj300.htm
  8. The Hunters & Frankau 225 release comes to mind. Well thought out and executed. But, very expensive price tag due to it being a UK Regional. Nonetheless it sold out rather quickly. You could either go for the cabinet of cigars themselves, or the special humidor with 4 cabs and 1 bottle of Havana Club blended soley for this release. This whole project was a labour of love. The cigars were rolled in 2012, aged at H&F for two years and then released in 2015. I managed to grab a fiver of these. The cigars are excellent. If I had the funds, I would have bought a few humidors. There's a lot of cool stuff released regionally, though somewhat semi-official. For instance. In Italy, Diademas SPA, the Italian distributor, commissioned jars to move their last stocks of La Escepcion Selectos Finos and Don Joses. They're not the only ones to do so either. For me, it's mainly about the cigars, but I do appreciate that added touch to packaging. As long as it's not overdone like what Gurkha does.
  9. member account gone missing

    That's too bad. I think it'd be better to forgo the restore and fix the affected users manually. Since you found the content was not deleted, that's a good foundation to build on.
  10. member account gone missing

    That seems a bit heavy handed. That kind of restore will wipe out a lot of content and newly created accounts. Is there any benefit to restoring the site into a VM and then being able to migrate data from the VM into production?
  11. member account gone missing

    @refresh Rob's not 100% sure but he estimates last week. No way to do a "brick" restore of just his account and related postings?
  12. Got a PM via FB for a friend who cannot logon. His account is "photorob" and there is no account listed or post history that matches that name.
  13. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Apparently I got the last bottle of Eagle Rare in the province. Inventory said the location had 1 bottle. The guy found it in the back for me. And yes, ridiculously delicious.
  14. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    I went on a Bourbon hunt yesterday to get these two. I sampled them a week prior and was "sold".

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