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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Escepcion Selectos Finos and an awesome stout aged in Bourbon barrels.
  2. vegemite

    I used to work with an Aussie woman in the 90's she loved the stuff and would torture us every chance she got. I always found it to be the veggie equivalent of this stuff
  3. Nearest LCDH or Roller to ship ports

    Reynaldo is definitely the closest. Here's a map to get you started. Google Map - Conde de Villanueva
  4. Be careful vacuum sealing dress boxes. You might crush the sticks beyond box pressing them. It works best with cabs, which are stronger. A friend of mine did a few experiments with vacuum sealing a few years back on some cheapie sticks. The cigars got compressed really bad which lead to flaky, tattered wrappers. They still smoked OK otherwise and held their humidity.
  5. So many. But my first recommendation is the back deck of the Hotel Nacional. 24hour service back there. Coffee, drinks, sandwiches, etc. Nice comfy chairs, great to people watch. And no one will bat an eye if you're smoking, because pretty much everyone will be smoking there. I'll let others chime in on other spots. But for the most part, Havana has a lot of cigar smoking spots.
  6. Your strategy sounds evolutionary. It's good to sample from multiple boxes,especially if you're keen on a few specific releases. It helps you benchmark that cigar to your palate and what the next steps are. Smoke? Age? Sell/trade? But if you're like me, you'll probably hate to break up a set and just go "blind" on some boxes until you "feel" it's time. Though, going in on splits helps you keep your full boxes. For example. I'm a big fan of the Connie A. Bought 3 cabs. But I also picked up 5'rs here and there from locals selling or splitting their purchases just to delay ripping into my cabs. In a few case, they had the same box codes, so it worked out well.
  7. I've got a "loose" strategy. I go deep on some particular boxes and smoke them in older to recent order. But not religiously. Some cigars behave differently over time and even when you think you've figured out a sweet spot for a particular box of cigars, things like factory codes and plain old rotten luck come to play. Some things I age for a year or so, others I set aside for 5+ years. I am also at the point where I have enough quantity and variety that my stock is going to have lots of age ranges in it. And as much as I like certain cigars, I don't want to plow through a full box of them consecutively just because they're doing it for me. I like variety. I'm not a daily smoker. I smoke in batches. I'll pick things in the mild/medium range to start and work my way up to bold/stronger cigars as the night progresses. There's no right way to do this really. You'll probably pick up on other's ideas here and there and see what works for you. I see this as a journey vs a destination. Were I a cigar speculator for profit, I'd take a different approach along the lines of sell aged stock for higher margins now and then and wait for my new stuff to get aged.
  8. The Cubano at HNC is a staple for me anywhere after 2AM. In Toronto, Mambo Lounge's Cubano is a real treat.
  9. worst movie ever

    Yeah, but that is purposeful "Schlock" filming. It's the stuff that is yearning to be great but falls on it's face that falls into "worst movie category" IMO. With that said. Probably the absolute worst movie I have seen in my life has to be David Bowie's,"The Man Who Fell to Earth". It was utter Save for a few brief, artistic, cinematic shots. this was an absolutely dreadful movie. Loose plot, bad edits and wooden acting all around. Bowie is horrendous. I'm surprised he was ever given another role. The premise was decent, the delivery, not so much. Even the much maligned "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is worthy of a few viewings. This was an insult to my intelligence, patience and robbed me of some precious hours of my life.
  10. RIP R. Lee Ermey

    Full Metal Jacket is one of my all time faves. That first half is legendary for him alone. RIP Gunny.
  11. I'll play. First up. Punch DC 2005 2009 Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos H Upmann Connie A's Partagas SDC No1 from 1998
  12. Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Cigar boxes/cabinets make terrible humidors. But...... you can toss in a Boveda and then store the cabinet in a big Ziploc bag if you're really cramped for space. A couple of small ones or a big Boveda should be fine. Check on it every week to see if it's over/under-humidified.
  13. List of Sporting Cheats....whose our number one?

    Oh. I agree. Hand of God would be my previous #1.
  14. List of Sporting Cheats....whose our number one?

    That's pretty low of the Spaniards. Yikes. I always thought Maradona's "Hand Of God" goal was a top sporting cheat.
  15. I think "where" would be more of a factor than "who". Tobacco is an anathema in North American and Europe. I don't think any luxury brand cooperating with the cigar business has anything to gain. I can see China as a place where this could work. Smoking is still prevalent and the cigar demand seems to be booming. A localized campaign by a luxury brand mixed in with Habanos would probably work well there.

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