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  1. Any other info/rumors about the 2018 releases? Regards Lars Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. Working in the metal industry, this is good news as it would somewhat ease the supply situation for both Zinc and Lead. It would be interesting to know who is marketing the concs and then later the refined metals. regards Lars
  3. My guess USD 88,88 8888 boxes, it is called 88. Would be fitting but I guess this is more wishfull thinking Regards Lars Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Ken, ok that it excplains it. Do you know if they make another batch of the Sydney Underground? In larger volumes maybe? regards Lars
  5. Everything Four Pillars did so far is brilliant! Unfortunately their products are not as available as I would like. Tried so far the Rare Dry, Barrel Aged (my favorite), Bloody Shiraz, Navy Strength and Spiced Negroni. But they have so much more that I would like to try like the Modern Australian Gin and the Underground Sydney Gin. regards Lars
  6. Hi Rob, are they going to be available on CUNTINT as well? Since 24:24 is at an unfortunate time for me. regards Lars
  7. I do like pinot. But so far had not the chance to try anything other than pinot from Germany or France. Will look up your suggestions to see if they are available in my corner of the world. regards Lars
  8. Thanks, same here. I am also expanding my horizon a bit and trying various wines outside my usual. Currently into reds out of Argentinia and loved the Le Phant from Elephant Hill out of New Zealand. regards Lars
  9. Thanks Ken, my dealer has the 2014 vintage and have been thinking about it for quite some time now. I guess I have to give in . What is your opinion on Elephant Hill? regards Lars
  10. Have you tried other vintages from this one? regards Lars
  11. Another vote for the H. Upmann Half Corona. Also I am impressed with the H. Upmann Magnum 54 so far. regards Lars
  12. Nice, another political thread . Can we talk about US politcs as well? Don't get exicted, I am not going down that road regards Lars
  13. I am not so sure that this is JL is a fake. I know that during the Habanos Festival there are tastings for the distributors to try the Regional Releases for their respective region. Just check out the various cigar blogs with entries from the festival, also from members here, and you can actually see other 2017 regional releases being pictured. regards Lars
  14. Or maybe it is a pre-release of the 2017 ER for that region and will become available later this year Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk

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