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  1. can you tell us the price?
  2. Guys ease up on all the negative crapola read the title of the post FUN PROJECT. It's only cigars.
  3. That's great ,Do you think you could talk the roller into having the option of a shaggy foot or a cut foot when placing an order? After smoking the Tampa me loves me a shaggy foot . You should see me trying to explain this to a house roller who can't speak English and my Spanish is piss poor.
  4. so will these be rolled by just one roller ?
  5. I have some boxes of Monte 2 that have gone through an amazing color change (to the darker) and a box of PSP Por Larranaga Belicoso Extra Asia Pacifico with motteled wrappers that have changed to almost black in places.
  6. Rory Gallagher live in Europe.
  7. well at least it wasn't made in china
  8. Connie A - RAE JUL 15 Punch Punch - ALO SEP 15
  9. Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey

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