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  1. Connie A - RAE JUL 15 Punch Punch - ALO SEP 15
  2. Van Morrison - Tupelo Honey
  3. had to have a Harley Davidson
  4. it is subliminal cigar advertising
  5. Whatcha reading?

    Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King
  6. maybe a small civil war would release a little pressure
  7. How about the Cohiba 2006 EL we all know you have some I don't think I have ever seen a review of them.
  8. Cuba Baseball

    I went to a game in Matanzas in November out of Varadero it was great the best way for me was to go through the hotel I was staying at. Cuban fans are crazy fun.
  9. Words of Wisdom Relating to Cigars

    Always smoke your best cigar it may be your last. - me -
  10. so you have a good cigar and a good rum what is a good snack to go with rum?

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