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  1. I had one last week, I concur with this sentiment. It reminded me of the Bolivar Turkish RE in particular, and Bolivar in general. Nothing like a QD I'm used to.
  2. I like how it doesn’t include the sales tax paid at the cashier on top of the sale on those figures. Now you just need to add smoking rates in Canada for the same time period to see the disparity. E
  3. Cigar Induced Insomnia?

    I've had this happen before. It doesn't consistently happen though. It seems to have lessened in the last year. Prior to that it was happening more and more.
  4. Man, I could use a Marlboro right about now.
  5. Factory Codes

    I have a box of the Sig Is with AMO DIC 16. They are smoking spectacularly.
  6. so, he has no clue about planning then blames the country. Righty O then...what a douche nozzle....
  7. Cigar: Punch/RA - DC/Gigantes Music: Front 242/Fron Line Assembly - they're both coming to town over the next couple months and going to see them Reading: the Last Lion - Churchill biography Beverage: scotch Hobby (obsession): Photography/Weightlifting/Motorcycles (specifically learning everything on Harleys)
  8. The Mag 56 came out in 2015 as an LE. I missed (actually ignored) it when it came out. Finally sampled one in late 2016 and have been a fan ever since.
  9. I am a big fan of these suckers (almost as much as the 520, almost)...so much so I bought a bunch when I was flying back from vacation from Istanbul. Annoyed that I got into them late. I had been searching everywhere for them after a friend gifted one last winter...so when the boxes appeared I grabbed as much as I could carry.
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Glad you liked it!!
  11. Predominantly in Havana cigar stores, then it would be Istanbul Duty Free (good stock) whenever I head out there...
  12. Checked Luggage

    I split purchases between carry-on and checked. Minimizes the risk of questions, or being pulled into the room, by Cuban customs. I've done this three times coming from Cuba. No issues so far.
  13. Interesting. I may have to get a box of each
  14. If assumed to be in stock 2-3 boxes for Sir Winnie's. If not, then CoRo's until the voucher is maxed out. e

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