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  1. The Mag 56 came out in 2015 as an LE. I missed (actually ignored) it when it came out. Finally sampled one in late 2016 and have been a fan ever since.
  2. I am a big fan of these suckers (almost as much as the 520, almost)...so much so I bought a bunch when I was flying back from vacation from Istanbul. Annoyed that I got into them late. I had been searching everywhere for them after a friend gifted one last winter...so when the boxes appeared I grabbed as much as I could carry.
  3. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Glad you liked it!!
  4. Predominantly in Havana cigar stores, then it would be Istanbul Duty Free (good stock) whenever I head out there...
  5. Checked Luggage

    I split purchases between carry-on and checked. Minimizes the risk of questions, or being pulled into the room, by Cuban customs. I've done this three times coming from Cuba. No issues so far.
  6. Interesting. I may have to get a box of each
  7. If assumed to be in stock 2-3 boxes for Sir Winnie's. If not, then CoRo's until the voucher is maxed out. e
  8. Mr Yunioshi (mickey rooney) in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Could also argue that Audrey H was a miscast too.
  9. Toronto

    Not that I really know of, as far as enforcement (it's mainly complaint based). And yes, as long as you use discretion you should be okay. You just need to watch out more for the common idio..citizen trying to enforce their own interpretation on the law.
  10. Your Favorite LE

    Had one a couple of weeks ago. Still smoking beautifully. Slightly chocolaty goodness creeping in too.
  11. Toronto

    Unfortunately, no. Nowhere pretty much.
  12. Toronto

    Other than going to a park that doesn't have any children's equipment in the vicinity you're limited to where you can smoke. There's a small parkette in the Yorkville area where some smokers congregate during the day. Are you a veteran, if so maybe see if you can join the Canadian Forces and see if you can get into a Legion. The other option is to walk an smoke, I guess. As to "after hours' locations I can't help you there. Current Toronto rules are as follows: Under the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 709-Smoking. In Toronto, it is against the law to smoke within 9 metres of an entrance or exit of any building that is used by the public. Building entrances and exits include: Municipal buildings (such as City Hall, civic centres, recreation and community centres, libraries, arenas and administrative offices) Shopping malls, stores Offices and institutional buildings Multi-residential buildings (condos, apartments and other similar residential buildings) that can be accessed by the public. For example, the smoking ban would apply if there is an entrance at street level that allows the public to enter the building, such as a lobby or foyer with a buzzer, before another set of locked doors. As of January 1, 2015, it is illegal to: smoke on and around children's playgrounds and publicly owned sport fields and surfaces (e.g., areas for basketball, baseball, soccer or beach volleyball, ice rinks, tennis courts, splash pads and swimming pools that are owned by a municipality, the province or a postsecondary education institution) smoke on all bar and restaurant patios, whether covered or not (with an exemption for uncovered patios established by the Royal Canadian Legion - Ontario Provincial Command before November 18, 2013) sell tobacco on university and college campuses (this applies to buildings that are owned and areas that are leased by a postsecondary institution or student union) e
  13. From my perspective no. There is no way in any world that a person should be subject to that kind of treatment by a profit making enterprise, for an issue that was of the airline's own making. From start to finish it was the wrong thing to do. As to the victim's life outside of the confines of that seat, no, it matters not one bit.

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