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  1. What grass? It’s all guardrails... I did it a few years back in a R32 Golf. Some car dropped an oil trail after a couple of laps - now THAT was a pucker up moment. Great fun. At the end of the day, I took the ring taxi around - I’ve raced and autocrossed quite a few times but what that guy did with a Megane RS violated the laws of physics.
  2. Rotation

    No such thing as a “rotation” for me. I stand in front of my humidor/cooler/cabinet and pick the first thing that tickles my fancy at that particular time. Usually, something that’s easy to reach or something I haven’t had in a while. Sometimes I pick out verticals of certain Marcas but I usually get distracted after a few sticks and resort to the above.
  3. Enjoy what you smoke - we can all agree on that
  4. 1 Million times this!!! So many people fall for this snake oil sales tactics.
  5. Depends on the state - in my home state California, we can still smoke indoors at lounges - for now.
  6. scandi-noir tv series

    Not quite what I would call Scandi-noir, but did anyone watch “the rain” on Netflix? It was reasonably enjoyable.
  7. Had to post these cameo Majestics from SOM DIC 16.
  8. Plenty around on FB for a significant markup for those that have to be the first on the block (or instagram) to show them off
  9. Cigar Apps

    Lol - sadly just a matter of time before Google blocks these kinds of Apps to “protect us” as well.
  10. Cigar Apps

    Try the Apple App Store.
  11. Cigar Apps

    Yes! It still works but no new downloads.
  12. Cigar Apps

    They also killed the CA “where to smoke” App. It’s happening.
  13. I can’t take anyone that says “could of” on a regular basis very seriously
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    These still rock my socks off. Belicoso Royal.
  15. Let's talk Steak

    Preferred cut is bone-in ribeye. USDA prime and dry aged minimum 45 days. None of the blade tenderized stuff you get a Costco these days. Seasoned with a little Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper only. Seared both sides on the grill, then indirect heat until medium-rare. Let rest for 10 minutes before serving. Pre-cutting before serving is a surefire way to loose all the precious juices - no thanks. My family knows how to operate a knife

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