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  1. The ones I've smoked were mostly great so far. This one got more flavorful after I cut it again towards the last third but still fell into your latter category. On average, still a great cigar for me and I'm happy to have another full box stashed away
  2. Smoked one tonight - it was very bland
  3. PL Belicoso Extra RE. Rather bland, I'm afraid.
  4. Cheapest I see is around $500 these days - and no stock.
  5. My second Elegantes. Already much better than the first. Great construction and burn.
  6. An unraveled '99 BCG - burned well but BCG just aren't my thing.
  7. Thanks - yeah, seems I got lucky. I've seen some rough boxes out there...
  8. Totally forgot to post the nice JL Don Juan from this morning.
  9. Punch 48 and another Torreon jar. We all know what those look like... They kindly left the health warning stickers loose in the box again Also a few more HDM Du Gourmet.
  10. Just what I've been preaching since day one I slayed another semi-unicorn today. Bolivar Colosales RE Alemana 2006. So delicious!
  11. Most of my good buddies are incurable NC smokers - though they do enjoy the CCs I usually bring with me.
  12. Fair points above. I would qualify my statement that the more recent LE (at least since 2008) didn't have worse wrappers than regular production. Darker most of the time, yes.
  13. +1 I call BS unless some reasonably verifiable source for this is offered.
  14. Checked out the website today and the disclaimer is gone plus the search function is back and the look is slightly different (at least on my phone). Is the new database live? That would be so awesome [emoji122]
  15. You don't need more pics. These are clearly fake.

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