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  1. Some stuff... Can you tell I like CoSho?
  2. I really liked the three I smoked so far. The price in the secondary market, though...
  3. You know how it goes - the first one or two hits are free
  4. Vigias don't need much age - they are good to go with a few months. I find them better than any Robo T I ever tried. Watch out, though - a LOT of underfilled wind tunnels out there.
  5. Yeah - anyone still think she's good looking? FB and Instagram pictures are almost always altered these days...
  6. They are made every year, like almost all LCDH releases. I've seen 2015 BD.
  7. I need to get me a smoking onesie
  8. Round two - aged Punch^3
  9. This is one release I definitely wouldn't mind being cut
  10. Count me in. I REALLY like these!
  11. Back at my home away from home in Boston - Stanza Dei Sigari. This time starting with a 2002 MdO #2. It rocks!
  12. I mean Di is >>>> hotter than that girl so we know he has taste
  13. That qualifier was missing - agreed in that case
  14. Good looking?? If those are the Australian standards, I may have to reconsider my trip in December
  15. My last Punch SS1. Unfortunately "blessed" with a very tight draw. Back at Stanza Dei Sigari in Boston again

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