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  1. I know at least one person that got a box at LCDH Almere (no, not me).
  2. He's lost a lot of credibility with his recent choices...
  3. Love Kilchoman. While young, it's at least old enough to be legally called single malt. Made with high effort (in-house malting, etc) and low economies of scale. I don't see that with the reactor stuff where no warehouse is required and no actual distillation happens at the company. I'll try it when I have a chance.
  4. Trinidad La Trova

    Any indication of the price yet? Close to other LCDH releases (I.e. OK) or close to LE (I.e. Ridiculous)?
  5. I'm with ElPuro on this. There is little effort and zero time in these "rapid aged" Whiskeys so I won't spend the same amount as for one that took many years to get to where it's at. It's new make run through a reactor. How is that worth $60?
  6. Given this is a german only packaging release, you're going to have to bite that bullet... and find a german shop that actually ships to your location.
  7. Much more - if previous humidors are any indication you're looking at upwards of $5k. Edit: that said, if there ever was a replica humidor that tempted me to spend the huge coin, it would be one full of RA 109s
  8. I tried the lost spirits "Santeria" rum. It did taste aged but that is a rather low bar, since it's rum. At the price they are charging for the whiskey, however, I'm not a buyer. It's comparable in price to 12 year old or older single malt which doesn't meet my definition of value.
  9. Mold Update Round 2

    Bwahahahahaha - Mo' Money at work
  10. What's in your glass today?

    Cracked the 2017 Cairdeas. I like it. With my new tasting glasses, I got honey bacon. Yum!
  11. A note on the CRS LE 2014 - there was a large number of - let's call them "questionable" cigars from Spain on those... lots of people seem to have forgotten that or never knew. I wouldn't touch a box from secondary market with a ten foot pole unless I really know the seller well.
  12. I'll be ready when they come out in 2021
  13. Move to California [emoji23]
  14. Of course they are great smokes. I would have a hard time admitting that I just spent $700 on a box of 10 dog rockets At least some people are smoking them and not just putting them away for the eventual flip.

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