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  1. Comes from the same mythical place cigars with plume come from. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Yummy 2011 RASS from a 50 cab.
  3. Yummy 2011 RASS from a 50 cab.
  4. Nope. Though some stuff goes high on FB.
  5. Good stick. Just had another one after placing my order earlier in the day. I've been through one box of the OR and they've all been solid and, most importantly, no construction issues or ugly wrappers. Now that 50 cab of Punch DC that slipped into the shopping cart somehow made the order expensive
  6. After ordering more for a crazy good price, I had to try another one - RyJ Cedros Deluxe. Very nice.
  7. I would tell my wife about it and then I would go catch up with her. What's the big deal?
  8. Punch 48. Good cigar but not worth a premium over regular Punch production, IMO.
  9. Beat up HDM DC. Not very good. Decided against getting another cab.
  10. I was surprised myself. It was definitely full bodied but nothing crazy.
  11. CA cigar of the year (IIRC). LFD Andalusian Bull. My buddy brought them. Actually a really nice stick! Tapatalk won't accept my picture...
  12. Haven't posted my smokes in a while. Recent production Monte 4. Very nice.
  13. What I meant is his -opinions- have no relevance (to me, at least). He worked at CA and their tastings are, well, you know. Plus I can't stand his self-important style.
  14. He *may* be a decent wine critic, but he sure as heck doesn't have any relevance when it comes to cigars - proven by where he worked before.

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