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  1. Sadly, I was joking. I haven't seen any evidence whatsoever of quality control with the PCC Vintage program. As far as I can tell, they just slap the sticker on any stuff they find sitting around in the warehouse and jack up the price 3x. Hopefully El Pres has evidence to the contrary.
  2. If cigars were hookers

    The entire Cuaba line. Also the Vegueros - original launch was utter crap. The relaunch is better, but still not great. I've never seen anyone smoke them. Why they didn't just kill it after the failed original launch is beyond me. My wife loves the Monte Open Junior - as a result I have probably been the world's largest buyer last year at 4 boxes ....and they were all 2010 BD.
  3. What rock have you been living under? The CRA has been fighting this issue for YEARS.
  4. Right, of course. If they come out of a jar, they taste even better!
  5. They are plain old Edmundos with fancy packaging and an inflated price. They wouldn't taste any different than regular Edmundos.
  6. QdO No.50 and 54

    The 50s are starting to be more available. Unfortunately, they are also by far the less desirable of the two. I had 4 from different boxes by now and none of them was any good. The 54, however, has treated me very well. I picked up 10er boxes of both in Andorra.
  7. Trinidad La Trova

    Just got my box in - they look and smell very nice. Will have one in about a week.
  8. Emotional Shifts

    The first of a new box is always the hardest. The last one is also difficult for me, if I don't have another box.
  9. Probably half the puffs, at least partially.
  10. $320ish, depending on year.
  11. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Not to beat the dead horse too much, they are simply following the money. If I was them, I'd do the same. Just look at that 50th anniversary humidor - 3 just hit inventory at cigarworld in Germany at roughly 300k euros each.
  12. Irish Whiskey

    I did enjoy Glengoyne - though I still have the 14YO from before the relaunch when they started using caramel coloring and raised prices
  13. Saint Luis rey Serie A

    Agreed - this is one where it simply didn't sell - last boxes I saw were 2011 BD and they were just sitting.

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