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  1. Not gone - just moved into the “vintage” section at a certain retailer
  2. I just got a box of Esplis with the exact same date code that also has a few sticks shorter than the others - seems to be an issue with that factory?
  3. Thanks for bumping this. Only one extremely intense dislike comes to mind: RG88 - tastes like a Gurkha reject.
  4. Dip 2 here as well. Pretty set on most other stuff and the new RE from Germany wasn’t in sight yet.
  5. Lotusguy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    That was delicious. Wish they were easier to find.
  6. Still doesn’t mean construction is any good and that’s where they let me down mostly.
  7. I’ll pick up a bottle on my next K&L Wines run - it’s only $25, after all.
  8. This I get. I was commenting on the perceived high margin.
  9. You haven’t had real Chinese food...
  10. Jello and anything with similar texture - makes me gag. Sea cucumber. Lots of other things I don’t particularly enjoy or seek out (like Papaya) but those two are showstoppers.
  11. Lotusguy

    HSA's Top Markets?

    Legal importation of CCs into US would mean a huge price increase for us - because then taxes and duties would have to be added. Right now, CC are cheaper for us than NC in most states. That would end for sure.
  12. Lotusguy


    That track, like most Tilke tracks, should be retired from the calendar. Terrible.
  13. Lotusguy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Bought a couple of singles at the LCDH Stuttgart - oh my, that was actually a great cigar. Montecristo amped up.

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