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  1. Johnny O Talisman Review

    So his cigars are made with 100% Cuban tobacco, or? There seems to be an aura of mystery around his cigars.
  2. This is communist Cuba, not the Padron factory. The almighty dollar is all they want, and rubbish also makes $$.
  3. I googled his name, there appears to be little or no info on him, no social media. He obviously had family and friends who know the deal.
  4. You could......always munch on a bag of peanuts while puffing the cigar? LOL
  5. They are my favorite minuto sized Cuban.
  6. At least a few different shades of wrapper leaf also!
  7. VR Famosos

    All I know is he went and created his own non-Cuban cigar. The band was a definite copy of the VR Cuban band.
  8. Looks like a couple of them are on a diet and it's working!
  9. Unfortunately you won't. But El Principe's are a delicious little cigar. Tons of chocolate, dark fudge brownie flavors. It is more akin to a dessert cigar, without the nuts, lol.
  10. For those that said Monte#4, SCDLH El Principe, ERDM Choix Supreme, I get no peanut notes in no way shape or form in those. Taste is certainly subjective!
  11. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    1. Problem Child 2. Shot down in flames 3. It's a long way to the top Many many more!
  12. When have the US and Cuba EVER been close? Seriously, the Obama executive orders were just a ruse.
  13. No surprise. I knew this was coming. New sheriff in town, new rules.
  14. So, you just received an order that was placed 6 years ago?
  15. Video Review - Hamlet 25th Anniversary

    The best form for the Giants currently is to fire the GM and head coach and start anew. Pathetic team, reminds me of the depressing 1970's Giants.

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