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  1. All those cigars were a nightmare for CBP. Lots of overtime and tons of paperwork.
  2. Specially Selected. RASS
  3. Girl Scout shortbread cookie notes in the now discontinued H. Upmann PC
  4. I belong to The Rolex Forums.com. Plenty of members there own 50th Anni Subs, and many for sale in the classifieds section. It is not a rare watch, but certain early versions fetch a premium price.
  5. He doesn't smoke Cubans, and claims to know nothing about them but claims to be an expert at deciding what is fake or genuine by cutting them apart.
  6. There is no LCdH in Dom. Republic, as far as I can see. Certainly that country is not going to promote Cuban cigars, when they grow and roll their own product. Take your own stash with you to enjoy and you will be fine.
  7. My wife is preparing her resume for a job position within her company at the Air Force base in Tampa. So, I am keeping fingers crossed we get to move out of northern Virginia/DC area and move to Tampa, Florida. This would be a dream come true for me to live in one of the nicest parts of Florida.
  8. True. In the realm of CC's, you don't really hear much about this marca anymore. Compared to Cohiba, Partagas, Montecristo, it pales in comparison for one of the "big brands".
  9. The Ex#4 is a nice somewhat complex cigar. The Cazzie is very rough, not complex and IMO doesn't really represent the RyJ marca flavor wise. I tried them and definitely don't like them. Very much like the Ex#4.
  10. Love the ElPrincipe. Very full flavored. I want to try bigger vitolas within the marca, but am hesitant for this very reason, too muted and bland flavoring. And the prices on the bigger vitolas are a bit on the higher end, compared to others.
  11. Disagree. Many vendors that inspect may just crack the box open and look at the top row of cigars. If no signs of mold or beetle holes, the lid closes and out into the mail they go. Unless you lift out the top row, one wouldn't notice the cedar sheet is cardboard instead of cedar, as its barely visible. The cigars are legit and bottom line is that is all that matters. You don't smoke the divider or the box, and I certainly wouldn't throw this vendor under the bus whomever he/she may be. I buy all my boxes from a source other than our host, and have been very happy with my deliveries for many years.
  12. I would simply chalk this up to an error in packaging, and not anything to do with the OP's vendor. Rob has posted plenty of pics here of boxes with seals misplaced, boxes missing cigars, cigars in box in different directions. Hell, it's Cuba after all. Nothing surprises me anymore with their crappy QC.
  13. Hamlet will tell you directly that there is nowhere to grow staying in Cuba. It is a dead end street. Kudos for him deciding to live in the USA where he can pursue his dreams, and the sky is the limit as to what he can achieve.
  14. San Cristobal El Principe by far over any other. Deep, dark chocolate brownie, molasses....magical.

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