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  1. They are a master of marketing, I will give them that at least. They market these dog rockets to folks who have hundred dollar bills to burn, of course. Not sure if I have ever tried a Gurkha in 30 years of cigar smoking.
  2. Some people like the anticipation of cutting the seal and stickers on a sealed box and prying open the lid for the first time since it had been nailed shut at the factory. And then holding the box up to your nose for that big Cuban barnyard aroma whiff.
  3. I fly my Gulfstream to Havana on a semi-annual basis and bring back dozens of mastercases of cigars. The only way to go!
  4. Summertime humidity wreaks havoc on cigars regardless of how well you store them! They will literally suck up humidity and about half way through the cigar start burning horribly and get soft feeling and need relights. I am currently in the Myrtle Beach area, where it is in the 90's with high humidity and are having same issues smoking out in the garage. Cigars are stored very well at 65 degrees F and 65 % humidity. Now in the winter, with cold dry air no problems they burn beautifully. It is just that high dew point humidity that cigars just don't like. I feel your pain.
  5. 1991 Redskins huh? Let's see. I am 50 years old. honestly cannot remember much about anything I did in 1991. I do know my Giants won the Bowl in '86&'90. Ken, I do know you are a life long Redskins fan, but fact of the matter is they are not even relevant as a top tier team anymore. Haven't been for over 2 decades. And unfortunately, I reside in northern Virginia which is Redskins territory ( because of wife's job-she brings home the big bacon). Every year when they are eliminated from playoff contention, the talk around the town is "maybe next year". What a joke, I laugh every year I hear this. Just food for thought, rant & ramble over and out.
  6. Agree fully. And the chance of him ever having USA legal Cuban tobacco to blend is more bleak than ever now. I am 50, and most likely will never see legal Cuban cigars in my lifetime, IMO
  7. Crown Royal? Canadian Club? Do you put an E in whisky? Here in US, yes. Across the pond, no
  8. Not exactly proper etiquette to discuss subjects like this here publicly on the forum. All I will say is what NSX said above, there is no LCDH on D.R. and no legit Cubans there. Why would there be? That would be a direct conflict of interest with their own cigar industry! Steer Clear!
  9. We may not live long enough to see that day unfortunately! I'm in my 50's and not getting younger.
  10. By the looks of the pic above they look very nice wrapper wise and look 100% legit. I have plenty of boxes of these in my inventory.
  11. Are your RASS wrappers very dark colored or light golden brown. I have found the cigar to be very different depending on wrapper. Most boxes I have bought have the lighter golden brown wrappers which tend to be thinner and produce a better burn. Smoking through a MUR12 box with very dark wrappers, and it is a different animal. Wrappers tend to be thicker, the cigar is much more fickle even with 5 years of age being stored at 64-65% RH. Just smoked one today here in South Carolina where the humidity and heat was very high and the cigar needed several relights even with "babying" it. I much prefer the lighter wrappers on the RASS
  12. A box of robustos is in order. Go for a box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected.
  13. Doesn't the Connie A have pricing comparable to Cohiba Robustos? I'll pass on boxes in that price range. I am well stocked on PC's, and they are a damn fine cigar for the coin.
  14. Truth is, the average American could care less about travelling to Cuba for vacation. Since most on this forum are Cuban cigar lovers, obviously opinions here will be stronger for or against than the non-cigar smoking US population. There are plenty more better destinations where you will get more bang for your $$ especially when it comes to hotels in the $400 a night range. Travelling there is off my bucket list. My wife has a job with high clearance, and I certainly am not going to jeopardize her career for a selfish trip to the cigar mother-land.
  15. Of course this was inevitable. Trump promised on the campaign trail to reverse all of Obama's executive orders. Like him or not he is a man of his word and is following through.

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