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  1. NYers should buy their cigars online exclusively. 75% excise tax is comical at best.
  2. Looks like they are going after cigarettes. I see no mention of the word cigar.
  3. Are you sure these are genuine? The government seal is way way off in its placement. It should be on the corner of box.
  4. Monte 4 is a fine cigar. A flavor bomb. Upmann petit coronas are also great but unless you have 20 boxes or more, they are smoked sparingly due to discontinuation.
  5. It will be hilarious when the 49ers go 4-12 and don't make the playoffs. Real hilarious.
  6. Cubans for Dad

    PSD4 nice medium bodied
  7. We have them everywhere here in the USA. In the DC area and suburbs, tons of them. But I prefer to smoke at home by my lonesome unless attending a cigar event like meeting Hamlet doing a meet and greet somewhere.
  8. Superbowl : Game Day Thread

    Eagles. What is (iggles)??
  9. PSD4 is the creamiest Cuban I have had. But I have never tried anything from Hoyo. For non Cubans the Ashton original and cabinet with Connecticut shade wrappers are creamy cigars. Plenty more but none off the top of my head.
  10. Superbowl : Game Day Thread

    No excuses to find crap like that rolled up in the filler. No wonder so many cigars are plugged. BTW, I have also pulled a few stems out like that myself.
  11. PSD4's are a creamy mouthfeel cigar.

    Nice, but for those of us in the USA this thread is a moot point. Only way to possibly get Cuban rum is online or from Canada or Mexico.
  13. Just bought this from Wal Mart for $119.00 so very good price. Heat dish not quite warming enough in 2 car garage when temps outside are in teens and 20's. This should do the deal.
  14. Just visit local cigar shop for a cheap cutter and long cigar matches. Cigars are no issue.
  15. Hilarious! That's all I have to add.

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