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  1. I store at 64-65 percent and still have a plug now and then. A plugged cigar is beyond tight. It is like trying to suck a golf ball through a straw. The whole "draw tester machine" thing is just propaganda BS. If all the cigars really were draw tested with the machine, plugs would not make it into the box!
  2. The bottom line is all the best rollers have left Cuba and work for non Cuban companies such as Padron, Rocky Patel and others. This is why non Cubans are so perfectly and consistently constructed. One cannot expect perfection from Cuban rollers when they are compensated 20-30 dollars a month! There is no incentive to excel at their jobs as they are paid the same meager wage whether they make perfect cigars or crappy cigars.
  3. Cigars and Divorce

    No, the lawyer will light his own cigars with 100 dollar bills from the OP!
  4. I am smoking thru a BUM 14 box of monte 4 currently and they are perfect!
  5. For non alcoholic I like coca cola original, sweetened caramel flavor iced coffee, or as I am drinking with my psd4 trusty kool aid!
  6. Nice here today in Winchester VA. I have a lit psd4 in hand now on the porch.
  7. Let's face it, if you are taking the wife and kids on vacation Cuba is not very appealing compared to destinations like Cancun, Bahamas, Caribbean islands. Kids want Wi-Fi for their devices, wives want a hotel room with hot showers and plenty of towels and toilet paper, and the whole family wants first world accommodations. I can take my Cuban cigars with me to any of these destinations and enjoy them just as much. And drink safe water and eat world class food.
  8. This has been happening for decades. Mario Cuomo started running small business and workers out of the state to cheaper taxed neighboring states. Now his son Andrew is continuing the tradition. Pitiful.
  9. It may be in my head, but most of my cigars with dark wrappers seem to be thicker than lighter shade ones and have a harder time burning. I really prefer Colorado/Colorado Claro on my cigars even on Monte4's, RASS, Upmann PC's etc. Even though many lighter wrappers are matte instead of oily sheen, the cigars still taste and burn fantastic. I guess it is subjective and personal preference. Even have a box of PSD4 with very blonde claro wrappers and the cigars are creamy, paprika delicious.
  10. X2. You won't find Cubans at your local tobacconist. And when I lived there I always ordered NC's from cigars international, famous smoke etc. Even with this latest "good" news, NYS still has one of the highest excise taxes on cigars in the nation. Best thing I ever did in life was leave NY and move to another lower taxed state with much nicer weather. (No offense to those who live there and love it).
  11. DC area herf?

    Early May works for me.
  12. DC area herf?

    In Myrtle Beach with family this week for spring break vacation. But if you all decide on Saturday then go for it, and I will see you for the next round! Cheers!
  13. DC area herf?

    Winchester, Va here. I am interested. There are about 7 Old Virginia Tobacco cigar shops around NOVA. I believe they all have lounges, but don't allow alcohol. Possibility?
  14. On my way to the man cave with the Signet and an Upmann PC
  15. It is really really good. On my second bottle now. The first went too quick!

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