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  1. To be re-banded and re-boxed!!!
  2. Unfortunately most of us will never experience smoking a 30 year old Davidoff as most are in the hand of wealthy collectors and not the common middle class aficionado. So, ignorance is definitely bliss. And from what I have read the old Cuban tobacco strains may have been sublime, but also had their downfalls. I would be curious as to how many boxes of Cuban Davidoffs are still in existence in the world.
  3. 1. Upmann PC Hands down my fave. 2. Monte #4 3. Rafael Gonzalez PC 4. Bolivar PC
  4. Buying Blind

    You worry that you have a bunch of dud boxes? Your box looks as nice as any other, and just because a box looks pleasing to the eye doesn't mean squat that they will taste heavenly. A pretty wrapper on a cigar isn't much different than a nice dress on a woman. Doesn't mean the person wearing the dress will be wonderful does it? Maybe the vitola is not to your liking or the flavor profile. I would imagine the vast majority of Cuban cigar boxes sold across the world are bought blind. The forum host here offers an alternative, and that is the niche he has found that separates him from other retailers.
  5. This was probably written on behalf of all the non Cuban cigar companies.
  6. How Habanos dodged a bullet.

    So you bought these blind? They look fantastic and luck was on your side!
  7. Look, the bottom line is these B&M store owners in the US know many folks are buying boxes of Cubans via the net, and that is obviously money not spent in their shops on non Cuban sticks. So, of course they feel threatened by the competition, and have to do what they can to earn your hard earned $$$. They have rent to pay for their retail space and utilities and payroll for the employees. An online Cuban vendor has a fraction of these business costs. What better way to beat the competition than to say Cuba is buying tobacco from Nicaragua because it is superior and Cuban supply is inadequate to meet demand. I have not walked into a B&M cigar store in my area of residence and bought a box of non Cubans in many years.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    All you are worried about is the supply and price of your cigars? A bit selfish don't you think, when many peoples lives and homes may be at stake?
  9. Many say there are about 67 shades of wrapper color. Myself prefer the RASS with lighter wrappers versus the more Maduro ones. Just not a dark wrapper fan. It is mostly psychological, but cigars must be visually appealing to the eye, not just taste buds and smell.
  10. NY Giants. Most likely will be neck and neck with the Cowboys for the NFC east division. Hopefully Manning has some guys that can run the ball to ease up on constantly passing and being one dimensional. 11-5
  11. I freeze my boxes in a chest freezer at 10 below zero Fahrenheit for 48 hours. In a sealed freezer bag. After that take the box out of freezer bag and sit out in room temp for 15 or 20 minutes. Then the box goes into my wood humidor cabinet. The refrigerator step is IMO unnecessary and I see no benefit as my cigars come out fine. No cracked wrappers, no damage whatsoever and they smoke just fine. And no worry of beetles.
  12. Plume is nothing more than a myth like the Lochness monster, IMO.
  13. I only smoked one and that was enough for me. No complexity and far too rough around the edges.

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