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  1. I put my Zino guillotine cutter in the dishwasher with the silverware. Came out perfectly clean, no issue.
  2. He was also seen with a cigar in hand. Anyone know what cigars he enjoyed?
  3. They are a fine cigar and very under the radar. Love em!
  4. I happen to love petit coronas. They feel comfortable in the hand and mouth, pack a considerable flavour intensity and last about an hour which is the ideal time frame to keep me interested and not bored.
  5. Jeez, I thought you were going to show something good for a change. Boy was I wrong! LOL
  6. Your wife has a smile ear to ear. I can see this is more up her alley than Cuba. Hot showers, adequate bath towels, safe water, good food, internet, and you can still hunt for Cuban cigars!
  7. Is Mothers day celebrated worldwide?
  8. If I had hundred of boxes this would be the route I would go
  9. Enjoy! Be sure to post pics when you come back.
  10. I am not kidding, if were me I would toss them. What is the loss of 150 dollars or so in the jist of things? Certainly many of us have wasted much more money on more foolish things. But as the old adage goes; Ignorance is Bliss!
  11. You need to build a moderate sized walk in humidor if you plan on having 200-300 or more boxes. Forget Aristocrat.
  12. Don't kid yourself. They are 100% fakes. Box is wrong. Box code font is all wrong. Smoke them if you wish, but I would toss the box if it were me. The factory they came from was most likely a counterfeiters house. Not any cigar factory.
  13. Cyclops is a separate piece glued on. I believe it is made of sapphire just like the crystal. I have been wearing Rolex for 25 years and never scratched of broken a crystal. Dropping the watch on a tile floor can be deadly for a Rolex $$$$$$
  14. There are guys on the Rolex forum I belong who buy 30K watches like some of us buy a box of Robustos. Unbelievable. I have 2 Submariners I am giving up plus cash to acquire one solid gold Sub. No they don't mix dial and bezel colors normally. A yellow gold Sub is available with blue dial/bezel or black dial/bezel. A white gold Sub is only available with Blue dial/bezel and it is a lighter shade of blue. These are my 2 currently
  15. Buying this one real soon, but she's a Blue dial!

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