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  1. 2001 Dodge Dakota. Bought it, ran for 9 months then one day there was no reverse. Played around with it, checked a few things out, but never had the money to get a new tranny. Drove that thing for 2 years with no reverse gear. Had to be clever in where I parked. Driveway- facing uphill. Parking lot-pull through the stall. Never once got stuck with that issue. Then one day I had my buddy in my truck, smoking cigars and pulled into a parking lot somewhere. Forgot about reverse. Whispered "shit" to myself, tried throwing it into reverse and we were back in business for the next 4 years I owned that thing.
  2. Cuba November 2018

    I shall be there at that time again as well. We will see where my travels take me, and what your posted plans will be later this year, El Prez. I may just join in the festivities this time around, instead of just seeing everyone all around town seperately and glad-handing...
  3. la Puntilla update

    So I picked up a couple bundles from Alex in Jan. I had never seen him roll that size and wondered if it was going to be a new regular for him. Maybe this thread explains it. Maybe now, instead of storing these away, they will get smoked sooner rather than later. Mine have a pigtail and unfinished foot, and are a touch longer, so not sure if they are the same, buuuut... My plan was to basically wrap them into a wheel and squirrel them away.....but now I have a dilema...
  4. la Puntilla update

    Saaaaaweeeeet ! See you again in Havana in November I only worry because I know how many on this board go to the Island haha. Thanks Prez. Cool idea !
  5. la Puntilla update

    I wonder how many are going to be there in November when we all go down. I wonder if there will be enough to last until then, let alone through that big increase in numbers.
  6. Was in the Conde de Villenueva where you find Reynaldo's), last week, and they "didn't have any custom rolls". The small singles humidor was closed up. The purveyor knows me from previous multiple-a-day visits, and just smiled and said sorry, but the upcoming festival is taking up all stock. So the moral of the story is; go there when one of the 2 big cigar festivals aren't a month or less away.
  7. Commercial refrigeration walk-in freezers are always set at -18 C ( 0 F), unless otherwise instructed by the owner for any odd reason. This temperature is a usual requirement. We don't usually see anything lower than this, unless it is an ultra-low set up of -40 and below. Your deep freeze ( chest freezer) at home will also run down to that same temp, if you turn the temp adjusting knob down as well. The freezer portion of your fridge, usually gets between -14 C and -18 C, but it opens up more often. Just so you all know; there is no difference between your deep freeze and a commercial walk-in freezer, other than the walk-in uses active cooling ( fans ) to blow the air around. They both should opperate at the same temps. No worries. So go ahead and freeze your stuff at home, and if unsure, and you are using the obove pictured time/temp stat, leave them in for a bit longer. Hope this helps a bit.
  8. Wasn't a huge fan of collecting regionals, so I have very limited experience. That said, of the 10-12 different ones I have tried, I can only put the Juan Lopez Francia petite corona from 2013/14 on my list. It was amazingly good, when fresh.
  9. Of the few boxes I saw 2 days ago on the Island, they were all '11 date codes. Didn't bother taking specifics, as I wasn't very interested. Sorry.
  10. My question is; Grand Reserva cigars have aged tobacco in them. Why did Habanos decide on this ? Did they take the idea of aged cigars being better (from years of people outside the island telling them) and think it was a good marketing move ? Or did they just decide to change things up ? There should have been no incentive to make a cigar with aged tobacco in it, if we are thinking they have no concept of it. Is it strictly a marketing team idea, and not tobacco-centric personnel driven ?
  11. I brought Alex one of his Dalias from 2014 when I was there in June. He smoked it later and was impressed how much flavor and strength it still had. He said it wasn't as sharp, and was very good. He too had no concept of aging cigars for any period of time. He kind of looked at me puzzled for a second.
  12. When did this start?

    The latest one I have is normal.
  13. Second Half 2017 Box Codes.

    OPS ENE '17 - JL No.1 BUP OCT '17 - HdM No.2 These are 2 recents for me. I may have missed them, but have not seen those 2 yet.
  14. Mall of America. I would NEVER go back to 63rd, as I don't lie being ripped off and lied to in front of my face. The ladies at the Mall have always been helpful to myself as well as others I send there with a list.
  15. I opened 5 different boxes at the LCDH in Varadero this past June that had beetles all over them. All boxes were from '13-15. 3 different brands of cigars, but still beetles. I normally would chalk 1 box up to conditions; stored too close to a humidifier or whatnot, but 5 boxes made me immediately come home and freeze everything I bought before on the island, inclusive of customs, as well as anything else I have got internationally as well. No point in spending all that time and money purchasing cigars, when it is pretty simple to do.

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