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  1. LCDH in Varadero?

    In Havana, the Comodoro is where Alex's customs are. The cigar selection isn't as grand, but you really can just walk next door to the Melia hotel with a larger selection as well as more customs. These 2 hotels are a bit out of the way from the busy tourist area, so if you want to stay in Habana Vieja, I would say the Conde de Villenueva is a great stop for Reynaldos customs as well as a decent selection of cigars. There are, of course more cigars shops in Havana, but if you want customs, these 3 are pretty easy to get to and have the more recognizable customs other than Mons' stuff (but it takes a drive to get out there and you may not want to go that far). Have fun, and stick to the Plaza Las Americas shop in Varadero. I have sent people there with a list and no idea about cigars, and the ladies there have helped them out and got more than expected. I went there in June, opened boxes, found beetles and then opened more until I was satisfied. This shop also has a pretty decent stock of stuff.
  2. Wow, for a province that has a considerably lower population than Ontario, we in Alberta are sure racking up that tax number.
  3. A good shave

    I started using a safety razor set up a couple years ago too. Love it. Wouldn't go back. I am a big fan of the ritual of it all. I also use it to shave my head as well, so I will never go all the way to straight edge. This works well, and in the end, is pretty damned cheap. I also like the search of finding good creams/soaps that work for you. It is another fun little hobby.
  4. Help with exhaust system

    I would steer clear of the Rabbit Air. I built a carbon filtration scrubbed 2 years ago with 10 lbs of activated charcoal in it just for my double garage. There is a 6" centrifugal fan attatched with 500 cfm pulling through it. It doesn't scrub the air like I was hoping. Stick to air in/ air out. I too live in a cold winter climate, and would warn you that when you are exhausting that air, no matter what amount, you will be bringing in cold winter air. This is why I tried the scrubbing technique. If you are smoking for a while, you now have the issue of where do you bring that air in ? In the basement ? Well now you are mking the basement cold. Just remember you most likely will want some sort of heat introduction, unless you plan on having the house HVAC take up the slack of temp drop. If you do, and it is forced air, now you are moving that smoke around the house. Just something to think about. I use the carbon scrubber in the garage, and also a carbon filter on the furnace I installed in there for dedicated heat. I still have to open the door once in a while to clear some of the smoke out as I am more sensitive to it than most.
  5. Ooooonnnneeeee mmmmmmiiiillllliiiiooooonnnnn dollars !
  6. Street Food In Cuba

    When I was down in November, I made it a mission to try small hole-in-the-wall places and other street foods. The first "sandwich" was something I found just walking around and the Cubans were grabbing them. Decided it was edible, why not. The "meat" was pork-like. Ok, but not great. The chicken, beans and rice, cabbage and a beer were only $1.25 CUC. Was pretty good too. This place was litteraly a cut-out in a wall that had a small window to order from. The third thing I ate a bunch of times was a Cuban Sandwich from a small shop in old Havana. Was REALLY good. It was fun walking around for a week finding hidden gems.
  7. I too agree with both the Connie A and the Half Corona. I was told by a friend, who bought 10 boxes as soon as they came out, to get as many as you could. He was in love with those HC's, and for good reason. I did say "holy crap these are great".
  8. From the times I have had the pleasure of going to Havana and smoking their cigars, I know that their flavor profiles are definitely different. Reynaldo's cigars start off with strength and pepper. They turn a bit chocolaty. Good cigars if a bigger kick is what you are searching for. After only a couple years they drop a lot of that pepper and smooth out a ton. I have found they taste more and more like Robaina farmies as time goes on. Very good with a couple years. Alex Gonzalez's cigars are more along the lower end of medium strength and body. They are far creamier and buttery. They age well. Smoothing out that unavoidable ammonia burn off and giving you more of the cream. Definitely my favorite custom rolls. Yolanda's cigars are a close blend to Alex's. It wouldn't surprise me to know they are from the same bales of tobacco, but different blends. If I am going to buy while in Havana, I am not going to stop at the Melia, I will just walk the 5 mins to the Commodoro. These are the three that I feel I have smoked enough to really have an opinion.
  9. H. Upmann Magnum 54

    Smoked one while in Havana. I also smoked a fresh 46 that day too for comparison. I would say the 54 was almost like a lighter version of the 46. It has much of the same characteristics, but just didn't do much for me. They need a touch more flavorful seco in that blend to get me to buy.
  10. Habanos I almost exclusively use my fingernails to pull the beauty cap off the head then make myself a punch-style hole in the head.
  11. I will say that cigars definitely taste different to me as well. I find a lot of youthful cigars. The custom rolls are all youthful and chalked full of amonia, but you really do get used to smoking like that after a couple days. I found Alex's cigars had the most ammonia, to be honest, but I still loved them. After they have been in the humi for a month, they are already showing tons of promise. Very happy again with the pick up. A lot of the singles I picked up in Havana were young and therefor lacked complexity. I am not sure how aged stuff would be, as I don't have a locker to keep aging stock there. To me, the humidity is a huge factor that I don't have at home, and thus the cigars are always moist and a bit softer than I usually prefer; makes a noticable difference to me.
  12. This is the reason that some of the harder to find stuff goes within minutes when posted. The Winnies are definitely a big favorite of a lot on here, myself included, so if you find any that are quality, you had best jump on it.
  13. Reports from Havana?

    Melia had both the Tropes and the Marquez on the shelves. Saying that they were all destined for foriegn markets just drove up the hype and caused a mad buying spree. Within and hour the Marquez were gone and 5 hours for the Topes. They were both around, you just had to ask. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  14. You know, I was down there for just a cigar vacation with no plans. The good thing was that I met a bunch of you guys all around. It was fun. As a Canadian I actually felt outnumbered for the first time in Cuba by Americans. It was great to meet all you Aussies, as I would never have the chance normally. Thanks to you all for making it such a fun week to just meet and chat. I have never had such an enjoyable Cuban experience. Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk

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