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  1. Reviews are fun! They are a great way to share. Thanks to Bwana and the gang for making it fun and rewarding!!! -Piggy
  2. ... and on the 8th day the Lord invented the switch! -Piggy
  3. I saw this some time ago but it looked like most of the correct answers have been covered. There is really a lot of work to a homogenous tower humidor. It is not easy... Yes, water rises but it is not the only cause. Heat also rises and that makes the top (at times) appear dryer than it may be when absolute humidity is considered. So heat differential, I believe @Brandon brought up the base cooling, is likely also a factor. In one of my 5~6cuft, engineered systems I have the means to convey about 100cfm (aggregate) running 24/7 and it still does not net perfection. Much depends on what total systems are running in the humidor that affect both temperature and rH. How well the systems react to the ambient and how efficient they are also plays a role. This is all humidor engineering stuff and not simply fans and controls. So here is a data log pulled from December showing some behavior (micro view) of a Gen 13 humidor working in winter. Since my climate can still run warm in winter here on Isla Pigfish, I captured a cooling cycle in the mix. These are two separate data loggers with 4 streams (2 rH and 2 temp) at the top and bottom of the humidor. The key thing to notice is that the top of the humidor can actually be cooler....! This has to do with a combination of design, placement of the logger and perhaps even the instruments themselves. You will likely never really know unless you like to store more sensors than cigars!!! At my level, chasing 1/10ths gets to be an obsession but a rather silly game of mine... Yet there is a relationship to notice. In more stable states, one where a cooling cycle has not just run, one can see that the lower temperature sensor, coincides much of the time with the sensor that shows a higher rH. If you backed this data out, I have not done it here but I have before, one will generally find that psychrometrics will show that the aH is consistent across both sensors. The balance of actual water in the system is often the same, and it is the instrument reflecting a delta T, that gives you the delta rH. Just more food for thought when you are kicking around humidor theory! Cheers all!!! -the Pig
  4. ... what I wanna' know is the secret to keeping a logon and password for 10 years without using it...? -LOL I am apt to forget the one I have used everyday for 10 years on any given day... -Piggy
  5. I would love to sit and write a year-end think piece about cigars. I just don't really have all the time today. Over the past few weeks I have received some wonderful emails and PM's. My heart is filled with the generosity of well wishes from my friends on this board. Cigars have brought me many years of pleasure, but frankly none to compare with the relationships, the warm and wonderful brothers and sisters that share my passion of cigars. Twenty some years ago I went on a journey to find some like-minded people to smoke with. I started talking cigars on internet forums. People come and go, some have even passed to the big 'smoking room' in the sky... Where has the time gone? Today I had a friend stop by and PM me. He has not posted here for a great while. He said, he looked over our past conversations and just wanted to say hi! What a connection we all have. What a worthwhile community we have. God bless you all my friends, and Merry Christmas. Here is to another year of standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's finest as we enjoy our endeavor and find brotherhood in our love of the Cuban leaf. -Ray (aka Piggy)
  6. While I am waiting for the eloquent words to come. I will just say "Fart." -Piggy
  7. I see that I have a number of PM's. I will get to them as soon as I can folks. I have been awfully busy during the week. If it looks like I have forgotten you, or ignoring you, I am not. I am just buys with a project management job! Don't hesitate to write again if it takes a long time. Talk to you all soon. Cheers! -Ray
  8. You have probably seen all you need to see about Isla Pigfish on fire... Most of this tragedy is east and north of me, as Casa Pigfish is a stone's throw away from the coast and the coastal mountains next to me have been spared. The fires still burn in my area. We get a condition that the media refers to as the Santa Ana winds. This is contested some locally as a few of us refer to them as Santana winds. Nevertheless they have been very bad the past week and the static electricity causes all forms of problems. Of course so does arson, negligent action and downed power lines. The undergrowth of the hills gets so tight and entangled that once these fires start, it becomes almost impossible to extinguish them until such time that the rH rises. The rH yesterday in the shop was about 14%. I have been working on my new project management job (for others) about 12 hours a day. It is a 28 million dollar piece of a 150 million dollar development. As it moves along I may add some details, however I generally don't mix my 'outside' life with this forum for obvious reasons. I am touched by my friends here thinking about me and wishing me well. You guys are my family and I love you for it. Please say a prayer for my displaced neighbors... They really need them. While we deal with these events annually, no one ever gets used to it. It has been a terrible fire season all across the western states, especially in the north. I will be back to contribute and do my share of raising hell and pissing people off as soon as I have the time... -Ray
  9. Darn thoughtful of ya’ll my friends... I will try to logon tomorrow. Thanks for the shout-out. -Piggy
  10. Sorry to hear that Brandon. I have fought with that for years as well. For me it is about stress, eating late, being fat and the numerous meds I take for my heart. These days I take meds to block the acid. I try to eat earlier and not before bed. It works pretty well. I also make an old time acid remedy. Since I cannot take much aspirin, it interferes with Brilinta, I mix citric acid with baking soda at a ratio of about 2(BS) to 1(CA) and it makes a neutral tasting fizzy water. The baking soda kills any burn that I get almost immediately. It is pretty much Alkaseltzer without the aspirin... As far as cigars. I have not smoked since I reviewed this cigar. I am a little bummed about it, but I have got to kill the cough. -R
  11. ... not brave, just a guy wanting to smoke a cigar on a beautiful day and not giving much concern over the consequences! I am sure I won't be smoking again this week. The damn cough is certainly not getting better. Cheers! -Piggy
  12. I never saw your review of the Superlatives... Is that an EL or RE...? -LOL -R
  13. The dyslexic interpretation of that warning label makes no sense! "I'm keepin' the blanket..." -LOL What the hell does that have to do with smoking??? -the Pig
  14. ... I got a little lost in the narrative!!!! -LOL Glad you had a good smoke. I am still off the 'heaters' until my bronchitis heals up... -R
  15. Based on the context of the post I assumed... Sorry! Your post read like many in the past as one blindly following a guru figure, for whatever the reason. Cold temperatures, say lower than 68F lead to some folks losing control over their rH and then PMC. I have seen this time and time again as it often leads to mold growth. While I am not trying to mix it up with you and the lady of the house, a cigar collection is generally of greater value than a pantry of dry goods. Would you just store them outside? Others have also made good points. What if the sun warms the humidor for several hours then is shaded. I can only imagine the havoc you would wreak on your internal environment. My best advice is to make a sensible argument to the lady of the house. You smoke cigars and have a need to keep them, and therefore your investment safe. Why protect a 5lb sack of flour that cost $5.00 when your cigars risk loss when the same size package may be worth $1000.00? Just how would she feel if you suggested that her shoes be kept outside? You should care for your cigars as any other acquisition of value. Even a modest collection can be worth thousands of dollars. Just my 2cts... -Piggy

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