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  1. Cigars and Divorce

    Cigars come in boxes yes? Look on eBay, it is the box that is of real value. Leave one or two cigars in each box, the boxes in the humidor and take the worthless weed with you! There is more than one way to skin a cat... -the Pig Oh, and tell her not to eat anything from the fridge while you are gone... nor to use your half of the lightbulbs!
  2. While I am inclined to say too high, did you give the cigar a good squeeze? Was it soft, easy drawing? If it was not too high rH it was likely tunneling and you are blaming yourself for the fault of the roller. Not every cigar is a great one and water content is the only fault that might be your own. If the cigar was soft and tunneled the same crappy taste would have likely been the result. I hope your next is better! -Piggy
  3. great wine disasters...

    Good article Ken. Nice to see that you can get those capital letters in when you are passionate about the subject matter!!! -LOL Cheers! -R
  4. Mate.... I don't want to drag down your thread, but I find this topic saddening. Not that you found a cigar that you really want for whatever the reason, but that there is this 'need to hunt' mentality at all. I understand it from a collectors mindset, but I see a guy like you not much different from me. Yes, perhaps you like the thrill of finding a particular cigar, which I would too if I found a cab of RA Coronas or even a new box of Partagas Petit Coronas. I understand and celebrate your thrill. What is sad about it is, that appears to me to be what the life of a cigar connoisseur has come down to. The fact that one really needs to think this way, to scour the earth to find a great Lonsdale. The day is lost when I could contact a vendor and ask the code of a couple boxes of 898UV. Or send Rob and email and ask him if he has Partagas Lonsdale and he would say yes... and I have some great... whatever they might be. Maybe, hey Ray, I have some beautiful Grandes de Espana. Yep, I am crying over spilt milk again. I am happy for you. It just sucks that you have to travel around the globe to find a cigar you perceive as such a valuable find. I used to tell neophytes don't sweat the aged stuff. You will have your own to age yourself, great cigars are rolled everyday. I am far lesser likely to say that as days go on and Tabacuba destroys the traditional catalog of once made fine cigars. I truly don't have a 'white whale' cigar. I have great cigars. I have had great cigars that I have no more. My white whale is for Tabacuba to be run by those that can balance the lives of a hight profitable cigar line that satisfies white whale hunters, and people who just enjoy a great colorado claro Coronas that tastes like they did 20 years ago. I have nothing against while whales, but man I am happy with a tin of sardines as long as they a great sardines! Cheers! -Piggy
  5. ... does it have a defibrillator option? -Piggy
  6. Trinidad vigia ERC

    ... with a name like vigia I would'a thought it had the redolence of fish! -LOL -Piggy
  7. Humidity up top high!

    ... you know mate, I am sorry I have not answered your PM. Just been busy! You are mixing controlled space with uncontrolled space and as you begin to actually look for problems, you are finding them! The problem with a lot of advice given in cyberspace, is that a lot of people assume they know something, but they really don't. As you move into the realm of 'looking and finding-out' for yourself, I mean really looking closely, you will find that these systems that many boast about, don't really work. I know this is a shocker, I am known for such posting unfortunately, but airflow is just part of 'consummate' humidor. It is not all of it. Controls are not all of it. Beads, a cooler, a humidifier... not all of it. Answers as well depend on to whom you ask. For those that are satisfied, their humidor works, for them. That is the 21st century relativist in me. What works for another, based on his/her likes and dislikes, his investigation and consternation, may work or be a complete failure to another. This is the world of relativism. I like circulation okay... but generically speaking, with 8 120mm fans, that damn box of yours should be hovering a foot off the floor. Your 'system' therefore does not work. One problems is that you likely have shelving in the way. The other is the fact that the water pool, yes it is there, nested in your back somewhere under you cooler is simply evaporating water into your space and it is doing what water vapor does... Rise! You should try to isolate it. There are all sorts of videos on building one of my projects on Youtube. You don't have to buy one, just take some of the ideas and implement them. Isolate your cooling system... and control it with the cooler from you cpu, or controller, or whatever you are using! Cut a notch in your shelves (sorry) buy a chunk of underground drain line from a big box store, duct tape it to a fan, and run the air from the bottom, past the back to the top! Create a cyclonic exchange from bottom to top, or top to bottom. Mix it up like a blender. What you have done is taken two loudspeakers. You put them face to face, turned up the volume and wonder why the sound is crappy... So, isolate the wet space. Churn the air with intent. With your satisfaction of a range of 6 of 7 rH you are not too critical. This should work for you. One warning. Don't let the humidor get cool. If your system does not constantly cycle you will get a wet mess! Without a deliberate dehydration cycle your sealed surface humidor will never be consummate without a dehydration cycle. You will quickly notice this if you let it get cool. Cheers! -Piggy
  8. Oh Boveda

    One parametric logic controller in series with a programable logic controller (that I custom write firmware for), a compressor refrigerator, heater and humidifier! Oh.... with the aid of some industrial refining desiccant products that I blend myself... Regular household stuff!!! -LOL Hell, I don't do much of anything anymore come to think of it. It is likely 50F in the shop right now and close to 90rH and my cigars are all 70F and running about 61rH. I just sit and watch... or don't watch. A day (not today, to lazy to make a new pic) in the life of Piggy's cigars. This is a range of 70 to 80F (ambient) over the day in October. Boring really... day in, day out, 70/60... 70/60... 70/60... Not much changes 'round here if you are a cigar... unless it is your day to be sacrificed for the entertainment your master! Cheers! Gentlemen... -the Pig
  9. Trinidad vigia ERC

    I have confirmed it now. Habanos are becoming as big as fence pickets!!! -LOL -Piggy
  10. It is all the money that I don't waste on the EL program...
  11. ... if I had your money Mike, I'd burn mine!!! -LOL
  12. ...not mine. I got the some super-duper element and the electronic timer vs. the dial type. But the slots are not that wide.
  13. ... mine too. At the time thought I was a chump for buying it. It is a little tough on bagels (have to smash the bagel somewhat) but it has been a great toaster! Welcome to the club!!! -LOL -Piggy
  14. ... hard to draw, but nice bite and mouth feel!!!! -LOL Cheers! -Piggy
  15. The last LE fail?

    ... Guilty on all counts Sir! -Piggy

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