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  1. ... wanted to shoot yourself over dealing with customer service I get. Getting shot over criticizing government, I don't!!! Cheers! -P
  2. PigFish

    Celebration of wrappers

    Another couple of obscure 'off brands' that just happen to taste great, look great, feel great... but don't sell! -Piggy
  3. PigFish

    Celebration of wrappers

    Rarely do I see Cuban cigar perfection. But these are it... Cheers! -Piggy
  4. PigFish

    Letting Cigars Breathe

    I never leave my cigars bottled up in an unknown environment. -P
  5. ...other ...communist ...counties. Fear societies, tyrannies. Typically, if not wholly linked to Marist ideology. What is that cable company you guys all hate over there? Name me one guy they shot for bitching about the service or the bill. The Pigster!
  6. ... that can put you up against a wall and shoot you, legally! Multiple choice question: When you are subordinate in a private company they should be able to? Dismiss you for subordination? Ship you to a gulag and torture you? Dispose of you and your family? All the above. -Piggy
  7. ... Damn shame. Those poor people should have it better. (Place long diatribe for tyrannical government, and contempt for communism here) Thanks for posting Nino. -Ray
  8. You know, I actually watched that series and enjoyed it even though it was somewhat of a ripoff from the movie "Remains of the Day." That movie is indeed a classic. On a further note, and not really designed to reflect on this thread, I love how the 'entertainment types' and media must place a political ad in every damn thing that they do! I would like to ask Miss. Bimbo here if she ever heard of Harvey Weinstein. I guess because he's 'inside' he gets a pass! My guess is she would step right up if it were directed by Roman Polanski... Thanks 'Hollywood.' I am here waiting for your product to hit the pirate sites... -Piggy
  9. PigFish

    Rate My Wrapper

    You gonna' gaze at them or smok'em? I guess I never bought into the whole 'trophy-wife' concept. -tP
  10. ... sell the horses, saddles, tack, wine glasses and family 'herlooms'... Buy a bullet proof vest! -Piggy
  11. PigFish

    Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Plume, like Santa Claus, is something most of us have believed in at some point. -the Pig
  12. ... just about any old box of PCs, Coronas or Lonsdales that I used to buy 20 years ago! -Piggy
  13. A Cuban cigar on its worst day is often better than a NC cigar on its best day (MHO). At worst, Cuban cigars just taste like any other crappy cigar. While I am one of the greatest advocates for acclimation (has nothing to do with aging) and everything to do with water loss, one must make choices out of ones list of choices. Let the worst tasting of the bunch sit! If you happen to find some that you enjoy smoking now, just smoke them and buy another box. Screw the 'rotation' and all that crap and start smoking the cigars that please you. Unless they are discontinued or "limited" (for what that is worth) you can always buy another box, and cigars are a crapshoot regardless. Life is too short to smoke crappy cigars. And if they taste good to you now, smoke them! Tomorrow might never come. -Piggy
  14. PigFish

    Dog Identification Required

    You know, at 80 and 85 the old folks should have the dog they want. I wish my folks were alive and I could shop for a dog for them! I suppose it is a matter of perspective. On a sparate note. There are far too many lovely dogs destroyed simply due to the fact that there are not two nice old folks to love them. I am also a 'shelter breed' dog owner. A dog is a member of my family, not a trinket. I have adopted lovely dogs, and will also never pay a breeder for one. I am not going to bag on the breeder, he/she meets a need. You would think that someone that going to pay 3K for a dog, is going to take care of it and love it. It is not their fault that the populace is irresponsible with animals. Back to your folks. How's their eyesight? This is Cano Hermano! He is a male Maltese. You will find no more loving dog than a male Maltese. He is not really high energy, not like my female was. This is a true lap dog and a real lover. He will be on your lap all day if you let him. He does not dig, chew, or even play with toys... He just wants to be loved on. Yes, he is a rescue. Someone surrendered him and he actually came with the name Cano. A cigar name no less... I had to own him. Best of luck on your search. -R
  15. ... you guys don't know movie quotes! -Piggy

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