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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The cigar that wasn't... It wasn't made well. It wasn't that good. It wasn't filled properly. It wasn't worth what I put into it. It did light, make smoke and cost me money. It wasn't a lot, but enough to know I wasn't considered much when it was made. It was a 2007 Monte #4. It wasn't a good choice of a cigar. It wasn't a good investment in time. It wasn't a good investment in humidor space. It wasn't as good as it should or could have been. It was a waste of tobacco! Cheers! -Piggy
  2. In the early 2000's Mr. Piggy loved to try new cigars. He was after whatever the Habanos catalog could provide. He actually believed that there were a group of folks in Havana that cared about making great cigars. He heard of a program where limited runs of cigars that were special were being made, and for a price not much more than what regular production cigars cost, he could acquire these 'fine' cigars if he was quick enough on the draw to get them when offered. Piggy grew up. The missing tooth did not get him a $10 dollar bill under his pillow, it cost him $1100 to replace at the dentist. Those special cigars, well they were no different from the old ones, except they had no track record, and they cost a great deal more for absolutely no reason at all. Thankfully the story ended well because Mr. Piggy learned his lesson early. Most of these cigars were not 'fine' at all. They were dressed up and marked up for the collector community to fight over. As it turns out many were far worse than the cigars he smoked everyday at half the price. -Ray
  3. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    ... to be honest, I am nitpicking! I wanted to answer your question, but frankly you might not notice the difference. And with that, we have come full circle. The video is supposed to be a guide and frankly to put to rest the questions about the relationship between the three; rH, temp and PMC. It is supposed to give one a factual hold on what is happening so that one can buttress his/her own experience. In the beginning I thought like many of you until I started studying hygroscopic materials and their interaction with water vapor. I did it, because as a humidor maker, I discovered that my anecdotal evidence went contrary to 'cigar myth.' Cheers! -Piggy
  4. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    It is just an estimation based on burley tobacco. It may be close, or way off the mark... It is the best data I have and it does follow anecdotal data (my experience). It is a starting point. I would say in this short a span consider it accurate and a straight line. When storing Habanos the ranges are relatively small, so unless someone has actual experimental data with Cuban leaf this will have to do until something better comes along. For the record, I spent years searching to find some of these small tidbits of data! Cheers, -Piggy
  5. ... I don't know but they advertise them all over the news. It is either that or free standing plumbing fixtures! -tP
  6. ... @Weaponiz'd1 They make pills for that you know??? -Piggy
  7. ... it is not really an eclipse. It is the PigFish International Global Satellite Hyperspace Inspection Telescope (PIGSHIT for short) momentarily blocking the sun. With it, I can see the bugs crawling in your humidor...! Oh, tell your wife 'nice panties....' Cheers! -Piggy
  8. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    Yes, increase in temperature will increase rate of change. Increased energy means that the flux between space and the substrate is faster. Remember, water does not bond and stay there. It is constantly exchanged. One bonds and another is released as the energy from substrate to space changes on a micro level. Three things change rate of change. Concentration, heat and circulation. This is because there is a stagnant gradient of concentrated diffused water that varies with the distance to the surface of the substance. Disturb it, and you encourage further diffusion, rate of change! Cheers! -Piggy
  9. Aging Cubans at 62%?

    ... you should watch the video again! I tell people that this is not intuitive until it sinks in... If you lower the temp, the PMC will increase!. Look at the video!!! As the energy of water vapor falls, the valence bond to tobacco or other hygroscopic material becomes stronger (in relation to the energy to free the molecules). You then actually pick up more water, even if the rH remains the same... even as the aH falls!!! This is why it is important to understand hygroscopicity, and not just atmospheric rH. As your temp falls, with aH the same, rH will increase. With the rH increase and the temperature decrease, the combination is a double whammy for cigars. This is why consistency is best if you can afford it. So, to answer your question, lets say 6F drop, then drop rH by 2% (approximate) should make you consistent. As stated, what will likely happen is that as the temp drops the rH will naturally spike (this is why we refer back to PMC, even if we don't know exactly what it is). Temperature drops are actually what is typically responsible for PMC spreads in a humidor with good circulation. I hope that helps. Heating the humidor also will work, then you don't have to fiddle with anything, but if you are energy conscience, then it makes more sense to adjust the rH. Cheers! -Piggy
  10. Apparently we have a new member in our midst... @MikeGthatsnice I saw his brief but funny Youtube videos (in the review forum) and as a lover of humor and creativity, I say good job mate. No, I don't know him... but if it can make me laugh, it is worth sharing! Cheers Mike, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing! -the Pig
  11. Went to a herf last weekend and really enjoyed departing from my PC habit. I chose a Grandes de Espana to start and then a Fundie... I am glad you brought this up today. I think I am going to take in an older Lanceros! Nice day for it... Good thinking!!! -Piggy
  12. Consistency

    ... nice post mate. Cuban cigar have all the right parts... just not the right management. Imagine picking up every bill and being a winner. They could do it, or come pretty close if they only had the rights to do it. It would appear from some of the comments made, that instead of the NC producers bringing the market up, well... perhaps it is just the Cubans demonstrating that it can be brought down and still be viable. .....? -the Pig
  13. One would have to think that actual price difference in cigars of the time might have been large as percentage but just pennies apart. Frankly, they could have been knocked off at the address next door and possibly with better tobacco too. One just stole an established name... Times change, people never do. -Piggy
  14. You know me, I make everything a lesson. Furthermore, I don't mind a little self depredation along my depredation of others!!! -LOL Enjoy!

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