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  1. ...ahhhum....! -LOL Old farts unite! Congrats, to all, Rob, staff and members. Without members, the place is pixels in cyberspace! Cheers! -the Pig
  2. ... so you peaked my curiosity and I found this on an old HDD. This is the last version I worked on... circa 2010! -LOL You might say that it has been some time ago that I wanted to quantify such things. A funny anecdote; I remember it getting heated as several of us debated exactly what to put on the form... -LOL Cigar groups are so silly sometimes. For me it was important to separate taste from sensation, and add 'characteristics' other than taste, complexity, for example. So here is mine, circa 2010! -Piggy _Cigar_Companion_V3 test.pdf
  3. Nice job amigo. I did one myself some years ago. I tried to unify a cigar review a group was doing in an attempt to actually quantify the data. As usual I was after proof of a brand 'profile.' I rather wonder if I still have a copy of it. Cheers! -Piggy
  4. ... no more half wine, half cigars??? Glad to see you are happy finally with the results. Cheers! -Piggy
  5. Welcome to the forum gentlemen. I suppose when someone bottles the 'age agent' and tells me the vapor pressure for it, I will believe some of this aging airflow nonsense. My advice... Never pick a second rate cigar while you wait for a (presumably) better cigar to age. Life is too short to smoke second rate cigars! If I had to unwrap my cigars every time I wanted to smoke one, it would drive me nuttier than I am... already... Temperature and humidity both play a role in PMC (percent moisture content). When you pick settings to store, you are not really choosing 'an rH.' You are choosing a desired PMC. You cannot change one without affecting the other. Many have written extensively on the topic. You can search Pigfish and PMC or percent moisture content and read a lot about what I have written (for what it is worth) and how it pertains to tobacco, desiccants etc. Enjoy the forum mates. Cheers! -the Pig
  6. Cigars, women... forget the children, first! Take care mates. -Piggy
  7. ... yes really. It all goes to prove that my interest in a cigar declines exponentially with the number of names that it has, multiplied by its ring gauge added to its band count. To make myself clear, I read very little 'speculative garbage' about ELs and REs. I know that I am just going to make a negative comment anyway. I call it 'self control.' If someone actually reviews one, I am up late and cannot sleep, crave some material for my entertainment, I just might read it if it is on the front page of FoH.... People who review perform a service, and I think that they should be thanked for sharing their thoughts. Shlomy, I figure if I were to witness someone smoking about 75% of the EL/RE market cigars, I would figure it was some Mexican fraud... that the Cubans would never make such a silly cigar. The only ones I know about are the ones people send me... and I typically never know what they are called. -the Pig
  8. ... I promised myself never to get wrapped up in this issue again!!! -LOL Just remember, remove all packaging before you light up! -the Pig
  9. ... was the wrapper in a right or left helix? -Piggy
  10. ... the real question is, are you sure that is a Famous? It could change everything!!! -LOL -Piggy
  11. ... I miss the cigar tastes of the 90's. They cannot be replaced. I was more a believer in brand tastes back then but won't pretend to remember, who shot whom. Still smoking cigars from the 90's is a sure reminder. While a lot of cigars in the 2K's are really wonderful, I guess I just miss the firm, thick tastes of 90's cigars. Not all was great about them of course. Some were so filled with tannins that they could make you green... But that is another story. Having just smoked a glorious 90's Partagas Tres Petit Coronas I picked up in a trade, it brought back memories of why these were always better than Party Shorts. No it was not unique, no urchin or lemon grass. No pickled pigs feet, or 100 year old egg... just a thick rich flavor that has always been wholly Cuban cigar. For me, I can link just about any taste with a cigar that I have smoked a dozen boxes of. I don't see anything unique about any cigar anymore. The fact that they are individuals is what tends to interest me the most. I just wish they all still tasted more like cigars did in the 90's! Cheers! -Piggy
  12. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That will be as close I will ever get to smoking one... That's okay, I did not even know they existed before you posted the review... -LOL Cheers! -the Pig
  13. I am not a cigar historian so I am of little help. I just wanted to say that it is a nice piece for certain. Congrats on your find. -Piggy

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