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  1. Formula 1 - 2017

    Enjoy the holiday. Mika.
  2. Zacapa 23 or XO?

    I enjoy the 23 with a cube of ice and the xo neat. Get both and check out your preference.
  3. Bitter and harsh sounds more like the cigars were kept overly damp rather than at 65rh. When was the last time you calibrated your hygrometer and at what temperature were the cigars stored at?
  4. Hello from Singapore

    Welcome! Since you mentioned that you like Piedmont wines, you should go to Peatix and register for the Italian wine roadshow, happening this March 10. The masterclasses are all sold out but last I saw, the opening ceremony and walkaround tasting tickets were still available. It is a for Trade only show, so work around it. The day after registration, they should telephone you to ask how you are connected with the wine trade, again.
  5. First post - saying hi

    Nice buy! Welcome to the forum!
  6. I found that hard to believe too but guess that it was more likely in dollar terms than quantity of sticks. For Cohiba, it has been the top earner every year but Monte Cristo sold more volume, previously, as I remember.
  7. I remember reading an article, years ago, that tobacco ash from Vuelta Abajo, would be grey with white veins because of the balanced minerals in the soil; whilst tobacco from central Cuban fields would be predominantly white due to the high potassium content.
  8. Habanos reportedly announced, during a press conference at the Habanos Festival 2016, that the best selling cigars were the D4 and Monte 2.
  9. They may start a new "Fidel" or "Castro" label.
  10. Why is the HC7 label whitish? Was the bottle from a freezer?
  11. Well if Cuba has marble and the ashtrays are indeed made there and not in China, etc, then perhaps the heavy ones are marble. Similar to what Fuzz said, if it has speckles/crystal type surface, then likely to be granite. Marble usually veins, either clear or smudged.
  12. Although everyone mentions marble, some of the Hotel Nacional ashstrays appear to be granite rather than marble, based on the photographs. Both being natural stones
  13. FORMULA 1 - 2015

    Here's hoping that they take advantage of the loophole and do a double engine switch, before that loophole is closed,
  14. Had a 2014 Superiores on Sunday and think they will need abit more ageing time. Have to say that I was also smoking a 2009 Siglo IV at the same time, so it could just be that I was enjoying the Siglo's more.
  15. Last year I stayed at the Worldhotel Cristoforo Columbus, located at the Corso Buenos Aires area of Milan. There was a metro just outside the hotel but I only used it to go see the “Last Supper” – you should book online weeks or even months before going if you want to get the date/time convenient to you as everyone books the Last Supper visit, early. The hotel is within easy reach, by cab about Euro13, from the Main Train station - which I felt is the best way to get from the Milan airport. All other times I just walked to the branded and non-branded boutiques, Cathedral etc. When I first checked on the hotel the rate was about Euro200 per double room per night but when I firmed up the dates, the rate was only Euro80-100 per double room/night, including breakfast for 2. Room was a decent size, clean and breakfast was relatively good. Free Spa treatment was included in the room rate but I never had time to go to the Spa. The large groundfloor smoking area with lounge seats was located just outside the Spa and you could order your drinks from the nearby main bar and they would send these to you. Think you could even bring your own booze to enjoy at the smoking area, if you wish. This is a historic/old hotel but was well-maintained and I thought the service staff was very good, too – waiters, front office, cleaner, etc. The Milan fair or expo is on this year, so room rates may be higher but I was there during peak tourist season and still got a good rate.

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