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  1. My First Order

    Great people first and foremost. The only place I spend my $.
  2. Last night Connie A at club outside with patio heaters. It was ok, not great. First disappointing Connie A I've had. Wind tunnel, burned hot.
  3. My rotation is 6. The Monti’s are #2’s
  4. For the cigars I usually hand out Monte PE’s . Everyone seems to enjoy them. Not too mild not to strong , nice and smooth. As for libations, that would be scotch. Balvenie 12,14,17.
  5. Like the cigar case. Who makes it
  6. I wish I had a goto lighter. I either loose them or they break. CI has a deal 4 lighters their choice $29. I have done It 3 times. For $7 bucks a pop, who cares if they get taken from luggage or they break. The one Dunhill I have I never use because I’m scared I will loose it. Wtf
  7. You are correct. Results disappointing. I will go over my notes and post. procrastination is my forte
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I think coffee and a cigar outside is the way to go.
  9. On my way to Milan Italy and hear that the Casa del Habano there does not have an area for smoking. Can anyone confirm this and if true is there a cigar lounge in the area. if I can’t smoke cigars while my wife is shopping me into the poor house in Milan, I will shoot myself.
  10. 1 or 2 day a week for lunch. Some Saturdays when it’s too cold or wet to smoke outside
  11. I’m a little biased. My go to cigar is the Monte PE. Rarely disappoints. 2 years down and they rock. Edmundos are more robust and not as smooth. I just picked up a box from 24:24 with 2 years on them already. I’ll let them sit for a few months and then crack into them. For me the Edmundo is an after meal smoke where the PE is anytime anywhere.
  12. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Luci PSP from 14. Wow wow wow!

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