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  1. I just replied to a topic about Connie A's and blind buying. Can't do it and after this post, for sure no way. I've received about 10'boxes this quarter from our host and every box was spot on.
  2. i world like to hear some reviews. I've only heard one so far and he said the cigar needed time down.
  3. Since I only get one box, it would have to be a 50 cab of Partigas Luci"sand I would smoke away.
  4. One of my favorite cigars. Like the size, like the construction. Carmel,shortbread,complex. Got it all. I have not bought this one blind. For me, if I'm paying over $300 for a box, I want to know what the quality is. Thats not saying their going to be great smokes, but it puts the odds in my favor. If you get a box of say Monte 4's and you open them and they look like crap you will be bumbed. But if you buy a box of Cohiba Sig VI and they look like crap, you get sick to your stomach.
  5. Almost impossible, but it gets my blood flowing. I love it.
  6. Agreed. Not a fan of the shorts. I like to age the wides. Go lucky, picked up a box of 08's from the 24:24 last year. Superb .
  7. Been around since 2011. 24:24 has changed the way I buy . I purchase 99% of all my cigars from 24/24. If I'm going to put down my hard earned dollars on cigars, I want the best. I have a list of what I need and when it comes up I go for it. I'm not just buying on a whim. I know what I want and I wait. Unless a box of Monte Sublimes pop up, then all my discipline goes down the drain.
  8. You know so do I. It's almost like you can't turn away. I read how people think he's a fool and doesn't know how to smoke a cigar . That's a laugh. You light and smoke how you like. If he wants to burn up his cigar in 15 minutes, so what. It makes for good video.
  9. Roger Moore for sure was the best bond. That being said, he would not play well now. The new Bond movies have crazy action scenes like in Fast and Furious. They have to be built like a mini Arnold. The subtleness has be removed. Now it's in your face action. Craig is right for this modern Bond. IMO
  10. I have to say that I have been LOVING the Churchills and believe it or not the petit churchills. Killers.
  11. The R&J cherry hit. No other cigar hits like it, seems the smaller the ring gauge the more distinct the cherry flavor.
  12. I really enjoy reading these. Whackos
  13. You stole my thunder. Also Dean Martin.

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