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  1. Unfortunately, I believe the trend to curtail cigar smoking will continue worldwide. We can forget about indoor smoking but outdoor smoking bans will continue to rise. Watch and see when they tell me no more cigars on the golf course . Taxes will increase along with local and federal laws. Its a shit show and we’re all front row. on a lighter side it’s Fathers Day And I will be enjoying some special cigars with my 2 sons and my father. Some of Robs best stock.
  2. Blind Tasting Cigar Number 2 Reveal

    I’m 2 for 2 but there is definatly luck involved. Mine had a loose draw so I had to slow smoke it. It was lighter than the Rass I have, but I usually buy PSP. Major box press to it so I knew it had to be in a dress box and not in a cab. I whittled it down to three and took my best guess
  3. My Partagas Luci’s 13’s 14’s , Bolivar Royal Coronas 14’s , Partagas D4 from14. All are right there. Perfection.
  4. My sentiments exactly... Definatly think we got 2 duds. I did not have the willpower to see it through. Got to the 1/2 way point and gave up. Bumbed .
  5. NFL Draft - 2018

    Big Giants fan here. I want a QB. Hopefully we will never be a #2 pick again, but all the sports talk shows are saying they are going to take Barkley. We need a qb. Eli has maybe 2 years. imo top 4 picks will be 3 quarterbacks and Barkley. We’ll see.
  6. Blind Tasting Cigar Number 1 Reveal

    Smoked just like I remembered. A little salty a little woody and it lingered on the pallet. The ones I have in my humidor have some age on them. There is a big difference with a few years down but the bones are the same.
  7. My First Order

    Great people first and foremost. The only place I spend my $.
  8. Last night Connie A at club outside with patio heaters. It was ok, not great. First disappointing Connie A I've had. Wind tunnel, burned hot.
  9. My rotation is 6. The Monti’s are #2’s
  10. For the cigars I usually hand out Monte PE’s . Everyone seems to enjoy them. Not too mild not to strong , nice and smooth. As for libations, that would be scotch. Balvenie 12,14,17.
  11. Like the cigar case. Who makes it
  12. I wish I had a goto lighter. I either loose them or they break. CI has a deal 4 lighters their choice $29. I have done It 3 times. For $7 bucks a pop, who cares if they get taken from luggage or they break. The one Dunhill I have I never use because I’m scared I will loose it. Wtf
  13. You are correct. Results disappointing. I will go over my notes and post. procrastination is my forte
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I think coffee and a cigar outside is the way to go.

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