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  1. I have a cab of the same. They need a little more time. There very good but in a year or 2 they will open up.
  2. Over 2 years Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion Number 4. POU JUN 13. Under 2 years Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill PUO MAY 15
  3. Parti Short. Little bugger hits right from the start. ALT OCT 13 50 cab. Hitting their stride now!
  4. Got to tell you Luca, I crack up every time I see that pic of Laurence jamming 3 cigars in his mouth. Priceless !
  5. Here's what I do. I have 3 cabinet humidors and a large 200-300 desktop. One of my cabinets has a large draw also. I keep in boxes until about 1/4 left then I transfer to desktop. In the cabinet draw I store my rotation sticks and a few LE's to torture myself.65% in cabinets. 67% Bovida packs in desktop, just because I'm lazy. I love the Bovidas.
  6. How about no set start times. Just put it up whenever you please. We"ll be checking out phones all day.
  7. Bought a box a few month ago. Haven't crack it yet.
  8. R&J Exibition POU 13. Wow wow wow. This box is increadable. Every stick is off the charts.
  9. As Ken would say "why bother", but I just had to buy the tins. Construction was fine, draw perfect. Nuts and cream but with a bitter aftertaste. Does not linger on the palet . As I smoked it to the 1/2 way point, 10 minutes in, lost most of the bitter aftertaste. It was actually ok. Defiantly too short for me, 20 minute total and had a perfect burn. Smoked it after dinner with a double espresso. Btw the darn thing is so small I accidentally ashed it down my fuc@$!g sleeve. Actually pretty funny .
  10. Just had a R&J Churchill from 2014 last weekend. Outstanding. Smooth, cream and cherries, The last few years they have been top notch.
  11. The humidity for cigars is absolutely a personal preference. I keep mine at 65. As for how long to keep your cigars in your humidor before smoking, I like to keep them a couple months to acclimate them after their little trip 1/2 around the world. But I have a nice stock to smoke while I'm waiting. Try one after a month to see what you think.
  12. I've been stocking up. Just bo got a box of tubes.
  13. May I say you have some very nice friends.

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