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  1. Singapore Catch Up?

    There’s a nice Indian just down the road at Tanglin Mall - Alternatively Dan Ryan’s is just next to the Regent.
  2. Singapore Catch Up?

    A couple of other options:- Dinner at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse in Mohammed Sultan, then walk across the road to Connoisseur Divan for cigars & drinks Get a courtyard table at Senso in Club Street and smoke at the table after dinner
  3. 1981 Austin Metro 1.3S. It was my first car, bought for me by my parents when I started University. Loved that it handled like a go-kart and had decent acceleration (for the 80's....0-60mph in 13.2 secs these days is slow!). Loved the ability it gave me to explore the English countryside and sheer convenience of driving to the Supermarket instead of walking there in the cold & wet. Hated that it would burn through a litre of engine oil every 1,000 miles. Hated the seats which were designed for folks 5'7" and shorter. At 5'10" I would get backache after 30 mins. Loved the small size which let me squeeze through gaps and park in spaces most cars couldn't get into. Oh! And did I say I loved the handling? This was my favourite thing by far. I could go round sweeping corners without needing to brake and the car would feel like it was on rails. I once kept up with a fast driving Jaguar XJS on a two lane A road from Cambridge to Warwick during a late night drive. He would lose me on the straights but I would catch up at the bends. Here's a pic of what the car looked like, though not the actual car itself.
  4. Partagas Presidente Punch Punch Trinidad Fundadores Hoyo des Dieux RASS Hoyo Epi 1 Cohiba Siglo IV HU Con A
  5. Cigars to stock up on

    I second the SLR Regios recommendation as they don't need aging to give you the flavour profile you are looking for. In fact that profile disappears with age!
  6. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    All set to watch the 1st race of the F1 season - 2011 LGC Tainos with a Hazelnut Latte.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The 1st qualifying session of the F1 season calls for a special cigar and drink. 2011 Trinidad Fundadores and Cape Mentelle Fortified Shiraz.
  8. stephen hawking RIP

    A sad loss but an extraordinary life. Amazing to think that doctors only gave him months to live....55 years ago. RIP.
  9. Was probably one of the last Tainos rolled. I got my boxes from a small retailer in Switzerland who clearly didn't do too many international online sales. I had to jump through quite a few hoops and send a few emails to get payment through and the boxes shipped over to Asia. Not to mention having to fill in an online order form which was only available in German (which I don't understand). Really makes me appreciate Di @WarriorPrincess and how easy it is to place orders on 24:24!
  10. Box code is RUE Jun 11. Tainos were discontinued in 2012.
  11. As mentioned above Duty on cigars is pretty high. In addition if you bring in more than a 2-3 boxes you may be deemed to be a trader and have to purchase an import licence that will cost S$2k.
  12. I picked up a couple of 2011 boxes for CHF128 a box back in mid-2013. Smoked a couple of sticks after a few months acclimatisation and haven't touched them since. Looks like it's time to fire one up and see how they've aged
  13. Yup and an additional 10% on your road tax until it hits the cap of 50% - i.e. at year 15 you pay 150% of your annual road tax. On a Ferrari you could be paying an additional US$1500 a year. Oh and you kiss goodbye to about US$100k (for a Ferrari) to US$7k (for a Toyota Corolla) in rebates if you had scrapped the car after 10 years.
  14. Not so bad at the moment - it’s about US$30k to US$35k to renew for another 10 years. Just 3 years ago it would have cost you US$70k!
  15. Actually as a beancounter I would never buy an Audi coz they’re nothing but overpriced VWs

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