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  1. pets - your ideal pet

    I have 2 dogs (both rescues). Millie von Skanky is an ex-puppy mill Maltese and Maggie McNugget is a Silky Terrier who was found wandering the streets of Singapore. I used to keep freshwater tropical fish (Cichlids, tetras, etc) and would love to have a humoungous tank again.
  2. when you were young...

    I wanted to be a fighter pilot but crap eyesight put paid to that idea. Not only am I very myopic but I also have astigmatism which means I can’t judge depth of field very well. I once demonstrated why that makes for a bad combination for a pilot when I wrecked the landing gear on a glider by making a very hard landing (poor depth of field meant I couldn’t judge how high off the ground I was and my rate of descent)!
  3. For me it's got to be the RA Celestiales Finos. Shunned at birth as an ugly duckling but blossomed into a beautiful swan. I still have most of a box left which I dip into on special occasions. Would love to have an endless supply of these!
  4. Partagas Encuentro 2018

    Probably in 2028 when they'll be rebanded as Anejados!
  5. Charter a super yacht and cruise round the world for a year. Never going to happen but a man’s entitled to dream.
  6. Vapes are still niche in Singapore, so they want to nip it in the bud.
  7. The Singapore government doesn’t want anyone to smoke...period. They don’t want any new alternatives to pop up whilst they tighten the screws on tobacco.
  8. I would light up a Trinidad Fundadores, the cigar that changed me from a dabbler to a serious cigar smoker and still one of my favorites.
  9. What the .... is a "legal taste"???!!!
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Presidente with coffee and Port after Christmas lunch.
  11. Whilst I agree with all the members who have cast their vote for the PL Montecarlos that it is a great cigar, the Partagas Presidente wins by a whisker for me. I’m on my third box now in the space of 4 years and I’ve never been let down. Great flavours and good draw from every stick I’ve smoked.
  12. I was last there a year ago and my memory is a bit rusty, so please take this with a pinch of salt. From what I remember, the selection at the airport wasn't that wide. Just the usual Cohiba, RyJ, Partagas, Montecristo fare, but what was interesting were the French REs. I ended up buying a box of the PL Opera French RE 2015 to bring home.
  13. I recently found a nice spot at Seletar Aerospace Park - Young's café. They have a nice outdoor area with lots of fans. It's a bit out of the way but you'll see a side of Singapore most people never see. Will be there at 12 noon this Sat with a friend for brunch and a smoke. Come and join us if you're free.
  14. I frequent The Connoisseur Divan the most as they have one of the better cigar selections (as they are owned by PCC). I recall meeting a certain Rob Ayala there once
  15. Your first ever box buy?

    Quintero Nacionales many decades ago at Singapore airport duty free. Why? Coz they were the cheapest box there!

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