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  1. One of my favorites - RA Celestiales Finos
  2. +1 on the 2008 Cuaba Piramides. Don't know what they were like then but they are smoking great now.
  3. I'll second that. I still have about 18 sticks from a March 2003 box that I dip into once a year on my birthday (in March of course!). Hopefully I'll live long enough to finish the box
  4. Stayed at home over Christmas and New Year. Enjoyed a nice selection of cigars though... Christmas was a great VR Familiar from 1999. New Year's Eve was a Hoyo des Dieux from 2003.
  5. My 1st cigar of 2017 - Hoyo des Dieux from 2003
  6. I have a couple of Vegas Robiana Familiar from 1999 lined up for a Christmas day smoke with my brother-in-law.
  7. Merry Christmas to you Rob and the FoH team! Thanks for a great 2016 and looking forward to 2017!
  8. True...but the food there isn't as good as Penang's
  9. Heaven for me would be a never ending supply of cigars, rum & good books.....anything else is just a bonus.
  10. If you are over 50 the requirement drops to RM$100,000; which given how the ringgit has tanked in the last year is only A$30,000; which is not that hefty a chunk. Plus you still enjoy about 4% interest on the term deposit...which should be just about enough funds for you to keep buying cigars from Rob!
  11. Penang, Malaysia ticks all the boxes Rob. Tax friendly if you come in under the "Malaysia my 2nd home" scheme; it's an island so you're never far from the water; 24c-34c all year round. Plus the bonus of some of the best street food in the world.
  12. +1 on the PL Montecarlos. I also enjoy the RG Panatelas Extra but the draw on them can sometimes be a problem.
  13. Rob, the changes sound more than fair to me. Was going to say who on earth has 60+ boxes when I realized I'm already half way there after only a couple of years of using OLH! ;p
  14. I suggest you go back to using Boveda packs or humidity beads. You will be able to maintain your humidity much better that way.
  15. In Bali for the weekend to attend a wedding. Having a RyJ No.2 on the patio of my hotel room.

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