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  1. Safe travels and have a great trip! Other side of the country than us, but I am sure there are other FOH for you. Share your adventures here. CB
  2. Great read this morning guys, thanks. CB
  3. New Trinidads are big and bold brother! Interesting point I would like to add, though might be a “BGO*” as a boss of mine a couple of decades back used to call it. * Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious: I own a coffee company. Folks in this business differentiate between strong and bold. Strong is how much stuff you put in the water. Bold is the flavour out of the beans. So strong cigar/bold cigar, could be different. CB
  4. What's in your glass today?

    Next one like better. This one, on the other hand is a tasty one we could drink any night. Smooth and elegant, not caramel or peat. Grain and tones of leather and maybe malt or cocoa? I don’t know. I just think it is like Irish Wow. CB
  5. What's in your glass today?

    Have several Irish whiskies is we have discussed, but never opened this one on the shelf somehow. I love Irish ones, like Redbreast and Yellow Spot. This one has more guts. Not peat like Scotch, but drier and the aroma when you are sipping it makes you want to pick a fight with someone compared to Jameson. Maybe because Jameson makes most of the stuff in Ireland anyway. Cheers, CB
  6. Your Standout Regional

    Totally agree. I even call the RA Gordito the Gordie Howe. Others that are related to the Netherlands or Belgium in any way seem to make me very happy, though the band text can be confusing. My only avoidance is the short robusto. I find that to be kind of a tourist trap? CB
  7. Hey! I like ‘em. And sometimes I buy a three pack or whatever cigar before I have tried it because I live on the wild dangerous side of this action. Come on to Canada y’all and I will show you the glasses of water in my wine fridges. BOO YAH! CB
  8. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I would say it was worth it and drink more to cope with hot weather and uneven burn. Cheers! CB
  9. We love them! Smoked many in Europe two weeks ago, buying Tubos from one merchant and regular from another. They are not easy to find. I love anything Trinidad. About two weeks ago. First night I bought the only two. I went back the next night, they had two more. It s a strange store that guys all over the world bad mouth about, but it is the only one in Hungary, not just Budapest. And they are nice guys who try to help you. CB
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Has about 5 years on it but written inside and I am outside. Lovely. Punch x2 CB
  11. Bitter cigar guy

    Have had this discussion all over the world now (with Americans when we travel and some Europeans). They love the fact that I tell how my FOH club members discuss it all the time and so we have many opinions and lots of info. Thanks! I say that from such a limited source we can look at what is happening to Scotch in Asia right now. We can say “Oh crap that better not be Cuba!” The only good potential news is our buddies who hoard our obsession like some of us. The price may rise but we pay what what we do. It is a luxury hobby. CB
  12. Back after a loooong absence

    Welcome back! Lots of new cigars, members and threads to read your kids. Hello to your wife! CB
  13. Heading to Hawaii on Fridaii

    Keep safe FOH!! Hope all is ok. This thread was about last year. This year’s wonderful trip was to Budapest and Vienna. There was a thread about that. The ltrip rewards North America’s top sales and others in Mr Beaver’s corp. He is the boss for Canada.
  14. your favourite/best TV character

    These three TV stars just happen to be on my phone because I use them for my photo avatar on Facebook. Pussy Galore too, but that’s a movie, not TV. CB
  15. shortage of japanese whiskey

    Recent trip to Europe had us sipping Yamakaze in our hotel cigar bar. Love that stuff! Will try to find a bottle sometime on our travels or online. I seem to remember it was made from Bowmore or something like that. Sorry if I am wrong. Bartenders now bring you tastes of two or three and then serve up the one you choose. Even in our town bars here north of Toronto. CB

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