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  1. "C'mon Matthew. You really let your wife buy all that shit?" *note: I have my own biz CB
  2. I will tell you my feelings about this, and I collect cigars for investment. My expectations are not all to match to glory of Behike 2010's purchased in that year. That was just a lovely bonus. Current bank rates on saving accounts in Canada pay about 1.5% interest or so. The dough sits there and says, "Spend me!". Collecting CC's is such a Blue chip, social and fascinating world for us. Done and done.
  3. Have never seen this either. We would think it was strange, but knowing where we get them as a trusted source, we would say, "gee interesting", then light up.
  4. Here's my problem with these boxes and it has happened a couple of times. Now I just have empty ones as keepsakes. Given to me at a nice cigar store when we were great customers. I cannot take one out to smoke and destroy the set, the value or what I paid for it. It would literally make the cigar taste weird I think? Owned them, turned around and sold them for what we paid pretty fast so we could. Just to get them off the shelf. CB
  5. Great post to read! Thanks El Hoze.
  6. I have been in so many stadiums but the the best has to be Wrigley Field. Not just because Chicago is my fave US city either. When visiting team hits a home run, crowd throws it back on field. If it is not thrown back, crowd gets pretty loud with spirit that means "Hey, you better throw that back buddy!". CB
  7. Maybe you have a bunch of different cigars in a wooden box on your book shelf. With a hunk of apple to keep them from drying out. Nooooo... say it ain't so! CB
  8. Don't own any. Collection is goin' up in smoke. CB
  9. Great comment in the article from a reader: "I'm always a fan of people who find new ways to fleece the rich with an 'emperor's new clothes' scheme. There are so many right now. I'm gonna market cannabis/cucumber water colonics." CB
  10. I am obsessed about baseball. Not just watching, but the rules and playing the game by MLB. Strangest thing has happened. I like TV and radio better than live now, because I like the commentary. Toronto Blue Jays are in last place in their division and guys moan and bitch about them. The games are great to watch no matter what. CB
  11. Illustrator and painter. Successful too. Some of the dough buys cigars and bottles of bourbon or whiskey. I am painting lots of stuff for Canada's 150th birthday. This is me signing 750 posters at Mr Beaver's corporate event. I have done it at lots of others too. CB
  12. I knew they say Belux, I just meant when they changed it. Did they throw out the ones they had... never mind. Lol. Love this RE!

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