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  1. What's your latest NC purchase?

    In Palm Springs CA. We keep finding more cigar B&M’s. Nicer and nicer each one. The one today had some sticks I have not purchased in about 8-10 years? Before we joined here and moved to Cuban only. Looking forward to this trip back down memory lane (I hope). CB
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    At Tinder Box in Palm Springs, California.

    Hey girl! Happy happy! CB
  4. On our way to Palm Springs

    Thank you for your posts! I do not hike. I drink and smoke, that’s about it, for recreation.
  5. On our way to Palm Springs

    We are here and the beer is yummy.
  6. If any of you guys live there, we always like to meet up for a shmoke when we travel. And an incredible modern art festival too! CB and Mr CB
  7. We are Monte 4 nuts right now! And these are 2014’s. Mmmmmmmm....
  8. Nice cold beer that’s in the fridge, and there’s like 4 or 5 kinds. A choice of lots of cigars based on the size and time you want, or perhaps the kind you have not tried yet. We will not get into the smoking side unless we think you will really dig it.
  9. pets - your ideal pet

    Another spot about our guy Blue
  10. are you a dog or a cat person?

    Mrbeaver and our dog Blue
  11. Happy birthday, dude!
  12. Happy Birthday, Smithy!

    Happy birthday Smithy! Hope the lads treated you right! :-) CB
  13. Guys in the States...

    Look familiar? Last June...
  14. Guys in the States...

    Absolutely. And a couple of guys from here meet us. We even went to Carnegie Deli first when it was there. But then later went to Macanudos, but find this bar too pricey for what you must do, buy Macanudo product. Too bad, the lounge is so nice. When in NYC with my daughter, stopped in at Davidoff and just had a Zino D smoke with locals and she went back to our hotel. Then went down the street and found the Chopard watch I post in the “watches” thread a few over. CB
  15. Guys in the States...

    “My go to spot in NYC is called The Carnegie Club.” Love it there!!! FIVE STARS, brother. Awesome recommendendation! CB

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