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  1. Your 2017 best "Bang for Buck" cigar.

    Upmann HC Thank you. Thank you very much. CB
  2. Had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure meeting you, Buck. The group of guys there that afternoon was wonderful, especially owner Trae joining us! Hope to meet in Chicago next time we are there. CB
  3. Smoked a 52 a couple of days before. These cigars sell so fast I had to book this box on the phone before I went in and and got it. Also, I never buy cigars in Canada, but could not find them anywhere after searching online. This cigar is quite mild but so smooth and tasty it is worth it. Creamy. And even in Canada, $25 CDN. Apparently soon they will be out as usual. CB
  4. Back from the big city to my small town y’all We will smoke the 50’s but put the 54’s away deep. CB
  5. Back from Havana

    Hello old friends! Thanks for sharing your fantastic trip. CB
  6. Cigar smoking & flatulence

    Good morning! I will now tell you a story. These two guys worked the late shift at O'hare Airport in the hangar. They worked on planes, engines and they worked so hard. By late in the shift they always needed a drink. One would ask the other if they had something their locker. On this particular neither had anything to offer. But one had an inventive idea to taste the fuel from the airport gas pump. It started kind of rough but by shift end, they were both used to the drinking and loaded. They made their way home happy. Early next morning one phoned the other. "How ya doin' today?", he asked. "You hung over?" The other said, " Ya know, strangely, I am just fine. I thought I would be so sick or even maybe dead from that stuff! How about you?" "I tell ya, pretty shocked. Farted around midnight and now I am in Texas!' Thank you. Thank you very much. CB
  7. Cigar smoking & flatulence

    Hold on. So are you saying you used to only fart 1-3 times a week but now you fart 5-6 times a week? Wow you must have some real power there,bro. CB
  8. I love this set up. Works for me. You do not have to buy the most expensive, although I did at first. You can get any shape or size that is right for you, even the mini one like the size of a big microwave oven. And if you change your mind, move it somewhere and fill it with cold beer. Small hydromters tell you if all is right and nice glasses of water fix it. Or take the advice of other brothers here. All good. Cheers! CB
  9. Check out Smokin’ Cigar on Bayview Ave. Love it there and was there just Thursday and Friday. They are knowledgeable, friendly and the cigars are beautiful. CB
  10. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Love seeing what everyone smokes here brothers! Opened some bourbon we got in San Fran last summer. Awesome. These QDO’s are great too. AGO 2016 and ready to go.
  11. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Check this out. Smoked it at a friend’s place in Toronto. Mild, but smooooth and tasty from beginning to end. I rate it mmmmmmmmmild. CB
  12. Did I achieve Plume?!

    Welcome Monterey and congratulations on your plume cigars. Enjoy them and find a great drink to go with them. Did you watch the World Series? It was awesome. CB
  13. You do not have to wait for the 24:24. The cigars on the web store here are the same. Honestly. All are inspected and you can see if they are in stock or not. CB
  14. Our boy Blue has been on here tons of times. But here’s his most recent with Mr Beaver. He’s a lap dog ya know.
  15. Perhaps the most ambiguous and sweet thread title from you ever, Nino Thank you and always great to see you brother. CB

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