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  1. Sent the pictures to Mr Beaver. He said it was weird and would never want that thing, whatever it is, Why the heck did you send it to me. And there you have it. CB
  2. Agree. To create a sticker for aged tells me it is for selling. Buy what you want any put it in your humidor. CB
  3. What should I request?

    I have stopped requesting friends to bring home cigars from Cuba. Especially if they cannot inspect them like we can. CB
  4. Cohiba

    We love any Cohiba Maduro. So interesting how almost all the boxes we have are around 200, 2009? So mellow in the taste, a n Ng
  5. Buying Blind

    Here's another comment about this place. Take it or leave it. The 24:24 is a fun and clever cigar Mecca. But the regular store on this site is just fine and I am sure has pretty much the same product. We have bought stuff from there for years. Boxes are open and inspected before sending. The 24:24 is a daily cigar thrill. CB
  6. Happy birthday Brandon

    Happy birthday brother! CB
  7. Buying Blind

    There are other places in the world that sell beautiful cigars. Honestly! Perhaps your cigars need lots of rest time in your humidor. Give them some and they will hopefully be great. Also, note RyJ can be iffy after you smoke Ramon Allones and compare. Yes, this is a wonderful place with friends, cigars and forum. But no need to give up on the world, brother. CB
  8. Those few and far between

    Thank you for a great written post @prodigy. We totally understand and unless this happens now with our evening cigars, I might sometimes pitch the one in hand and go for a second chance. CB
  9. Auction in Canada today for Pappy

    Still a few days to go too. Lots of tax and fees on top of this as well. CB
  10. Congratulations Jeremy

    Congratulations! Looks good on you!
  11. Same comment I was thinking... a dad younger then me... But hey? All kinds and sizes here! As early as before lunch, an Upmann Half Corona can make me so happy. Any time other than that, a Ramon Allones anything. Have a great time smoking good stuff with your dad! CB
  12. At the LCDH in Yorkville, around the corner from there, you cannot sit on the store patio and smoke. But you can stand on the sidewalk just down the street. Or, go across the street and there are these waist high concrete garden boxes outside beautiful shops. You can sit there with a coffee too. Other guys are there from the store. All with cheap stogies. CB
  13. 100 Greatest Singers of All Time

    Fascinating list. And from so many genres of music. Thanks! Come to love Nina Simone and glad to find her here. CB *wait, this article was 2010 lol

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