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  1. canadianbeaver

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Bayview, South of Eglinton. "Smokin' Cigar". Fantastic walk in humidor. And his staff is so friendly. CB
  2. canadianbeaver

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Fellow in that video is amazing and so pro-active. Every time I go to Toronto I spend time with him and enjoy his company. Thank you so much Rob! E-mailed!
  3. canadianbeaver

    San Cristobal La Fuerza

    Smoked SC La Punta today in the shade and we love Principe anywhere. So nice to read your review. CB
  4. That third picture is fantastic. Thanks for the “post.” See what I did there? 😁 CB
  5. one cigar - Siglo VI with age one bottle of spirits (and no, you cannot fudge with magnums or larger) - John Walker & Sons King George V one bottle of wine - something rare and expensive one book - As I Lay Dying one DVD movie - The Godfather 1&2 one DVD TV series - Law & Order original CB
  6. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A whole bunch of the 5pack boxes purchased on a 24/24 one night. But this is a biggie. Very nice and in a year plus should be even better. CB
  7. Chairman Toronto Tomater Haters
  8. Cohiba Siglo III please. CB
  9. canadianbeaver

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My favorite @jerrybrowne ! Here is me now CB
  10. We have fun teasing NC’s, but really have no personal hate-on for them. Honest! Gurkha: Brown Pickle Rocky Pootel Poo-dermo CB
  11. canadianbeaver

    Organizing your humidors

    Side by side wine fridges. One is just Cohiba and Monte. Two are mixed with stuff we smoke. One tall one with everything, but I keep brands together on each shelf. ** Not champ by any means, guys. Just collector. Inspired by many here. CB
  12. canadianbeaver

    LCDH Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

    This is exactly as it was in Budapest. One store for the whole country. Cigar lovers very critical because we know what good stuff is, but their access to good stuff is limited. As I showed earlier today, I stand beside the sales clerk with my beloved Trini Vigia Tubos I had never had before. I now have a few boxes and I love them! On the list above in your OP the last offering is Trini Colonial. Yayyy! The price 78.0 could mean anything? Fiver? Per cigar? Box? What currency? So wonderful! CB
  13. canadianbeaver

    Heading to the USA again

    You will love it in San Fran in October. My second fave city in the US next to Chicago. Have a wonderful trip and post your photos. CB
  14. canadianbeaver

    Hump Day Humour

    Cock and puss showing what is in undies. Glad you asked a Beav or what? 😎

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