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  1. Hello from New Jersey

    Hello and welcome to FOH.
  2. Nice review! waiting on a box of the 54's can't wait.
  3. New from Chicagoland

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. Your Standout Regional

    The Por Larranga Robusto for sure.
  5. Try the Fonseca No.1
  6. Your cigar of the weekend?

    Had a H.Hupmann no.2
  7. LCHD Havana - Sunday hours?

    They closed early
  8. Cuban Wine

    Cuba cigars and rum,Si. Cuban wine nada.
  9. Never had a bad one yet.
  10. Catching up with Hamlet

    Hamlet is a great guy, all the best he deserves it.
  11. Recommendations 4 A Newb

    I agree with El Pres regarding his picks.

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