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  1. anacostiakat

    Small Lizard

    Prehistoric! That's a lot of shoes and luggage!
  2. WOW. I remember that Star Trek episode. RIP
  3. anacostiakat

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    Yep. Bourbon prices are through the roof even if you can find stuff. I love some of this stuff but am not paying the ridiculous prices. I am quite happy with Buffalo Trace or Bulleit for daily happy hours. When I want higher octane for mixing I go with whatever I can find at what I consider decent prices. Like, Four Roses Single Barrel or Knob Creek 120, Noah's Mill, etc. These are easier to find and within reason.
  4. anacostiakat

    The rise of the conscious machines

    Yea I enjoy this show too. So very well done! Good acting. t
  5. anacostiakat

    Speakeasy: so civilised

    Very cool!
  6. Interesting topic. Am in my mid-sixties, retired and my chosen career fields were accounting and IT. No, I did not benefit from senior workers in my chosen fields. I did greatly benefit from fellow workers who sometimes were my age or even younger. Moving from the accounting field to IT. After thirty years clawing my way up to middle management. It can be little indicators of the millennial genners that expose their self absorption attitudes. My wife always complains about younger workers not holding elevator doors. Not saying Thanks or Thank You when someone does hold a door for them, etc. Now I realize that the whole cell phone obsession plays into this. The feeling of entitlement that seems to run rampant will be snuffed out with the reality of earning your daily bread. YMMV
  7. Very interesting. The prices for that kind of stuff are incredible.
  8. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you!
  9. anacostiakat

    Do we have any smoke ring masters?

    Not good at it. Sometimes I succeed. Remember that guy who used to come on Johnny Carson? Damn, he was incredible.
  10. So happy for Ovechkin, Caps and all their fans. It has been a long time coming!!
  11. anacostiakat

    What are you listening to?

    The Duke...
  12. anacostiakat

    The Land Rover Experience

    So glad we buy Toyota.

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