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  1. sounds like a one puff chump....
  2. Where is Reynaldo?

    i hear Rey is back
  3. that is in behind flordita...
  4. I was in and around the naccional a couple weeks ago everyday and i think it was the busiest I have ever seen it....packed at those prices
  5. Inglaterra charing 375 for standard room....nacional wanted over 3k for 5 nights....thank god for casa's!
  6. I owned my own business was in the business 10 years...built it to be the largest dealer for our product in the country (sales, installation and service for rural wireless internet). Sold my shares when I had enough of the field. I have gone back to work for an employer but have extreme autonomy on how I run the business...autonomy is key coming back to work for someone else. If I were to ever go it again in my own business which people whom have done it often do, I would never have another business partner OR make sure I retained enough ownership to have final on ALL. I previously had 2 partners and getting shit done was more times a nightmare than not.
  7. Good trip beautiful weather even got a day at the beach...Club Habana $10 cuc per person well worth it to get some beach and ocean in Havana....5 days...lots of walking.....naccional...club habana for monsdales....rum/cigar shop upstairs by flordita....some lunch el chanchulero....reys...partagas a tourist nightmare in and directly out...lots of americans...chit chatted along the way with a few.....when i go to havana it pretty much a circuit between club habana....comodoro to see alex and pick up his customs...melia habana next door...reys and a few other shops....they are keeping the topez and marquez behind the counters and limited purchase allowed except at reys lots of topez on the shelf...ryj capuletos on the shelves by the box load....great cigar by the way.....lots of mag 54s another great addition great trip all around!
  8. A lot of the hotels have similar marble ashtrays as the nacional except with their hotel listed....the nacional are the ones that get the attention...I was just there and they only had the small pipe shaped trays...
  9. I have an older box, maybe 2011 or so of Genios...I do not have the outer cardboard....can someone confirm the date stamp for the product...I am under the assumption it is on the outer cardboard only and not the bottom of the wooden box...is that correct? Did that change? thanks.
  10. A lot of heavy hitters went out in 2016 for sure.
  11. Tried one a few weeks back was terrible...certainly being fresh the culprit...I'll be in Havana next month that'll be the cheapest place to get them...not sure what the price is there...will probably try another single.
  12. I find it the exact opposite, smoking cigars in Cuba is difficult to find one that smokes better at home...
  13. Is the taking of gifts to Cuba still relevant?

    Any physical items I bring are for children and would be toy related, for the adults cash is king. For me making a child happy rings as a father.

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