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  1. origins of irish coffee

    yes, i'd completely agree. was a bit surprised anyone even tried. but i thought it interesting enough to have a look at.
  2. not sure if the pics will show. found this on line and so, in honour of st P and the irsh victory over england... The Creation of The Irish Coffee by Rina Addison1.1k Views Along with Guinness, the Irish Coffee is the ubiquitous St. Patrick’s Day beverage, and one of the most famous drinks the world over. But what’s behind the seemingly simple coffee, Whisky, and cream mixture? Let’s take a look. A Delayed Flight on a Cold Night The very first Irish Coffee came from the flying boat terminal at Foynes, in 1943, which was the main airbase in Europe for flying out to the United States (often carrying the celebrities and important political figures of the time). It was created by bartender and chef Joe Sheridan, who served the original Irish Coffee to some—we’ll say quite lucky—passengers while he was working at the port, and a seaplane bound for New York was turned back and grounded due to poor winter weather. Photo Foynes Flying Boat Museum He was tasked under a time crunch to come up with a warm food and drinks menu to serve the stranded, VIP passengers, and he more than delivered. The Irish Coffee was the star of the night and an instant success. Fast forward to 1951, after a few more years of Joe Sheridan’s Irish Coffees now served regularly to the passengers at the terminal in Foynes. One traveler by the name of Stanton Delaplane, a Pulitzer Prize-winning travel writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, was on his way through Foynes to get back to the States, and he stopped to try an Irish Coffee before his departure. The beauty of an Irish Coffee lies is in its simplicity and accessibility; an ingenious, warmly delightful combination Chef Joe Sheridan, inventor of Irish Coffee. Photo Foynes Flying Boat Museum Mr. Delaplane was so captivated by this creation that, upon making it back to San Francisco, California, he brought the recipe to bartender Jack Koeppler, of Buena Vista Cafe, and together they tirelessly worked out the recipe. When they could not get the cream to float on top of the cocktail as Mr. Sheridan had so effortlessly demonstrated, Mr. Koeppler took it upon himself to trek back to Ireland and learn how it was done in person. After the recipe was tested out on some customers, the Irish Coffee gained seemingly exponential popularity overnight. Meanwhile, back in Ireland, Joe Sheridan had worked through the closure of the flying boat terminal at Foynes, as landplanes became the new way of travel, and took his recipe to the Shannon Airport. Buena Vista Irish Coffee, source Not too long after, Mr. Sheridan was asked to work for Buena Vista Cafe itself, which had now become famous for the Irish Coffee – a bar devoted to his creation. Mr. Sheridan obliged and made the move from his small town north of Dublin to the United States, and worked at Buena Vista Cafe for ten years. He now rests in Oakland, California. The Buena Vista had its own Buena Vista Irish Whisky distilled for use for many years, and it still serves over 2,000 Irish Coffees a day, with almost mechanical production and perfected skill, a practice handed down from the master bartender Sheridan himself. The Irish Coffee was the star of the night and an instant success If you can’t make it to Hyde Street in San Francisco for the Buena Vista itself this weekend, you’re not out of luck—the original Irish Coffee recipe isn’t a locked up secret, and I’ve included it below; the beauty is in its simplicity and accessibility, an ingenious combination. Of course, as one of the most popular cocktails in history, many a bartender have taken it upon themselves to make an original rendition—I’ll leave you with a few “new” options to test out, too, so that you’ll be set to enjoy the many forms of Irish Coffee all day. The original Irish Coffee, source Atelier Cocktail The Original Irish Coffee See the largest collection of 18th, 19th and 20th century Cognac. The recipe by Joe Sheridan, Stanton Delaplante, and Jack Koeppler, still practiced at Buena Vista Cafe today. Ingredients: Two brown sugar cubes (or about 2 tsp. granular brown sugar) 1.5 oz. Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey (what Buena Vista Cafe uses today) Black coffee, hot Heavy cream What you’ll need: Irish Coffee glass (stemmed glassware) Jigger Bar spoon Jar with lid Hot water Method: Fill the Irish Coffee glass with boiling water to pre-heat for the cocktail. Once the glass is sufficiently warmed, drain the water. Place the two brown sugar cubes (or granular sugar) in the bottom of the warmed glass, and pour the coffee over until it fills about three-quarters of the glass. Stir to dissolve the sugar cubes (or granular sugar) completely. Add the jigger of Whiskey. Stir briefly and gently to mix. Pour about a third of a cup of heavy cream in the jar, and shake just enough to aerate it for it to float on top of the cocktail. Pour the cream slowly over the back of the bar spoon to float it. Vietnamese Irish Espresso Vietnamese Irish Espresso (adapted from I Am a Food Blog) Vietnamese Coffee is known for its silky-sweet condensed milk component, and this powerful rendition adds a Whiskey kick. Ingredients: 1-2 oz. sweetened condensed milk 1 shot espresso, hot 1 oz. Irish Whiskey What You’ll Need: Hot water Espresso cup Jigger Method: Fill the espresso cup with boiling water to pre-heat for the cocktail. Once the glass is sufficiently warmed, drain the water. Measure out the sweetened condensed milk, depending on sweetness desired, and pour into the bottom of the espresso cup to form a layer. Top with the shot of espresso, and add the Whiskey. A Creamy Irish Coffee A Creamy Irish Coffee (adapted from Baileys) For those that prefer some cream and sugar in their coffee, the creamy Irish Coffee rendition might be the favorite. Of course, the cream here is a liquor – but what else might you expect? Ingredients: 2 oz. Irish cream liqueur (Baileys) 1.5 oz. Irish Whiskey (Tullamore, Jameson or Bushmills) 6 oz. black coffee, hot Heavy cream or whipped cream What You’ll Need: Hot water Irish Coffee glass (stemmed glassware) Jigger Bar spoon Jar with lid (if whipping cream by hand) Method: Fill the Irish Coffee glass with boiling water to pre-heat for the cocktail. Once the glass is sufficiently warmed, drain the water. Add black coffee to the glass, and top with Irish cream liqueur and Irish Whiskey. Stir gently to combine. If whipping cream by hand, pour about a third of a cup of heavy cream in the jar, and shake just enough to aerate it for it to float on top of the cocktail. Pour the cream slowly over the back of the bar spoon to float it. If using pre-whipped cream, gently top cocktail with whipped cream.
  3. Six Nations 2018

    why limit it to italy? if another side finishes last in a year, surely that side then is into "qualifying" or whatever you plan? i'd certainly watch a south v north and it would be a bit of fun but do you see it rivalling something like the lions v all blacks or a bledisloe or a test to decide the 6 nations. or the world cup? to me, fun but frivolous.
  4. Six Nations 2018

    they have been talking about that for decades. along with a rugby v league game. the calender is already chockers. clubs do not want to give up players. organising and selecting and coaching will create endless havoc. and i suspect the players will only ever see it as a barbarians style game. which would be fun but will hardly meet the standards and criteria we'd want.
  5. Sports – The Game of the Year - so far

    i'm not sure you can call it an unfortunate placement. all the players know it is there. but yes, it helped saved the game for the broncs. that said, i do believe that they deserved to win the game (although JT also deserved to be a winner). justice was done. morgan and coote, especially morgan, will aid them. hard enough to try and tie down JT but adding morgan really makes it tough. all sides suffer injuries - so often the side that takes the flag has had fewer than almost all the rest. the cowboys had almost none the year they won the flag. they did brilliantly last year without some of their best. but the broncos have their own issues. bird yet to take the field. he could have a massive impact. kahu also broke his jaw. when the two of them are back, i can see milf to half, bird to 5/8, kahu back to centre and isaccko stays on the wing. depending on the boyd hamstring, he might even go to fullback. nikorima then to the bench as the backup half/5/8/hooker. interestingly, the broncos official team website lists him as a hooker. actually, they could move a few to 5/8 - boyd, isaccko, kahu, bird. they also have already lost savelio for the year. who knows what he could have been. they have some top young forwards to compete for spots (look out sam). haas, fifita, su'a, fai. plus tagataese - not so young. couple of young backs as well - nothing special in the halves, which could hurt - but i'm really keen to see if Seve could match the hype. long way to go but there is real potential to make the 8. anything less unacceptable.
  6. Six Nations 2018

    he'll be in the firing line if they don't win the majority of those. because the next thing that will emerge is former coaching assistants will spill the beans on how insane he is. a few former players might join in. and the english press, who make a pack of rabid dogs look like guinea pigs, would absolutely love to tear into an upstart aussie.
  7. Six Nations 2018

    so the hobbit could go from 23 wins out of 24 games to winning just two of the next ten.
  8. Six Nations 2018

    and both wins were due to a fair bit of luck off the posts. but a win is a win. the attitude you describe is so often so prevalent but the problem that they have is that they honestly don't realise it. and most are quite put out when you discuss it with them. and they are a bit offended that an antipodean could suggest such a thing. you point out that this is exactly the problem and we go around in circles again. certainly doesn't apply to all and i think the younger poms are not so bad. not immune but not so bad.
  9. Six Nations 2018

    more seriously, the predicted and inevitable implosion of the toxic hobbit is well under way. in a month or two, england has gone from near favourites for the world cup to the schmozzle so beloved of all rugby fans who do not own a tweed jacket.
  10. Six Nations 2018

    ah grasshopper, much to learn. as soon as anything is deleted like that, you post pretty much as above and then blame rob and his dismal site and his future grandchildren etc. never accept responsibility for any forum shortcoming. and yes, congrats to all bar england. have a great old friend of mine from england coming out for a visit soon. he planned it pre ashes and pre six nations. a request arrived last night that cricket and rugby be off the conversation table. fat chance!
  11. FOH – Sports – The Game of the Year How good is it to have the footy back! Now, the plan is definitely not a weekly review of the games, and indeed, this is being cobbled together well before most of them have kicked off in round 2, but last night saw what might just be the best game of the year, in only the second round, of any code. I had intended to look at just how extraordinary sport can be – how a team can transform itself in the space of a week. Or, of course, regress. We’ll get there. just felt this game was worth recapping. The story so far – the beloved Brisbane Broncos, incredibly popular north of the border (and south of North Queensland), and arguably the most successful team in the NRL since that first game back in 1988 when the King, Wally Lewis, led them out at Lang Park. If memory serves, they knocked off the first six games before coming back to the pack, but they have won half a dozen premierships during their existence. The Melbourne Storm, admitted to the competition in 1998, have picked up three, making these two non-NSW sides the most successful in the comp! It has been over a decade since the last Broncos flag, won in 2006 against the more favoured Storm, and Broncs fans are not a tolerant lot. They came within a whisker in ’15 against the Cowboys (yet more non-NSW success) but are overdue. Few think that this will be the year. Recruiting was minimal and some crucial talent was lost, not least Ben Hunt who joined the Dragons on more than a million a year, an amount beyond the Broncs. There are questions over the coaching, despite the return of ‘super-coach’ Bennett who has held the reins for most of the Broncs’ existence, including as their first coach. An interim, ending around four years ago, is the period many see as the time Brisbane went off the rails. We have certainly done a lot better since Bennett’s return, but a lot better is not good enough. It all came home to roost with a dismal performance in week one, thumped by the Dragons and showing no organisation, no kicking game and no forward go-forward. And precious little enthusiasm. As I said last week, I’ve seen bigger scores against them and worse losses, but never a game with so many boneheaded plays and stupid errors. Local papers said Bennett tore half Nikorima a new one. Interestingly, southern papers described the same incident and said Bennett tore Milford a new one. But the forwards were the real culprits. Granted we always seem to do better at home, but week 2 would be up against the Cowboys, grand finalists last year and premiership favourites with the return of players like Aussie front row, Matt Scott, and the player who can be rightly regarded as the best in the game, and the second best to ever take the field, JT (yes, I know that some see him as the greatest of all time but they pretty much tend to be those too young to have seen the King, or southerners appalled at having to face the fact that the two greatest of all time come from the glorious state of Queensland – mind you, there is only a whisker between them). It did not look good for our heroes. Many were saying that an improved performance would be enough, after last week. No one was tipping a win. The Broncos Cowboys clashes have become instant classics. It is truly extraordinary (and that is an understatement) how close these games have been in recent years, and even more importantly, the standard of them. A Cowboys Broncos clash now rivals Origin in intensity, skill, toughness and excitement. The last 11 games – 10 of them have been decided by 6 points or less with at least three or four of them decided by a single point. 3 or 4 of them have also gone into Golden Point (extra time). And there have been miracle finishes, stuff you could not dream up! Little did we know that the script would be followed to the letter and that the finish of this game would be one of the most bizarre of all, perhaps of all time. But ten minutes in, it certainly looked like more of the same. The Broncs were dire. They’d given away three offside penalties (enough for three weeks), the captain had split the pill on first tackle, they had around 12% of possession and were down 8-0, granted a lucky try but they were near dead and buried. Surely no coming back this season. Coach Bennett might just be for the chop. Rob believes he’ll be gone before season’s end. He may not be here next year if we miss the 8, but no way will they cut him mid-season. He means too much to too many fans and players. Extraordinary thing about sport – one tiny moment, one play, can turn things around. The Broncs tried a risky play, a short kick from yet another goal-line dropout. If it failed, the Cowboys would be on attack right on the Broncs’ line. That would surely be game over. One of the young guns, Isaccko, in only his 3rd? game, flew high, pulled down a screamer, and the game turned. There would be many more turns but this was crucial. Young emerging superstar, Tevita Pangai Jnr (both Rob and I have been huge fans of this kid since day one), had an absolute blinder and limited the Cowpokes’ star, Taumalolo, more than anyone has in a long time. Half Milford, he of the glittering feet and pin-ball running, also starred, putting pressure on the defence every time he touched the ball, but what impressed me even more was his defence. Often criticised, last night he was superb, regularly bringing down the massive Cowboy forwards (his partner in crime, Kodi Nikorima, had a better game as well but also had a horror miss in defence near the line towards the end of the game which let the Cowboys back in it). How can a side perform such a turn-around? It was not an influx of new players. Could it be coaching? Is it just a few tiny things on the field giving a side confidence? Any thoughts? Whatever your thoughts, kudos to Bennett for what they achieved. The Broncs stormed back into it with three tries and could have had three more. But, as they always do, the Cowboys hung in. Thank one man – JT. At 35, I think he is the oldest bloke in the comp. Luke Lewis? Grubby Gallen? He is coming off an injury that would have finished the career of kids half his age. And yet no one in the game gives more. It does not matter how far behind a Cowboys side is, and how badly they are being beaten, if JT is on the paddock, they are still a chance. Last night (I was surprised how little the commentators mentioned this), the Broncs targeted him in both attack and defence. They buried him every chance they got, the big guys running full tilt into him, time and again. And when he had the ball, they smashed him. Every time, he got back up for more. But he is the bloke who never stops. He’ll be first up in the line for a tackle and if the ball goes on, he is the one bloke who’ll chase it down to be the last line in defence. Always has been. He’ll take the first pass in attack and then be the guy backing up for the final one. When it gets down the wire with the game in the balance, he is the bloke who steps up, time and time again, to win it for the Cowboys. And so it should have proved last night. He kept them in that game. The Broncs should have been 20 up – in the Locky days, they would have been. But the Cowboys hung in, JT set up the points and then, in the dying moments, he put the Cowboys over for the winning try (a try which would have been thoroughly deserved by him, but one that the Broncs did not deserve). It was only a last ditch massive tackle by Pangai that could stop Bolton as he took the JT pass and went over but, as good as the tackle was, it was not enough. The goalpost made the difference as Bolton smashed into it, full tilt. Down he went, ball lost and the Broncs got home. You couldn’t make it up. As an aside, is it time to move to the American style goalposts where the bases are not on the try line but behind the dead ball line and the posts are in place from there? It was yet another game for the ages. I think I said to Rob, after the first game of the year last year, we’d seen the best game of the season already – yes, another Broncos v Cowboys classic. Well, looks like we’ve had our lot again. One more point. Well, two. As a lifelong rugby fanatic (also always loved the League), I despair for its future. Aside, possibly, from the terrific Test series between the Lions and New Zealand last year, there was no game last year which came within cooee of the skill and excitement of last night. The Reds, great to see a couple of wins but they are hardly setting the world on fire, are supposedly the most popular Aussie franchise, yet they have got crowds of only 11,000 for each of their two games at Suncorp so far (and trust me, that is on dodgy counting – they’d have been lucky to get 6 to 7,000 there last week). Yet a club League game, after a horror loss, still draws just short of 50,000. Rugby is bogged down in arcane laws, poor refereeing, a lack of skills (less so in New Zealand), endless resetting of set piece plays which wastes so much time and even worse off the field. A rivalry like the Broncos and Cowboys will often result in the two teams, and fans of the two teams, developing a real hatred of each other (one simple example of so many – as is no secret, I am a Skins fan and I flew through Dallas not so long ago, spending some time in the airport – I would have felt more comfortable in the sands of Syria). None of that here. At the end of the game, the respect and admiration the two sides have for each other was clearly evident. Great to see and if only there was more of it. Okay, that is enough League for some time! KBG
  12. What would you do?...

    the pair of you should give up. the thing is only about five foot high from appearances. surely even you guys can reach that high?
  13. Cuervo y Sobrino gift

    now there is a phrase i never thought i'd hear from any good Qlder - "my jewellry mate". i'm sure your nipple rings are very proud.
  14. Cuervo y Sobrino gift

    now i know you are lying. the idea of you having mates, let alone english ones...
  15. Cuervo y Sobrino gift

    monocle or watch? i look forward to receiving it. assume mine still being serviced? or will it go the way of my hamlets from the jar i paid for? you do remember that not only did i arrange for you to meet jose in the first place but also for him to give you, gratis, a lovely box of magnum 50s, i think. sharper than a serpent's tooth...

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