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  1. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    i have not.
  2. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    unfortunately not here in oz and in US $ but if you can arrange it, the 46 at US$275 at benchmark wines california - they have a daily email.
  3. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    funny you post those. i literally bought a couple of those blantons yesterday.
  4. it is a terrific watch. crazy life. car salesman in london chasing the daughter of the nsw governor. they got him doing some modelling. then tried to convince him to do an audition. he had no clue. had to sneak in and had not done a single day's acting in his life before it. i don't think he is as bad as often suggested but OHMSS was the first bond film i saw so that perhaps influenced me. but he was offered stupid money, at the time, and a seven film deal to continue - and pushed very hard by the producers - so presumably they did not think him too bad.

    happy birthday. see you soon.
  6. british tends to be a sort of cover-all. not sure that you need to distinguish. connery was scottish; there has been an aussie - lazenby; moore was definitely english (british if you prefer); dalton was welsh but moved to england when young; brosnan was irish but also moved to england when very young; craig is english. notice a trend here? no americans. no disrespect but i suspect that the backlash in old blighty would be the end of 007. you can get away with a yank if he moved to england when very young. otherwise, it ain't happening.
  7. not a chance. there is no way that they are going american. no offence but that is not a direction that i believe they would seriously consider.
  8. i should know better. but good wine always makes you think you are in superb form and unaffected by anything so mundane as alcohol. and i got enough positive responses to suggest that all was not in vain.
  9. my thoughts exactly re coren v aa gill. he is at his very best gill-lite. more gill-wannabee.
  10. This really just happened...

    terrifying that we have come to a state where it is entirely possible to believe that it could have been real. but i love the take cover bit. what? under the table? under the bed? in the garage?
  11. This is perhaps more for our UK members - curious to know the thoughts in general on coren. I just don't get him. It seems that a lot of people like him - he has been writing for a while so some must but, I'll confess that I gave up ages ago. Too much of it is taking cheap shots at defenceless targets. I do like the TV stuff he does - the little I have seen seems so different to his writing. I stopped reading him years ago because I thought he was boring and very average and that there was no one who thought he was funnier than he did himself. Anyway, last night when I got home from a very long lunch (11 bottles between 4 of us, including some great champers, not that Mr Coren would know), I opened my emails and had been sent this by a mate. The clever response would be to step back and wait until morning before commenting. But no, I thought, fabulous, another windmill at which to tilt. So, in I jumped. The big warning should have been that in attempting to register for the Times, I failed to correctly spell my own name - I am now 'ken gargeyy' to the Times. Did not even notice. Then I took my opportunity to express my view of Mr Coren and his thoughts on champagne. And then forgot about it. Woke up to about fifty emails - the first one saying that they would have liked to say what I said but courtesy prevailed (so I was rather curious to know just what I had said). Most of the comments are actually reasonably supportive, though certainly not all. Meanwhile, I need to find a breathalyzer lock for my computer.
  12. whatever let's you sleep at night, fuzz.
  13. i refer, of course, to their current popular form. not sure that you'll find many of them packed away in king tut's resting place. and we have been around since before 1962. actually, and now you have forced me into an apology to nz, i believe that things were invented (i am talking your basic cheapo convenient rubber version) in nz back in the fifties and then almost immediately produced here en masse. and called thongs. lord knows why. in nz, they are called jandals. again, lord knows why. ugg boots just one more great aussie invention.
  14. tennis shoes are indeed an acceptable form of nomenclature. on the other hand, in respect of thongs/ff's, i am not going to tell you anything. never would i be so presumptuous. i will, however, merely point out that as we invented the things, thongs is the correct name. flip flops are what politicians do. although i have an inkling that kiwis call them flip flops and do you really want to be aligned with kiwis rather than aussies? if i may, why is there a little sperm at the end of your post? am i missing something or were you hoping for the proverbial pregnant pause?
  15. What's in your glass today?

    the prices are partly transport/distance but mostly our arcane and absurd taxes. it means containers done privately are just as badly hit. i think i posted elsewhere that i took a Haag double magnum fishing to fraser island this year for the team. 2011 auslese. stunning, and got it for $200 (down from around $680 as the wholesaler having a clear-out. got a second for myself). 3-4 of us had a lovely afternoon. it was their BJS that are in your pics. and thanks for those. a couple for you... egon muller after a very funny day (will try and find the story for you - thought one of my mates had pegged out at the top of one of the steepest vineyards). then after, we had a tasting, during which egon fired up a cigar. to my delgiht and the disgust of many somms. and no idea why this has gone underline and can't get rid of it. , across the mosel to the prum estate. a tasting with ann prum. brilliant. at donnhoff. this was the extraordinary eiswein - only 113 halves or something like that, made for the world. the next one is tasting with helmut donnhoff. the view from the tasting room at robert weil. this was the wine we found in the cellar at zeltigen. wonderful.

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