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  1. will try and fix. the pics showed up in the preview???? useless forum.
  2. two weeks ago, a mate from sydney made the purchase of his life. a yacht in the whitsundays. then along came Debbie! fortunately, it was yet to settle and his deposit covered by insurance.
  3. i did have a cane toad. but it was dispatched. rare in broad daylight. please tell sheri that the lizards are welcome. i did watch one this morning which had clambered on to a log mid-stream. but the water came up and washed it away. not too worried - they can swim like fish.
  4. i am convinced these fall into what i think of as 'fine line' smokes. this is based partly on those i've smoked and from reading various reviews and other thoughts. there is obviously a heap of variance. but i think that the good ones are mild, subtle, complex, refined. the poor ones are bland, mute. so for me, all they lack is that litle extra to tip them into that subtle finesse etc etc. the poor ones are not dirty or poor construction or unattractive flavours. not sure if this is making much sense. i guess for me, there is a fine line between those refined smokes and those bland ones. we just have to hope that our cigars fall on the right side of that fine line.
  5. yeah, like rob has ever done anything for me!!!
  6. didn't know we had an old mods section
  7. ta westy. i got up at 6am to check the creek as a heap of overnight rain. had heard a few trees go over as well, thankfully not on the house this time. could not believe it. no change. the creek under the balcony was still dry (well, wet with rain but just earth). there is a puddle down in front of the neighbours which had not changed and more up the other way, about 150 upstream, or up creekbed as it is. bizarre. a few minutes later, just like an attenborough doco when the africa rains finally reach the parched desert, i could see the water coming. amazing sight. 20 minutes later, water raging everywhere, creek up and flooding. really wish i could have videoed it. i now have, and i am not making this up, rapids. have watched logs sail past (not as bad - not nearly as bad, yet - as the previous floods but there is potential, if we get more rain. as scheduled). if i am still here tonight, a zacapa xo and a DC in front of the footy. go broncs.
  8. if you want a response, you are better off emailing him direct. he only reads posts about himself. i've never bought any in havana but pretty sure we have seen them.
  9. we have a travel section?
  10. used to see them reasonably regularly but not for a while.
  11. a good friend of mine imports the stunning burgs of Mugneret-Gibourg (around 30 cases arrive in Australia annually, so it is very hard to find). he is planning on coming to Brizzy to do a tasting/lunch with a vertical of some of these great wines. this has happened in the last hour and is almost chockers already, just from me emailing a few mates. but there should be a couple of spaces. at the moment, it is likely to be in May. the specific wines not decided. it won't be cheap (and the most probably plan would then involve those attending also bringing along something a bit special). if you think you might be interested, do the PM thing and i'll keep ypu posted. rob, you are of course most welcome but these are truly superb burgs of great finesse - so they don't taste like barossa shiraz. you may not be excited.
  12. i went back to the box last night as i was so disappointed with that first one. could not recognise it as the same cigar. glorious. and yes, i agree time ahead. fingers crossed this is typical of the box, and not the first one.

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