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  1. Ashes 2017

    so john, you think marsh will bat 6? i ask, as i have no idea. he is usually an opener or 3 but one assumes they have not brought in bancroft for 67, although perhaps they are that dumb. in which case they will have brought marsh in for renshaw. if so, then i wish all the selectors a slow and extremely painful death.
  2. a call for assistance

    warren, you are a champion (and the ebay idea worth a look as well - never used it so might have to learn). a few troops for drinks wed if you are around. otherwise, we can have a crack at whenever suits you.
  3. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    all great songs. my point to cardinal whipcrack is that they are not that different.
  4. a call for assistance

    fuzz, you are a champion. i'll post the idea Rob and i chatted about and see if any interest.
  5. wondering if anyone might have one of those old non-digital hand-held dictaphones that we used to use in offices? they took very small cassettes, much smaller than the usual music cassettes. the problem, even if someone does, is that there were two sizes of these micro-cassettes (they were all called M30 or M60). i'm looking for the slightly smaller versions - only a few millimetres between the two but that is enough, of course. about the size of a large postage stamp. i have three, covering both sizes, but the one for the smaller cassettes is dead. the reason is that i have a heap of the tiny cassettes from many years ago and i am trying to put something together for Kenfessions for Rob. if anyone had any suggestions where i might find such a machine in Australia, i'd be most grateful. i still might be able to do the thing for Rob but nowhere near as well if i can't get to this stuff.
  6. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    i said i liked it! seriously, there really is not that much difference from one ACDC song to the next - and why am i castigated when i was agreeing with an earlier post which remains unscathed? such an attitude merely replicates the wallabies/poms ref'ing. it has absolutely nothing to do with comparing bruce to anyone. if you read the post more closely, you would realise that the only comparison i am making is that of JPY having only one song. just minor differences in the lyrics (bar yesterday's hero, in fairness to him). not that JPY is anything like ACDC. i had no idea you were such a JPY fan.
  7. Favorite AC/DC songs?

    my thoughts exactly. i thought that they only had one song (bit like john paul young). not that i don't like that song.
  8. Autumn Internationals

    john, you nailed it with poor discipline. our much-lauded captain is now the most yellow-carded player in test history. it equates to us playing an entire test with 14 men. might work against the Cook Islands but against england and NZ and so on?
  9. Autumn Internationals

    and prior to it, fiji thumping new zealand.
  10. Autumn Internationals

    i will add that the dismal effort - possibly a little harsh - was made so much more palatable by then sitting down and watching the glorious gunners thrash the sp*rs.
  11. Autumn Internationals

    the concern is that it seemed all the line ball calls went against the wallabies but to be honest, i thought most of them should have. hooper's try? technical ruling which presumably followed the rules and so no try, or appalling lack of knowledge by the officials. i don't know the exact rules on that but someone must. the no try for koribete. i thought 60/40 a try to us but i have no issue that it was not given. the one that helped to turn the game was that ball touching the line and being ruled okay. that is either corrupt or monumentally incompetent but either way, a few people need to be ref'ing the under 8s for a year or two. it was a disgrace. BUT, our own fault. that dimwitted joke beale (thought he had one of his better halves in the first half till carded - and rightfully so, though i have always thought that a stupid rule - but a truly woeful 2nd half) dawdles along and makes no effort to cover it. serves us right. he is a really stupid player. if i coached under ten's and a kid did that, i would tear strips off him. and he'd be only playing the next week if we were short of numbers. no doubt our clown coach will defend his performance. foley yet another shocker. first 20 minutes, he has put in poor kicks, thrown a forward pass, missed opportunities and knocked on and then missed an easy penalty (iceman my smelly arse). which then convinces hooper (wonderful player but not a captain's sock) to forgo going for the points - playing a good england side at twickenham in the rain. genius! and we stuff it up. no doubt our clown coach will defend him. if hooper was a tenth the captain he is a player, he'd be brilliant. but our captain has been carded for the 2nd week in a row in a major international. who does he think he is? ritchie mccaw? that is simply dumb play and not acceptable. no doubt our clown coach will defend him. i thought mcmahon was close to best on ground. genia down on last week. koribete is a star. kerevi played better than i thought he could. hodge again good. hannigan had yet another bog average outing. simmons makes the same errors after about 90 tests as he did in his first. our scrum was very good. kefu at top form. as for england, i thought that they had no real superstars but not a weak link among them. everyone did their job and did it well. played as a real team and good at every aspect. hard to beat that. we can bitch all we like but we did not score a try. and we missed kicks. one shocking decision did not cost us that game.
  12. Chicken Riddle

    and i thought it was to see gregory peck.
  13. Ashes 2017

    john, there is another terrific cricket article in this morning's guardian online worth reading. a chat between vic marks and matthew engels about touring australia. really enjoyable read (had to laugh, one of the comments mentions an old mate of mine, ian greig, as the "next ian botham").
  14. Ashes 2017

    good article on the incompetency and stupidity of the selectors. Fear of an Ashes loss gets Australia’s selectors spooked Geoff Lemon The squad for the first two Tests has prompted criticism but the problem isn’t decisions made. It’s the spurious justifications given Saturday 18 November 2017 08.00 AEDT Last modified on Saturday 18 November 2017 08.02 AEDT One of sport’s great passions is raging at selectors. It’s not a job that wins praise. But something is more deeply awry on the Australian panel than disagreement, a malaise that has persisted through changes of personnel. The problem isn’t decisions made. It’s the spurious justifications given. It’s the complete lack of any coherent policy, core belief or overarching rationale. The reasons given for one selection vanish for another. Principles committed to in one case are abandoned. Panel members pick whoever they feel like, then invent a reason, building arguments so flimsy that a Big Bad Wolf would only need to give a meaningful look. This Ashes side mostly could have picked itself. Only the wicketkeeper was an obvious flaw. Of the other two changes, you can make an argument for dropping Matt Renshaw due to Cameron Bancroft’s eye-catching run. You can counter-argue that Renshaw’s last Test innings in Australia was 184, he played important knocks on tough Asian tours, and that quiet domestic games to start the home season are largely irrelevant. That is fair discussion. The hypocrisy starts once the call is made. “We would like him to go back to first-class cricket and push his name forward with the selection panel through big runs,” said Hohns, though his panel has spent years ignoring others who’ve done the same. At the same time as saying domestic results matter, the panel picked Tim Paine. Australia needed an in-form wicketkeeper who could remedy a shortage of runs from Matthew Wade. Paine has kept wicket in exactly three games for Tasmania the past two seasons, and has made one first-class century in a 12-year career. He has been desperately unlucky with injury, and it will be a great story if he can take this chance. That doesn’t mean there was logic in the pick. The selectors used the fig leaf of two recent half-centuries – one in a net for England’s bowlers as they took apart a youth team, another as Tasmania piled on declaration runs against Victoria. Ironically, Tasmania only delayed the declaration in the hope of getting Wade a final hit, but Paine never got out. Advertisement The greatest morass of nonsense, as ever, came with picking Shaun Marsh to replace Glenn Maxwell at No6. Call him the Selectors’ Cat – Marsh is already up to life number eight. To be fair, Marsh played a couple of top innings in India, then was left out for Bangladesh. There have been times when he hasn’t deserved to be dropped, but there hasn’t been a time when he has deserved to be picked. Said selectors, he’s “playing very well at the moment, having scored consistently in the JLT One-Day Cup and first three rounds of the JLT Sheffield Shield competition”. Marsh made a hundred and three fifties in the one-day stuff. So did George Bailey. Marsh made three fifties in the Shield, Bailey made 106 and 59 in his last outing. Callum Ferguson followed an unbeaten 182 with 88 in whites, having piled up 50-over runs. Half a dozen others were in similar nick. Ed Cowan didn’t get the chance to try. The top Shield run-scorer in the country over the past three seasons was ordered out of the New South Wales side by Australian captain Steve Smith. Younger players were a chance for a Test gig, was Smith’s acknowledgement, but never Cowan. Likewise, Victoria ditched Cameron White, while an unwanted Michael Klinger left Perth to play in the Bangladesh Premier League. Cowan and Bailey are 35, White 34, Klinger 37, Ferguson 32. None were ever in the frame, seen as has-beens whose chance has gone. Yet the new Test No6 is 34, and his chances never end. For Marsh, selectors will ignore his age and point to his state form. For any other, they’ll point to his age and ignore his runs. Poor old Maxwell. The incumbent, with a fighting maiden century in India earlier this year. To Marsh’s three Shield fifties, Maxwell made two and a 45 not out, grinding a draw from 115 balls to show the versatility requested. Aged 29, one of the most talented ball-strikers of a generation has never played a home Test. This is a criminal waste, on the pitches that produce his best cricket. It was a waste last summer, when the spot was handed to a struggling Nic Maddinson, then on to gut-feeling choice Hilton Cartwright. This summer, it’s another waste by handing it to a player about whom nothing more can be learned. It looks like the fear of an Ashes loss got Australia’s selectors spooked. If my career relied on Shaun Marsh’s batting, I’d be worried, but he’s seen as a safe pick while Maxwell is a risk. But whatever the reasoning, it’s never adequately explained. People don’t like being misled. What we keep getting is a lack of transparency, a lack of accountability and a mentality of jobs for the old boys. It doesn’t just annoy fans, it messes with the lives of players. Careers stutter and sputter out, as old boys look after the new. But the very existence of boys’ clubs is under threat. The world is changing: gradually in the main, then with occasional rushes of subsidence. You can’t beat erosion. You can only move ahead of the fall.
  15. Friday Funny .

    fuzz, the tragic thing is that i am not making that up. when i was living on the coast, i heard her interviewed on radio. she actually said that when asked if she was racist. and she genuinely thinks that things like that mean that she is not. even worse is the number of people who vote for her - granted, bugger all options. people like her and her supporters are the greatest evidence for a divine power i can envisage. quite simply, there are times i think that the only explanation for them is that there is a god who has a really sick sense of humour. you kill one son...

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