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  1. ta guys. as ever, i just do what i am told.
  2. thank you, ned stark.
  3. i'm the reverse. my eyes are fine for reading (although there are a few wine labels with tiny tiny writing that have become difficult) but not long distance. so i have to have them off for the computer etc. mine sit nicely just on the eyebrow ridge but it is annoying. sometimes i put them off and then, if you can't find them, horrendous.
  4. love the bit where he says, where the head used to be! when you consider that this is a full sized cow, it gives you some idea of scale.
  5. rob was at an all male school.
  6. i wondered who he kept ringing. joking, D. ps - i tried to give him some sauv blanc for you but he said that as he is away next week, he needs you to be working hard all week.
  7. glad we did not discuss that this arvo. nothing stranger than true life. i have opted for D. then again, i am not married (perhaps better if i do not mention whether she is). jury out but i do not see it as a massively positive life choice for either of us. there are no photos, however.
  8. this is samuel jackson doing a quick update on the story so far. please note, it contains language that may be considered somewhat inappropriate for the forum however i have sought and received permission from on high.
  9. i'll open the cask in celebration...
  10. no issue with anyone disagreeing with his reviews and indeed taking no notice of them if they so choose, not liking his style or even questioning his methods (though there i think you need to perhaps have some legitimate evidence). for me, he works hard, is well respected in many areas (he is certainly very well respected in the wine industry). this would be an occasion i disagree with him. that will always happen. this is a subjective game. but i'm always interested in what he has to say.
  11. i'd disagree with that. he definitely has relevance. you might disagree with him, and fair enough, but he is relevant. i doubt that habanos would like to see him disappear.
  12. his two alternatives were ripping up his money while standing in the shower and knocking off a bottle of romanee conti in four minutes. why the hell would anyone bother smoking cigars if they whizz through them in 7 minutes? insanity. i respect a lot of what james does but we are not in sync on this.
  13. i can't tell you the number of tastings when i have seen serious wine judges, professionals, winemakers et al fail to pick whether a top pinot is burgundian or new world. the differences these days is nothing like what it was.
  14. is that to suggest no good stuff from the new world? mostly aussie/kiwi but an occasional burg. but i know better than to waste the serious stuff.
  15. oliver, pouring it back into the bottle does not change the weight on the plane but you've hit the nail on the head with "money"! spot on!

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