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  1. Has Wine Gone Bad?

    BD and organic wines are quite a bit different to "natural" wines. the former categories do use some sulphur. "natural" wines seem very much the latest fad and i'm sure some will stick but many will disappear as there is a massive gulf in quality for most of them. look at a number of the world's greatest wines and a high percentage (relatively) are BD or organic. can't think of a single one that is "natural". for me, little more than a curiosity at this stage, most of them rubbish but some of interest.
  3. no one ever pays enough! yes, no issue with the original naming as you put it, but i'd still argue that the novel is the source whatever the spelling. ta re the development. i was surprised when i read that but it came from the info i could glean from havana itself. not sure what they gain from perpetrating that if not correct - that said, i am not doubting you for a second. i simply don't know. just went with what i could find. perhaps time i went back and read a lot of that stuff one consumes when the interest first strikes!
  4. with apols for any spoilers re our forthcoming vid, some thoughts on the Leyenda. and i did not come up with the headline!
  5. you have to admire joanna lumley. from bond girl to patsy. and has no problem taking the piss out of herself. some of the travel stuff she has done is also not bad.
  6. after the great yorkshire pudding of 2018, i just saw this and thought it worth posting. i am, of course, and neutral and innocent bystander. but chicken and waffles? but then, marshmellows and sweet potatoes. where does that come from? pawnee? but to even the scales, marmite? that is just vegemite with a kids' name. and just as appalling. 7 Weird Foods Brits and Americans Can't Agree On British vs. American foodies. Flavor profiles were called into question and combinations were hotly debated. We all know the food stereotypes: Americans chow down on burgers and Brits live off fish and chips. While taste buds are largely a personal — not national — attribute, there are common trends that emerge country-wide. Spoon University writers in the U.S. and U.K. discussed some of the wackiest eating habits popular in their home countries. Flavor profiles were called into question and combinations were hotly debated. Here are seven foods Brits and Americans simply can’t agree on. UK: Beans on Toast Beans on toast are about as British as it gets. There is nothing more classic than hot baked beans in thick tomato sauce on heavily-buttered bread for Saturday lunch and it's an essential component of a proper full English breakfast. They're quick and versatile — if you're feeling fancy, you can top it with cheese or an egg (or whatever — it'll probably work!). Better yet, this staple literally costs less than £1, so it's definitely a student go-to when we're waiting for our student loans to come in. US: Chicken and Waffles Chicken and waffles has a cult-like following in the States, but not so much anywhere else. Breakfast and dinner foods are great solo; why demean their integrity with a careless combo? Here's the thing, chicken and waffles are not a haphazard arrangement. They're delightfully complimentary. Savory chicken on fresh waffles creates the perfect salty-sweet balance, and the addition of syrup or hot sauce takes the meal to a whole new "proud to be an American" level. UK: Marmite You either love it or you hate it, but either way, it's a classic. Eaten sparingly, Marmite can be the dream food. It melts nicely into hot toast and can be used in pretty much any way you can think of. Americans are missing out on a key spread here! US: Marshmallows on Sweet Potatoes This is an American Thanksgiving classic for good reason. Sure, it may not be the most intuitive combination. Sweet potatoes: wholesome and substantial. Marshmallows: artificial puffs of sugar and air. However, this entire dish has a warming flavor and sweet demeanor — it tastes like home. UK: Mushy Peas I'll admit it, mushy peas look pretty gross. But they taste heavenly. Mushy peas are the perfect addition to a pie or a good ol' fish and chips. If you can get past the fact that it looks mildly like vomit gone wrong, they'll quickly steal a part of your heart. US: Biscuits (Bread Rolls) and Gravy First things first: Language 101. Biscuit said in an English accent means cookie, but in an American accent it means a scone-like bread roll. Most Brits like to pair their scones with jam and cream (not meat juice), so biscuits and gravy can be off-putting. However, despite the unsettling look, biscuits and gravy are the epitome of Southern comfort food. UK: Chips (French Fries) and Curry Sauce Chips and curry sauce are very much a Northern Brit thing (but don't get me started on what counts as "Northern"!) — the closer to Scotland you get, the more likely you are to find chips and curry sauce on every menu in every chip shop. It doesn't quite ignite the same divide that chips and gravy does, but it's close enough. This dish consists of thick cut chips (fries) drowned in goodness and is ideal after a night out, as well as when you're stone-cold sober. The Debate Continues Brits and Americans might never be able to agree on these weird foods. Some combos will never be fully accepted; many favorites will be overlooked. Whether you align more with British or American taste palettes, remember, we're all just foodies looking for some good eats. Let's agree to disagree!
  7. i'd say yes. age them for about 70 years or at least until after we are all long gone. that would benefit us. and who knows, someone may find it and sell it for a fortune then.
  8. so the four months they gave wasn't enough?
  9. it is absurd for us to have any link. if nothing else, it has been massive for the UK in billions of dollars/pounds/euros from a tourism perspective alone. paid for itself many times over.
  10. sorry, it had to be asked. and yes, i know that there will be different views on this but i'm keen to know will anyone be watching the 'Royal Weeding'. and if the phrase, 'royal weeding' seems wrong, you have not been keeping up with your kenfessions so, you will have a fair idea of my thoughts. yes, i would prefer the gentle caress of death's icy fingers than have to sit through that giant borefest (which means that it is fortunate that i am presenting a champers class at noosa - krug, cristal, dom and la grand dame - in case anyone is in the vicinity).
  11. i thought that too, but we are talking fictional beings so i have no real issue. originally, i was thinking more of a character that has helped make a tv show one of your faves. colt mentions frasier crane - another classic. but i would also add niles. thought he was sensational.
  12. as always, when the "chips" are down, fuzz is 100% correct.
  13. and next week there will be a battle over something equally important like shoelaces or garden hoses.
  14. Sinatra

    my fave version is nina simone. and that was first played to me by an Italian who thought it even better than Frank.

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