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  1. you are, of course, largely right (one could argue we would be doing it for different reasons but end/means hardly helps) and it is more of a kneejerk reaction born of frustration. i really do not know what else to do. i have no real problem with putting them down either. i just thought it would be a far longer and more miserable punishment than a quick bullet. i should have added that they are then dumped in an unmarked grave with no information given to the family. what the US did by burying bin laden at sea was a very clever thing. no site to attract worshippers etc.
  2. mus, i might be a little less angry in time but there seems no sensible solution to this. i'm sure something like that will not be implemented but no one seems to have a workable plan. and as i said, this is not just in relation to ISIS or any other similar fanatics but to anyone, whatever religion/or no religion at all. timothy mcveigh and his ilk included. make them know that if they hurt innocents then they are hurting their families as well. it, or something like it, might also result in more people being prepared to step up and advise authorities on what might be coming. but tougher and tougher measures are coming. there is no way around that while these acts keep happening. anyway, i just enjoyed a glorious partagas LE 2004 so i am feeling a little bit more kindly towards the world.
  3. i should add that this is not to be limited to ISIS or fanatical islamists but anyone who commits an act like this, whether they claim a religious basis or not. no exceptions. i don't care if you are related to churchill - such an act gets such a response.
  4. i know it might not be politically correct but as a part solution - 1. the perpetrator does not face the death penalty - too easy. rather, life in prison, no prospect of parole. it is spent in a solitary cell, large enough for a camp bed and bugger all else. no internet, visitors, books, tv, radio, exercise. nothing. a dim light half the day. darkness the other half. a couple of very very average meals a day. the first bleeding heart to complain about the conditions gets the cell next to him. 2. the extended family faces action as well. i don't care if they are "innocent". you can argue that they have clearly not done enough to prevent a family member taking this action or you can argue that the scumbag perpetrator has destroyed innocent families and in doing so, also then inflicted pain on his own. if he knows these actions will be taken against his own family and still commits the act, no sympathy. the extended family (parents, children, siblings, nephews, nieces, cousins) would have all possessions immediately seized. everything. bank accounts, property, cars, toothbrushes. everything. don't care if they have been model citizens. if the grub who did this knows he will hurt his own family then it might just stop one or two. they would then be given a week to leave the country. all of them. forever. i don't care if they had only arrived in the last few months or been there ten generations. they have lost all rights to citizenship. they would be shipped off to wherever. and if no one takes them, they are confined until somewhere is found. yes, harsh, but tell that to the families who children were torn to shreds.
  5. sadly, you are probably right. there will always be those we cannot convince. marginalising the extreme elements to the extent possible would help but it is not easy. if we can win over the vast majority then they become less relevant. again, easier said...
  6. that is exactly right. in the end, there must be another way to stop them - hearts and minds? but until then, grateful thanks to those who do everything they can to make the world a safer place.
  7. i was just about to post this. great story. how very sad it is. i always thought him one of the weakest bonds but i always loved the bloke as an actor. great fun. you just have the impression he really loved life and had a great time. the saint, persuaders, bond, even alias. all great fun. a mate of mine, think i have told this before, was a journo in london when 'a view to a kill' came out. last moment, he was sent to cover the release lunch but had not seen the movie. was sat next to grace jones. asked who she was and what she did. she blew a gasket and had the organisers move him. was sent to the very back table. on it, both moore and patrick macnee, who were great mates. they were in fits when he got there and told them why he was banished, as apparently making fun of grace jones had been the sport of the shoot. they were on the back table as they both smoked. my mate did as well at the time. he became good mates with moore and they often caught up in london after that. my mate does not have a lot of good to say about many people but he always spoke extremely highly of moore. great fun and an absolute gent. he will be missed.
  8. bugger off! i saw some blokes netting on the beach this morning. could not dob them in fast enough. not quite the same thing but i'd have no hesitation. if innocent, one hopes they would quickly explain so and all be well. otherwise, if it could save a kid's life, i'd have no problem.
  9. it was a while ago but my understanding was that they did commission this particular roller, one of the very best, to head over for three months. he was offered a permanent position but preferred cuba to the luxury of saudi arabia, which says a lot. he was allowed to select his own leaves. make his own blend for them. it was all shipped over to saudi for him. but it had to be the finest quality possible, understandably. i would think these were something seriously special and unique. i know nothing of bands or other occasions, but no doubt someone can advise us.
  10. i know that this thread is not the place for humour but a mate of mine ran in the 96 Olympics. he was very close to the park when that bomb did go off. his business partner always reckons he ran back to the olympic village faster than he ran in his race. more seriously, it does not surprise me. i sometimes wonder if it might not be a good thing if more of it was made public. i know that the public does not want to know these things but it might make people more careful and might change a few views. and those involved in stopping these attacks might get more of the thanks and recognition that they deserve.
  11. my comments not directed at yours at all. i would hope that this does not descend into such an argument - what happened deserves better. i was merely putting the counter argument (if you like, for want of putting things in a more forceful way), as too often i see that tack taken. my post is not meant to denigrate whatever beliefs others have, but to acknowledge that there are those as equally offended by this mess being attributed to a god and/or religion, as others are presumably offended by any lack of such beliefs. i don't think this is the right thread for it but if it is raised, then i think it deserves a response. for me, i am more than happy to leave this thread to what it should be.
  12. which is all good news. i wonder just how many of these attacks the security/police services in a number of countries stop before they happen? i suspect we owe them more thanks than we will ever know. sadly, it will always be impossible to stop them all.
  13. doing better than i am managing. down at hastings point - used to be great fishing. not a touch despite giving it a go for a couple of days (to be fair, have not fished that much but still nothing). chatting with another guy who has been trying everything he could think of but also nothing. says the place is fished out. then this morning i see three boats launching from the beach with their nets to go up and down the beach. any wonder the place is fished out.
  14. sorry ray, this might not be the place, but please remember i didn't raise it (be more than happy to have this debate elsewhere). "The human characteristic to exercise "their desire for power and control" as the will of God is the greatest of human flaws, furthermore the greatest sin of all.". this, i completely agree with. however... i get really angry when people start hiding behind god and religion for such senseless crap as this - on both sides. people are welcome to believe in whatever they wish but the problem comes when it spills over, as it inevitably does, to the detriment of others (a very mild way to put it). they commit these acts because their supposed god tells these deluded morons to do it (yes, it might not fit with the alleged tenets of their religion but they have twisted things to justify it - as do so many in so many other religions). others justify responses based on their gods. god is not needed to respond to this sort of barbarity. a sense of decency and what is right should surely be enough. you think god exists when crap like this occurs? sorry, it is just yet more compelling evidence to the contrary. i do believe differently and it is not because any so-called god gave me anything. religion has been the bane of humans ever since they invented them. and is likely to lead to the eventual demise of the entire human race. religion has caused more death, pain, insanity and war than anything else on this planet. nothing else close. i agree that there is/should be a penalty to come for these acts but it ain't coming from any god. before others jump down my throat for this post (not for its contents, to which i am happy to respond, but for its placement) i would have preferred this thread remain one purely for the commiserations to the victims and families but others chose to lead it down a different track. all i am doing is responding to that, as i feel that it is as necessary as those who brought god into the debate in the first place presumably did in doing that.

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