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  1. Thinking of you guys. Hope you are all well. This image says it all...
  2. Ah, looks great. I am more than ready to go back. What did Carlos Robaina give you to smoke? It looks like a well rolled stogie.
  3. Lovely HdM No.2, pungent aroma...TEA JUL 16
  4. Ha! We should try traveling together. I'll wait for you in the bar!
  5. Thought an update is in order. I was denied Global Entry last July (for complicated reasons not related to getting 'the letter'). I appealed to the ombudsman (really) and heard nothing back until today when I received word that I've been approved!
  6. Lovely HUPC with a nice fragrance. TOS NOV 16
  7. I thought I posted these a while ago... Splendid boxes of Monte Tubos. Shiny and fragrant. Both boxes are labeled PMU SEP 14...
  8. Good man! If you're only going to get one box, make it a cab of 50!
  9. You only got one box?
  10. Last week I had an SLR DC with some age that looked like hell but smoked fine with no help at all.
  11. I smoke in my Roadster but only when the top is down. I've found that for some reason, cigars taste even better at 115 km/h...
  12. Splendid boxes of Monte Tunis. Shiny and fragrant. Both boxes are labeled PMU SEP 14...

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