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  1. Tolerating cigar smoke would not be what would keep the gals away , I would be looking for someone who likes guys who fill their shorts when the missile is on its way. But seriously, (yeah right) I would take advantage of the opportunity to smoke in the house for a change and light up an H&F 225.
  2. An update. I installed a small Hydra humidifier on the top shelf and set the level for 64% and left the sensor for the Magna unit on the top shelf as well. The Hydra maintains the upper region around 64-66% and the Magna keeps the lower regions around 66-68%. I am happy with this. I am content with the knowledge that the accuracy of the hygrometers is flaky even though I annually replace the batteries and calibrate with the Boveda kit when necessary. After all, this isn’t the Cavendish. Readings between 60 and 70% means not too dry and not to moist and good enough for me.
  3. I thought about this and removed the fans from the top shelf (the fan unit from my original Oasis Magna) and put a tray of moist beads to provide humidity. The sensor control unit for the new Mahan is up there. The moisture from the beads is raising the humidity up there and reducing the out put from the Magna on the bottom shelf. The humidity is higher on top (58%) and down to 71% on the bottom shelves. My auxiliary fan kit will arrive tomorrow so I can better adjust airflow. By tweaking airflow, providing another source of humidity (I might get a Hydra unit) on top and adjusting the sensor for the Magna, I think I am on the way to regaining control of the situation. Temp on the bottom shelf is now 63F and the top shelf is 68F.
  4. I moved the tower from the exterior wall to an interior wall and the temp on the bottom shelf is now 63 F and the top shelf eat 69F. The humidity on the bottom shelf has dropped to 80% and the top shelf is at 57%. I have a ton of dry 65% beads down there and still can't get the humidity to drop. I just added another 1/2 lb of beads and will see if things stabilize overnight. Maybe I need to design a system of rotating shelves that will cycle my boxes from top to bottom and back again to maintain a consistent level of humidification...
  5. I am getting closer to ordering one myself. Enough screwing around! Still, I am wondering why the difference in humidity from bottom to top.
  6. Last summer I bought a used tower humidor with an old Cigar Oasis Magna humidifier. I removed the foam brick and used it with distilled water and water saver beads until Xmas. The Magna was on the bottom shelf and kept the lower area around 65-67%. The r/h readings were lower at the upper shelf where the temp is a bit warmer. There they were around 59-60%. I keep digital hygrometers on each of the shelves and switched them around to be sure the hygrometers were roughly accurate. In December, the h started dropping to about 54% on the top shelf and I decided to get a new Magna 2.0. I installed the new one and now the h is 90% + on the lowest shelf where the new Magna sits (right where the old one was), 87% on the next shelf, then 70%, 61% and 57% 0n the top shelf. I was wondering if it was air flow being blocked by boxes so I emptied the 2nd shelf up and the left side of the remaining shelves. Not much change overnight. Then I cannibalized the top of the old Magna and have it on the top shelf to run as an aux fan. After an hour, h on bottom is 87% @ 63F, then (moving upwards) 82% @63F, 78% @ 65F, 61% @ 70F, 61%@ 68F and 55% @ 70F on the top shelf. I am wondering how to get lower h on the bottom shelves and higher h at the top. I have the sensor/controller mounted on the back wall on the top shelf. My reading says humid air rises. Any thoughts?
  7. I was told I should get royalties for this design...
  8. Solstice cigar on the porch with Zelda. It might be -6°C but the days will be getting longer from here on out. Happy Holidays, mates!
  9. As soon as I put the QdO Secretos in the humidor, the postie drops off another box. This one is a splendid cab of 50 H d M Epicure No.2 from our host. Fantastic aroma, it will be hard to let them rest... ROM SEP 16
  10. A lovely gift for my wife arrived from a mate in Paris today. Quai D’Oray Secretos great appearance and fragrant as a mademoiselle’s ... boudoir! SUM DIC 16
  11. Very nice box of Secretos with a rich aroma of baker’s chocolate SGA ABR 17
  12. Maybe next week. Think I’ll win the Powerball first.
  13. Happy holidays and safe travels! If it gets too hot down there, you are always welcome to cool off in subtropical MN.
  14. I was flying home last Monday and picked up a bottle of Havana Club 7 year in the Heathrow Duty Free. One of the lads pushing samples said that I get a little bottle of bitters for free. I did not look at it until today and thought, whoa, this is a bit forward for a Cuban company. Then I read the back and see the bitters are from Germany...

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