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  1. I don't really have a storage space problem. Sticks that don't have their own box (like NC sticks from my local B&M - gotta keep supporting them) go in a few drawers with all the other loose sticks. If I bought a full box, that box stays in the humidor even if it only has 1 cigar left in it!
  2. Absolutely phenomenal RA Allones Extra. Easily my cigar of the year so far. Layers of fruit and spice on the palate. Copious volume of smoke. Just leaves this wonderful vicsous aftertaste in my mouth. I love a good corona and other "skinny" formats. I'd score it as an easy 97/98. Just wish I'd been smart enough to go long on these 5 years ago.
  3. I know there's been a lot of mixed reviews on these, especially when people compare them to the prior La Escepcion release. But, I think these are absolutely brilliant cigars. The Don Jose box I brought back from Italy last year has opened up amazingly. Beautiful flavors and spices. Perfect roll and burn. Enjoying this one on my deck overlooking the wife's summer gardens. Perfect evening here in KC after a lot of summer storms the past few days. Easily a 94/95 type cigar for me tonight
  4. For a special gift box, make it special. Maybe the RA Club Allones? Or one of the other LEs that are out and available now. For a special Petite Corona, there's still a number of Hoyo Du Prince boxes to be found. Since they've been discontinued it will be somewhat of a rarity soon enough. I've put away several boxes - I love the size and the taste (I love most Hoyos). Add in the cachet of having a box of something that isn't made any longer and you've got a special box. Plus they're quite affordable!
  5. You read my mind. Other than a few hoarding problems I have for a couple of cigars, I'm trying Rob's theory of one box to smoke and one to age. My wife is struggling with that concept for some reason.
  6. Amazingly enough, with all the Ramone Allones in that picture, there's not a single RASS. All Club Allones, Superiores, and Small Club Coronas. I got a little carried away for a few months there on the RA buys.
  7. I have a couple boxes of the Encantos. Absolutely love them and love the vitola. Would stockpile more if they were available at anything resembling a decent price. Have never tried the SLR so can't comment other than I love the SLR Regio. Don't know if it shares any of the same characteristics as the Pacifico.
  8. I've got the Colibri as well. Never thought to try it on a pyramid before. The 45 degree cut always works well on those. I use the V-cut on anything 50 ring gauge, or thereabouts, and above. Thankfully I don't smoke anything bigger than that too often. On the smaller ring gauges, I've gotten into habit of using a punch cut. That works really well on the skinnies.
  9. We're you not able to find any when you were there.? I found one box of the Don Joses in Fincato when I was there in September. Wish they'd had more.
  10. Well, it says "Sport" on the back of the truck!
  11. I did a topic thread on the cabinet several months ago when I finished it, but this photo of my humidor pretty much shows my feelings on spacing. Lots of room for growth, and for display and play.
  12. Part of the decision making for me in the size of a humidor I built for myself wasn't just the rough storage capacity. I wanted room to not only store a lot of boxes but to be able to see those boxes as well. Meaning a lot of extra room so I could "display" some boxes and easily see my stock. To play around with it actually. It's not nearly as much fun if you've packed every nook and cranny and can't see most of it.
  13. ALWAYS go larger than you think you'll need. The lure of the 24:24 and this new found space will keep you buying boxes. If all you're doing is singles, that humi is great. But you'll be more and more tempted to go to the dark side and start acquiring all sorts of new boxes and cabinets. It fills up quickly!
  14. Love it! Are you wearing a smoking jacket too? Man, I need to up my sartorial game now!
  15. This thread is useless without a picture of you in the new smoking cap!

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