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  1. Goodbye, my Buddy Boy

    Golden Retrievers are the best dogs, EVER! Our current Goldie, Peach, is a tank She's 90lbs of total golden goofiness. Couldn't imagine life without her around. Sorry for your loss. They're truly part of the family.
  2. So which fits better now? The new car or the new jeans?
  3. Pretty simple really. Best thing to do is go to the Laguna website and find their video installation. Make sure and watch the entire video first then do the install. It's a good video but it's done by "but first" man. You know the type, the video guy says screw nut A onto bolt B, blah, blah, blah, BUT FIRST be sure and put bracket C into place. I had one of my sons helping me because the unit was pretty hard to lift once you attach the blower motor, and after two or three "BUT FIRST" moments where we had to undo what we just did so we could do the "but first", we finally broke down and went through entire video to find more but first moments. You'll definitely need want a helper to get it upright and maybe to get it out of the crate. Mine's the 3hp version and I did some extra wiring for my shop to support it. You might also check on the website. They have a pretty good forum discussion going on the Laguna dust collectors.
  4. That’s one step the wifey won’t allow. I turned the upstairs bedroom into my man cave when my youngest moved out last year. Guitars, amp, big screen, couple of recliners. But so far no movement on the indoor smoking ban! I’m playing the long game here, hoping I can wear her down. Think it would cost me some major home remodeling expenses to trade for this one though.
  5. I'm a woodworking geek. Gave myself this new dust collector for Xmas and replumbed my shop with hardpipe form this to all the tools. Sounds like a jet engine when I turn it on - I love it! P.S. It came in about a 500 lb crate. My wife sh!t when it showed up unannounced. Oops!
  6. Haven't been there since Outlaw South opened up. Not a very inviting lounge with just the couch and a few chairs. If 5 people are smoking it get's awful in there. Nice folks, just not a very good setup for a lounge. <y purchases of NCs has gone way down and is usually just so I don't feel guilty sitting in the Outlaw with a cuban!
  7. He's redoing the north store? Is he moving it or just expanding further along the strip mall there? I've only been up to the north a couple times for events. South store is less than a mile from my house so it's too convenient to do anything else.
  8. I have a fantastic place a few minutes from my house, Outlaw Cigar ( Owner took over an old restaurant, gutted the place, and built a great facility. One of biggest humidors I've ever been in. But the best is the smoking lounges. About 5000 square feet spread through the building. Multiple big screen TVs, with lots of leather club chairs so it's a must for good sporting events. It strictly a bring your own food/booze place because of local laws, so everyone brings in lunch/dinner/libations. Even has a bar between the two main smoking lounges to do your setups. They don't really care if you bring in your own smokes, but I'm a firm believer in supporting my local B&M, so I always make sure to buy something while there. Owner is also a big supporter of US military overseas, and sponsors events to send caseloads of cigars to the troops. These events are a site to behold, hundreds of people, free food and drink - and all for good causes. Lots of entertaining photos on the website. I've also met up with a few FOH members there over the years when they've come through Kansas City.
  9. On a more fanatical note, suck it redskins! You got hosed.
  10. As a life long KC Chiefs fan, I’m happy that the Chiefs stole your best defensive cornerback, got a 3rd round pick and dumped a $20 million dollar contract off our cap. Smith is great person, but he’s only a good QB. He was never taking the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. Time to start a new QB era here in KC and spend the found money on more defense.
  11. Not quite a Cigar Cutter

    It's going to be really hard to light and hold my cigar after I've lost a few fingers.
  12. We have a beautiful Spanish architecture shopping district here in KC called the Plaza. Every Thanksgiving they throw the switch and turn on the Xmas lights. Beautiful in winter. Horse drawn carriage rides and just a wonderful tradition here. That’s me and Mrs CigarAsh out having some fun a few weekends ago
  13. How is it humanly possible to just hide a new box away like that? I’m a firm believer in trying every box right off the truck. But I have impulse control issues.
  14. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Reward for a long weekend in my wood shop. A nice home brewed Bavarian Hefeweissen and a Monte 80th on the deck It’s a beautiful 75 degree October day in KC and the Chiefs don’t play until tonight. Anticipating 90 minutes of cigar and beer nirvana.
  15. NFL Week leader.

    Skins definitely had a good shot at winning that game. Some poor penalties kept Chiefs drives going. I was most impressed with their defense. Fast, flying to the ball, hitting hard. Didn't let our athletes like Tyreke Hill get out in space where they could do some damage. Not the prettiest of games on either end, but good to watch for the Chiefs fans. My oldest son was at the game and texting me. He had a blast. Said everyone in the lower bowl of the stadium stood for the entire game. He's used to that from his college days I guess. View from my man cave was excellent and I didn't have to stand once (except to get a new beer).

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