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  1. How is it humanly possible to just hide a new box away like that? I’m a firm believer in trying every box right off the truck. But I have impulse control issues.
  2. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Reward for a long weekend in my wood shop. A nice home brewed Bavarian Hefeweissen and a Monte 80th on the deck It’s a beautiful 75 degree October day in KC and the Chiefs don’t play until tonight. Anticipating 90 minutes of cigar and beer nirvana.
  3. NFL Week leader.

    Skins definitely had a good shot at winning that game. Some poor penalties kept Chiefs drives going. I was most impressed with their defense. Fast, flying to the ball, hitting hard. Didn't let our athletes like Tyreke Hill get out in space where they could do some damage. Not the prettiest of games on either end, but good to watch for the Chiefs fans. My oldest son was at the game and texting me. He had a blast. Said everyone in the lower bowl of the stadium stood for the entire game. He's used to that from his college days I guess. View from my man cave was excellent and I didn't have to stand once (except to get a new beer).
  4. NFL Week leader.

    As a Chiefs fan here in KC I thought that was humorous. More of a shot at the Politically correct/incorrect debates over our team's nicknames. Don’t think it was a shot at you Ken.
  5. Haven't seen the Skins play this year, but I've read the defense is pretty damn good. Will be a good test for the Chiefs. The most dynamic offense I've seen the Chiefs run in a long time. They have some real game breaking talent on offense - lots of big plays and lots of points. Something I never thought I'd see with Alex Smith as our QB.
  6. I thoroughly enjoy any time the Raiders get humbled by anyone. I've hated the Raiders since I was a kid as does any true Kansas City fan. Ken - watch out for next week. Washington at the Chiefs for Monday night. For once, I'm actually getting excited about my Chiefs chances to do something other than limp into the playoffs and roll over meekly for whomever they play.
  7. FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had my first Quai D'Orsay Corona from a box pass earlier this year on the US forum. I love a good box pass as a way to try new things. The QDO Corona had some six or so years of age on it I think and was just magnificent. Easy 93/94 cigar for me. My response to that was to score a box to start smoking. Even these fresh ones from 2016 are delicious. Mild to medium for me with just a light fragrant spice. pairs well with a good bourbon. Time to get a second box for aging while I smoke through these.
  8. Corgis are just the coolest little dogs. We have a bunch in my neighborhood. They always make me smile when I see them. As for your Pats choking, ahem, they had their butts kicked by my Chiefs! Unfortunately it cost us Eric Berry for the rest of season. Out with ruptured Achilles tendon. .
  9. Equifax Data Breach

    I already started the sign up process last night. They gave me Monday as the date I can take the next steps in the sign up. Kind of a convoluted process but when you have that many people impacted, they've got to try and regulate it somehow I guess.
  10. Here's a few shots of last couple of pieces for my son's apartment. All from California Claro walnut harvested and rough milled by an old college buddy. Entertainment center and his new dining table. Chairs are next up when I get the shop set back up. If you really want to geek out, I post a lot of stuff on (my page is It's a great place to gain some knowledge, see other people's work and post your own work. It's a good community like this one.
  11. Hmnmm, Cigar: Anything corona size or skinny. Loving the HdM du Prince. And yes, knowing they're off the list, I've started stockpiling Music: I'll listen to anything blues related. But went to see Yes 2 nights ago in concert. Now I can't get their old music from the 70s out of my head. A really great show. Rick Wakeman in a giant purple cape playing 8 or 9 different keyboards throughout the night was pretty cool. TV: My sons have me hooked on a lot of the Marvel stuff that's out. Been watching the Daredevil series on Netflix. Beverage: The craft beer revolution is alive and well in my kitchen. My latest is a nice Bavarian Hefeweizen. Tedious to make your own beer but surprisingly easy and fun to do. My sons seem to appreciate it! Hobby: I'm a huge woodworking geek. Been building furniture for my youngest son for his new apartment (pictures available for anyone interested). Took a break from that to rebuild the dust collection system in my shop. The old system was spreading more dust than it was collecting. Installed a new 3hp cyclone and now running hard pipes throughout the shop to all my major tools (table saw, jointer, planer, etc). 9 different tools getting connected to the new system. It sounds like a jet engine when it fires up - I love it! Doing a nice deep cleaning of the shop as I go. It's amazing the amount of crap that builds up in a workshop and the layer of dust in strange places after 26 years in the same shop. I"m also trying to learn guitar - my love of blues now extends to me trying to learn to play it. I've "mancaved" my son's old bedroom and put my guitars, amp and other noisemakers in there. Wife thinks I'm pretty crazy but after 31 years (just yesterday) she's used to it As long as I'm not underfoot and in her way, she let's me indulge my hobbies, including the cigar collection.
  12. QdO Reboot

    Time to stock up on the QdO coronas that I've recently discovered I love. Had one in a US Box pass earlier this year that was out of this world good.
  13. You take that BACK!!! Just a cigar???!!!!????
  14. And for anyone with an Iphone or Ipad. Push your home button for SIRI and tell her "I see a little silhouetto of a man".
  15. Saw Queen with Adam Lambert last month here in KC. Was a really great concert. Nice stage setup, good set list. Lambert can really perform. He's not Freddy Mercury, but he does pretty well. ' Brian May can still really rock. One of my favorite rock guitarists. The runway projecting from the stage was actually shaped and lit just like his signature Red Special guitar he has used throughout his career. At one point, a drum kit came out of the end of the runway and Brian May, Roger Taylor and Lambert all performed a few numbers out there in the middle of the crowd.

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