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  1. For me, it's electricity. I build things, use power tools regularly, am a solid craftsman. But anything inside the electrical box just freaks me out. I can know the electricity is off (because I turned if off) and I'm still terrified to change a light switch or anything involving the electrical in my house. I just know I'm going to die.
  2. Have to throw my hat in for Turks & Caicos also. Beaches resort there is a terrific all-inclusive. Did an extended family trip there (about 20 of us including kids) and everyone enjoyed it immensely.
  3. I'm the proud owner of 4 of those now! And I do order occasionally from our Hong Kong friend. Think my wife also ordered me something for Xmas from them and that's partly how we ended up with 4. The wife has suggested I find a few cigars that fit well in them and gift the holders to a few friends. Excellent idea and cigars picked and ready to bomb away!
  4. That's very cool! p.s. Who the heck is flying that thing?!?
  5. Think it's probably the best full flavored small smoke in the Cuban lineup. I have several boxes put away and flip between those, Party Shorts and Rafael Gonzalez Perlas when I want something of this size.
  6. People forget that he came back in 2013 after multiple of these surgeries, won 5 tournaments and was player of the year. I'd never count Tiger out until he actually retires from competition. Best golfer ever and one of the most driven competitors ever to play golf. He'll either work his way back or give it up. This year will be telling.
  7. I've been self-employed most of my adult life. Working in a family business with two brothers. We've doubled over past few years and have about 150 employees as an administrator of employer benefit plans. I'm 57 and totally unemployable would be my guess. Not that I don't think I'd be spectacular at any job I put my mind to (you have to wear many hats to run your own company), but I doubt that I'd find anyone that I would want to work under in the twilight of my career. There is a part of me that would long for normal working hours (9 to 5 - what's that?) and less pressure and stress, but the rewards of being your own boss are too many to list. The freedom to set the agenda and determine your own future is what drives the urge to be self employed. I discovered cigars about 10 years ago. Spent 2 or 3 years in the non-Cuban woods before I discovered a good Cuban courtesy of my Colombian neighbor who brought some back from a trip for me. Then I found FOH and the rest is history. I find having a cigar to be one of the most peaceful, stress relieving moments in any day. It's partly the ritual of it and of course the love for the complexity of a good cigar. Sitting on the back deck, with a whiskey and a cigar is the way to wind down my day. But on the social side, I've met so many people and made many new friends with cigars. I can't really imagine cigars not being a part of life (hence my giant new humidor and a burning need to fill that sucker up!).
  8. Thanks. I often wonder how long it takes me for some of these big projects because I rarely track my time. I started it last summer, took a long vacation in September then worked on it through Thanksgiving when I had to take a break to have my knees fixed. I only do it on the weekends since I have a real job to support a few bad habits I have. All told I guess I have 200+ hours in the project. I've got a local lumber supplier that has an excellent selection of hardwoods including a good stash of Spanish Cedar.
  9. Thanks for the complements. I'm just a practiced amateur. I build for myself and family and friends. Been doing this for the last 30 years with plenty of disasters along the way! For the veneer, I ordered it from a supplier as a "flitch" which is sequential slices from the same log so that you have a series of identical pieces in a "book". Flip open the top piece and it becomes the mirror image of the next. My contribution was joining those two edges together seemlessly and then using my vacuum veneer press to glue them to a MDF substrate. It's tedious but rewarding because you can get some very unusual and beautiful types of woods in veneers that you can rarely find whole boards of.
  10. Found the invoice at work. $484. Forgot it also includes the 2 little fans mounted at the top of the cabinet. They're set by controller to cycle for one minute every 20 minutes, even if humidifiers don't need to run. Really happy with the quality of what he sent. Seems like it will be sufficient for the size of the cabinet so far, but would be extremely easy to just pop another humidifier unit in if necessary - they just run serially along the wiring.
  11. Think it was around $400 for everything. Controller/rh & temp gauge. Three humidifiers. Wiring harnesses designed for my cabinet size. DC power converter. Extra wicks for the humidifiers.
  12. Didn't discuss with him but I have another, smaller built in humidor I did that I lined this way. Had it for five or six years and love the impact of the cedar. Both in the aroma it imparts as well as the stability it adds to the humidity levels in the cabinet. If it gets to be too much, none of the cedar is fastened in, in any way, so it would be easy to reduce the the levels if necessary. It's something I'll keep an eye on but I've always loved the aroma of Spanish Cedar and what it seems to impart to my cigars. Right now it has to live in the basement When my 22 year old son moves out this year, his room becomes the start of the new man cave. The Ark will be the first resident of the cave along with the biggest big screen TV I can put in there .
  13. I posted picks of the humidor I've been building in my workshop before and someone called it the Ark because of it's size (about 36 cubic feet). My wife loved the name so it's stuck. I've been working on this baby for quite a while. Almost had it done late in November but had to take a break for a while to have double knee replacement (and yes, that's every bit as fun as it sounds). I've been back at in the shop the last 2 weekends and have it all done except the drawer which is still being built to go in the lower compartment. The humidity system is from Bob Staebel at Aristocrat who helped me determine the sizing and also did all the wiring for the system. It has three 1.5 quart humidifiers (one in the bottom and two on a middle shelf along with 2 fans mounted at the top of the cabinet. Bob was quite helpful and didn't once try to convince me to buy a humidor from him instead. He knows of the insanity of workworkers wanting to do it themselves. The cabinet itself is made of African mahogany with the wide panels being panels of veneered curly Cuban Mahogany. I bookmatched (mirror imaged) the cuban mahogany and they really came out great. Pictures don't quite do it justice. Just for fun, I did a small inlaid marquetry of a smoking cigar for each door panel. Below are some pics of the Ark. Side view with an attempt to show the grain of the Cuban Mahogany. Inside view after I lined the entire cabinet with Spanish Cedar. I took 2" thick boards and resawed to 1/4 inch - half lapped the edges and lined top, bottom and all sides including the insides of the doors. Then did 3 cedar shelves as well. The drawer will be cedar when I finish it next weekend. Humidity system and wireless LED lights installed. Has a little light remote to turn them all on and off mounted on inside of the door. I've had the humidity system running in it all week and it's stayed a nice stable 65% humidity. Higher than I want but wanted to saturate and season the cedar. Here's the kids waiting to get on the ark. And the first loading of the Ark. I can tell, I'll eventually need another shelf or two to make it stack better, but I like the accessibility the way it is right now. the bottom is mostly empty and has 5 or 6 boxes of non-cubans that I like. Obviously room for quite a few more cigars! When I install the drawer next weekend, all the singles, farm rolls, Johnny Os will go in the drawer. Thanks for looking!
  14. My wife got me the Samsung Gear Fit 2 for Xmas. More of a fitness device than pure watch, but still with all the watch features in it. Connects via bluetooth to the phone or via wi-fi to any network. The fitness stuff is just Ok, but I find I really like the notifications coming through on my watch (for texts, calls, etc). Many times my phone is in pocket or jacket on mute - I hate to leave it in ring mode. The watch solves that so I don't miss calls I need to be taking. Samsung seems pretty devoted to this segment so they're creating apps you can download on to the device. So I've got my Spotify music on the watch now and it can connect to my blue tooth headphones in the gym. Still not sold on the standard smart watches - they're just too damn big for me.
  15. I haven't smoked much in last month. Combination of winter weather and recovering from some surgery has kept me out of my local B&M. This has got me thinking though and I have some Monte 520s sitting ready to be lit. Either that or break into some old Cohiba stock. I suspect I'll be sitting at the B&M Saturday afternoon for a few hours with three or four cigars in front of me and be paralyzed by indecision.

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