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  1. Was just in Rome for a week last fall. Loved it. Walked everywhere or took the subway around the city. For Sistine Chapel. Best advice is to book a tour (we used Viator - a tour aggregator that finds all the tours operating through the city) that gets you in before normal opening hours. You'll be able to see the Vatican Museum as you make your way to the Chapel. It is INSANELY crowded if you try to go in later in the day. Very uncomfortable experience that way. An early tour (we did a breakfast at the vatican) gets you in before the normal crowds start and you actually have a chance to see and learn a little about the Museum treasures you'll be walking by. The Sistine Chapel will be ridiculously crowded at any hour, but it's truly amazing and worth seeing. Don't skip going into the Basilica afterwards. And best advice, don't do it on your own. A good tour guide really adds a lot to the experience. For pizza - can't recommend Bonci Pizzaria highly enough. Think Anthony Bourdain showcased it and raved about it. Understandable - we loved it and and went back twice. Another fun thing to do - we did it on our first day in rome. Do a walking food tour to learn about the local cuisine, what to look for, and more importantly, what to avoid. We found a great tour through the viator site. About 13 people, 5 or 6 restaurant stops outside the city center, lots of beer, wine, champagne and great food. If you get in a good group of people it's a lot of fun. If you like art, a great place to visit is the Villa Borghese. Houses some amazing artwork. Sits in a beautiful park area on north edge of city center. The other thing to do for artwork is just walk into every church/cathedral you walk by (there's hundreds). Amazing architecture and artwork.
  2. I only go deep on things that are limited time availability like ELs and REs. Deepest I've gone on any of these is 8 or 9 boxes of the Club Allones. Did 6 or 7 of the Grande Edmundo when they came out. That's still not a lot of cigars because these were all 10 count boxes. For most of these one time cigars, the price and the ring gauge size has become too ridiculous to really want to go deep. For regular production, I like a box to smoke and a box or two behind them in the aging rotation.
  3. Yeah, you don't want to argue with an agent who can decide to make your life miserable on a whim. Better to just agree with everything they say! From the Dept of Treasury - see FAQ #32:
  4. That was the first easing of the regs. They later amended to allow bringing them in from anywhere in world without need for having come from Cuba.
  5. Planning on playing my first round of golf since double knee replacement four months ago. Not expecting much quality, but looking forward to getting out and at least trying. Especially after almost two weeks straight of spring rains here in the Midwest. I just want sunshine and the outdoors again!
  6. Also, while not necessarily one of the great LEs, I do love the Hoyo short pyramides from 2011. A very underrated cigar in a nice smaller format. They've been consistently good cigars, but I haven't really noticed much evolution in them over the years. But that's ok. I like them enough as is.
  7. The Monte Grande Edmundo was my first LE cigar. Loved it so much I went long and ordered 5 boxes from an old Live from the Humidor here. Imagine my surprise when 15 boxes showed up a few weeks later! A quick conversation with the First Lady and I was quickly in business selling the extra boxes for her. Think it took all of 24 hours for friends and family to claim the extra. rob being the generous host he is gave me one box for my sales efforts. I still remember the look on my wife's face when the 15 boxes showed up in the mail. I had some 'splaining to do!
  8. Words of brilliance to live by. How can one truly measure, understand or appreciate moderation without the occasional excess?
  9. Obviously time for a new girlfriend . . .
  10. I bet you guys love car salesmen too!
  11. I just bought this one in the fall. Have only used it a few times but it's worked really well. The "poker" has small serrations to cut away some of the cigar inside, similar to the PerfecDraw. The PerfecDraw just looks a little "aggressive" to me. Plus, as a woodworking geek, I really like the feel and style of the Modus.
  12. For me, it's electricity. I build things, use power tools regularly, am a solid craftsman. But anything inside the electrical box just freaks me out. I can know the electricity is off (because I turned if off) and I'm still terrified to change a light switch or anything involving the electrical in my house. I just know I'm going to die.
  13. Have to throw my hat in for Turks & Caicos also. Beaches resort there is a terrific all-inclusive. Did an extended family trip there (about 20 of us including kids) and everyone enjoyed it immensely.
  14. I'm the proud owner of 4 of those now! And I do order occasionally from our Hong Kong friend. Think my wife also ordered me something for Xmas from them and that's partly how we ended up with 4. The wife has suggested I find a few cigars that fit well in them and gift the holders to a few friends. Excellent idea and cigars picked and ready to bomb away!

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