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    Cigars, College & HS Sports and whatever my teenage daughters are involved in.
  1. RIP Chris Cornell

    Big loss. What a special voice. RIP CC
  2. Politics and cigars don't usually mix well.
  3. Great looking spread. Enjoy!
  4. Looks like fun. I wish that I read this earlier.
  5. Hello from PA!

    Welcome from Cranberry TWP Pa
  6. Cigar Draft

    04 SLR DC and 08 SLR series A.
  7. Bassman.....RIP

    A very sad day. RIP my friend.
  8. laptop down. ...

    I've been in IT for 20+ years and always used a PC. Never an issue.... But I am sure this isn't what Rob intended this thread to turn into.
  9. Regional Selection for 2013

    Corona Gorda for sure!

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