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  1. Emotional Shifts

    I only regret that I always felt that there was another box around the corner. I usually smoke monte 2s, Vegas robania Unico , Cohiba Robusto, rass, and h. Upmann no. 2s, all readily available, I then got into some le particularly the Cohiba 66s which I love. These became so expensive I now regret going thru the 5-6 boxes I went through. I will now treat my talismans and Dante’s with the respect they deserve (hopefully they are as good as I hear.)
  2. The Photography Thread

    Wow! That is one special firehouse! Very nice pictures!
  3. Congrats to John!💥💥💥
  4. The most important advice I can give is savor the journey. It is a long mystical adventure that you are starting. Have fun!
  5. Awesome! I can just smell the wonderful aroma!!!
  6. New Aristocrat

    Sorry about the rotation!
  7. Could not be happier with my new humidor. Bob has done it again!
  8. As a lifelong Yankee fan I was sorry to see Girardi go. It was quite an accomplishment over the last 10 years under his leadership they averaged 91 wins in a season. I was not pleased when they did not bother to even interview David Cone or John Flaherty for the post. I thought this was short sighted of them. Arron Boone had one of the all time walk off hits against the Red Sox and is in Yankee lore. He is a smart baseball guy and with the cybermetric craze I think he may turn out ok. Don’t forget he is at the helm of one of the best Yankee teams dare I say of all time! Time will tell. Go Yanks!
  9. Beautiful! Funny I received mine by fed x yesterday! Bob is a true craftsman! Will post pix later.
  10. Bucket List Cigar

    Wow! Impressive!
  11. Aristocrat Humidor

    Congrats! Also ordered one about a month ago! Awaiting it with drool flowing!

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