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  1. Several: Adam West as Batman George Reeves as Superman Gary Burghoff as radar Carol O’conner as Archie
  2. Oh hell yeah, let em rip and enjoy!
  3. 1966

    This is my favorite cigar, alas, it has priced itself well out of my reach. I unfortunately had no aging strategy and ravenously gobbled up all I could get my hands on. I wish you delight with your stockpile!
  4. Wow! Just wow! Never had any hate for a car in me. Did however have 2 of the cars mentioned. My father was a car freak of a sort and a bit of a rebel. For years he owned vw beetles and I have memories of riding in the well behind the back seat. My dad bought a 1968 bmw 1600 which he kept till 1976. That car was sold to me for 500 dollars and he bought a new scirocco. Of course I loved the bmw, what more could a 16 year old kid want! I loved that car!
  5. Secretos vs Siglo I

    Totally agree with the majority! Maduro is your post game beauty!
  6. Emotional Shifts

    I only regret that I always felt that there was another box around the corner. I usually smoke monte 2s, Vegas robania Unico , Cohiba Robusto, rass, and h. Upmann no. 2s, all readily available, I then got into some le particularly the Cohiba 66s which I love. These became so expensive I now regret going thru the 5-6 boxes I went through. I will now treat my talismans and Dante’s with the respect they deserve (hopefully they are as good as I hear.)
  7. The Photography Thread

    Wow! That is one special firehouse! Very nice pictures!
  8. Congrats to John!💥💥💥
  9. The most important advice I can give is savor the journey. It is a long mystical adventure that you are starting. Have fun!
  10. Awesome! I can just smell the wonderful aroma!!!
  11. New Aristocrat

    Sorry about the rotation!

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