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  1. Let's not forget the Epi 2's
  2. Great choices for puts/takes. Off to a good starts. Cheers.
  3. List looks great. Include the Partagas.
  4. Please count me in. Thank you.
  5. NC- Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed Robusto
  6. A little late, but happy birthday Diana.
  7. Montecristo Especial No. 1 - 7 4/8" x 39 - Feb. '02 This cigar had a medium brown wrapper. Very well rolled. Oily and smooth, and I didn't notice any veins. Firm, it had a pre-light aroma was of wood and toasted tobacco. Used a guillotine cutter to snip off the beautiful pigtail cap and sparked it up. The flavors were very concentrated from the start. Very pleasant aged tobacco taste masked the woodiness that seemed to be present, but, always in the "background", overwhelmed by the tobacco flavors. As the cigar went on the intensity remained, but the cigar did loosen up a bit and some of the tobacco flavor subsided. Coffee along with the "classic" Monte tanginess in the second half of the cigar. The last third developed into a sweet spiciness experience. Very creamy and rich until the last possible draw. Medium-Full bodied would be fair to describe it. Never had to touch up. Awesome draw with a mouth full of smoke delivered with little resistance. Burned straight throughout. Light grey ash, with hints of some white color which held good.
  8. Welcome to FoH..
  9. Welcome...
  10. Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales - 6.4" x 42 - Dec. '04 This cigar had a dark brown wrapper. Silky and oily are the best terms to describe it. Firm to the touch, with a pre-light aroma of wood and chocolate. A guillotine cutter was used. From the get go this cigar showed some nice balance between strength and flavor. The first third was very peppery with little complexity, the cigar opened up nicely after 2-3 inches, with some nice earthy and woody flavors. The cigar maintained its strength the same throughout, light bodied but, with a nice punch to it. It seemed that it kept showing potential to have more body to it, but, remained light. last third was very woody. Short finish. Burn was pretty even all the way down. Gave it a slow draw, but, the draw was a bit tight, had to work hard to get a nice amount of smoke. (maybe this is expected given such a thin cigar) Had to touch a few times. Ash was a dirty gray that held just okay. Overall it was a very pleasant and refreshing smoke. Nice afternoon smoke. Will definitely buy another box. Should become very good smoke with some more age. Best Cervantes????
  11. Welcome to FoH...

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