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  1. Trinidad La Trova

    Connie A are
  2. $0.40 per bag plus shipping up here...America wins again!
  3. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Nice booze...but those tiles! Amazing!!!
  4. That's a lot of water in 27 degree air. I would have guessed bitter as well. Maybe your taste buds are getting scorched bc of the high
  5. Nice post. Lots of helpful advice...except his last bit. Lol. I cannot overstate enough how incredible the Signet is. It is $300 by me and the second I saw a bottle I basically threw all my credit cards towards the cash register, screamed at the store clerk to take all my money while running out of the shop at full speed holding onto the box like it was an injured newborn...
  6. Along with a box of extra commas to ward off nonsense!
  7. It's too bad you haven't enjoyed a Cuaba Fuzz. Once you find one that you do enjoy (if ever), it'll be a chase to find more and more and more. YUMMMM Cuaba!
  8. I haven't seen a fake one either, but I have been refused one in the past. I left that first shop and went to another to buy the same cigars and left a decent tip.
  9. Whatever the newest box in the Humidor is. Once it's in, impossible to tell.
  10. Not sure why so many pissy responses...ppl having a bad day? Very common to find huge colour variation from box to box especially among the more highly produced cigars. Doubtful even 1% of the ppl can tell the difference in a blind smoke going on taste, feel and odour alone.
  11. Nice. Too bad you didnt find any Bolivar 681. DELICIOUS cigars.
  12. This is a hobby to some and a business to others. A few fall in both categories.

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