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  1. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Some recent items.
  2. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Excited for my most recent addition. Look at that packaging!
  3. So much funny in this thread. For anybody buying regionals or LE or jars or Cohiba or Trinidad....Or if you are new to cigars and you are buying Cuban and avoiding all else...I say, packaging is ALL that matters! Yes, yes...some exceptions exist, but packaging has to account for HUGE percentage of sales. No way to know for sure obviously, but apparently I am one of the few being honest here! Packaging absolutely attracts, but it also repulses...
  4. FORMULA 1

    I have been a few times, not in the past couple of years however. I do enjoy walking the streets, finding a bistro and people watching though. Making fun of tourists is one of the great joys in life.
  5. FORMULA 1

    I don' like F1 either, but it brings a lot of money to the city. A lot of money that disappears in corrupt politician's pockets and scumbags in the "hospitality" industry. Still, some fellow cigar lovers do occasionally make the trip
  6. What's up for the weekend?

    Ardbeg Day!
  7. FORMULA 1

    Anybody coming up next weekend?
  8. Only stock that has been in the locker for 3 years or stock with a box date 3+yrs old?
  9. Why would anybody put their watch in the fridge?
  10. People are too stupid to realize for themselves that tobacco products have negative consequences to our health, so the Gov't steps in. Welcome to Nanny state Canada where the great and glorious Gov't tells us what to do and how to think. Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long to pass through and get approved. Really getting tired of all these rules Canada and I am not alone....
  11. What to pick up in Ireland?

    For a 45.8%, that is on the pricey side imo. Should be in the low-mid 300s
  12. Like I said, "it would depend who you ask"...
  13. What to pick up in Ireland?

    Wow, heck of a price. Wish they shipped to Canada
  14. What to pick up in Ireland?

    That is an incredible price. Lucky you if you are able to snag one or 12 at that LOW price...
  15. What to pick up in Ireland?

    Not the same beast. I dont know if $55 usd is a good price for Tali 10. We are fortunate that it has flown under the radar here and our shop carries it at $79can. Should be closer to $100can.

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