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  1. I'e never seen the BVSC. One of these days. For movies I like westerns or brainless action like almost any of the comic book movies from the past 15 years. What is a HdM Flor Extrafina? Isn' that just a general phrase used across the marca?
  2. My mother had three kids by the age of 21. She did not have "some kind of disability". Once again, my point is that these large sweeping generalization are myopic in that they are just that; generalizations. They do not apply to everyone and to tell other people how they "should" be is meaningless because one cannot guarantee that if they follow the tyranny of "shoulds" then they will be successful (who judges this anyways?) people.
  3. I would help the air marshal. How gross. I remember, as a kid, people smoking in the back of the plane. So, so, so, nasty.
  4. My point was,that your idea of "normal" is not the same for everybody. After all, who are any of us to be the ones to tell others what they "should" be doing? What you consider "basic things" are not so basic for everybody.
  5. The demise of HDM

    Haven' seen any bad Series LE Hoyo. Conn A's sister from another mister. Pretty good Rob! You have been promoted from cigar Jesus to cigar Moses!
  6. when you were young...

    Wanted to be a professional baseball player. Didn't have to be MLB, just get paid to play ball. Wanted to be a teacher. I get paid like shit, but I love it and make a difference. Had many opportunities over the years to make triple, quadruple and more of my current salary. Didn't give any of them a second thought. Winning.
  7. Need some help

    Those RG are mighty tempting....if you pass and this guy is in Canada, I may be interested.
  8. It' s only illegal bc of heavy handed Gov't control.
  9. Alfonso Custom Rolls

    My favorite roller on the island. Not only does he roll a delicious robusto extra (edmundo-like size), he is a genuinely nice and good person. Last time I stopped in for a visit, he flirted with my wife right in front of me...and I didn't mind one bit because he is all Just make sure your friend has a sturdy carrying case to bring them back in.
  10. favourite islay malts

    Strangely enough, I've never tried the 12, or at least don't is similar to JW GREEN with a bit of bitter/green apple flavour. Yes, I find it completely unpeated. Or perhaps very very little.
  11. Cohiba LE 2016 Legit?

    They go through the trouble of making decent looking cigars. The box, the labels all look nice....but they can't be bothered to make sure if a cigar even exists before they fake it? That is utter laziness and we should all be thankful for it.
  12. Are you Israeli?  That is a common name.

  13. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Good man. I picked up a bunch from the saq last year. Who knows when they will be back...if ever.
  14. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Eagle Rare is ridiculously delicious. I also picked up a bottle of the 1792 small batch to try. Excited to open.

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