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  1. Depends what you considered aged? I used to easily be able to find sealed boxes with 6-8-10 years on them and they smoked just delightful. Those days are sadly long gone.
  2. I must have missed or forgotten about that post/thread. If HSA freezes all cigars, even ones for sale on the island, they are doing a shit job with
  3. Agreed. Bitter and cigars are not a pairing I enjoy either. That said there are some mellow IPAs locally that are not nearly as hoppy and bitter as others and they do refresh nicely. I still much prefer a glass of scotch, bourbon, rum or a red/dark beer
  4. NOTHING tastes like a cigar straight from Cuba. They taste different than one that was bought elsewhere. I attribute it to the "freezing" they do for export cigars.
  5. Why not just use tupperware? Cheaper and does the same thing.
  6. shlomo

    Hump day chuckle...

    Did the restoration shop not notice the bird shit on the car before handing over to customer? I would have been annoyed/angry as well!
  7. Have had it several times. Its sweet, the pineapple is not overly pronounced, but it is clearly there. Very weird, but in a good way. I'm not such a purist that the infused flavour bothers me, but I understand completely those who will never like it. I have had it with a cigar many times. Mostly smaller sticks. It was good, but I prefer something a little more robust and rich with any cigar. The rum is not something that will find a home in my bar, but I will also not turn it down if offered to me. Wether I am smoking or not.
  8. Happy to hear! Freddy really is an exceptional person and a great host and I am glad that this new owner is equally gracious. Cheers!
  9. Depends on the size and if buying secondary, depends on how much the person selling wants to gouge you...
  10. shlomo

    FOH, I have hit the jackpot!

    That's how I understood as well. I hope he didn't buy any...
  11. shlomo


    The 12 is also non chill filtered and naturally colored as opposed to the mass produced but still delicious 16.
  12. I never bother with HQ/PSP. Clearance or hand selected is just fine for me. So long as the true garbage has been picked out. A month of nothing but clearance or hand selected pricing would be very expensive for me...

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