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    Gardening,good food and drinks,cigars and good company but above all comes my Family
  1. Congratulations Mus.....

    Congrats to you Mus and your Bride
  2. Good Evening from CANADA

    Welcome to the FoH forum Alex and happy smokes
  3. Glen Campbell

    He was the big thing when we came to Canada in 1970 and we enjoyed his show.RIP Glen Campbell
  4. Zarges aluminum cases

    Looks like there are seals in the lid
  5. People with glasses!

    I didn't need glasses until my early 50's and when I did I opted for Bi-Focals to prevent to take them always on and off.Also the get darker when it's bright.To clean them I'm using liquid dishwash soap when I'm home.Otherwise only clear water and a very soft cloth.Works for me.
  6. Hello from Illinois & Germany

    Welcome to the FOH forum and happy smokes.I'm hailing from Stuttgart and have family there
  7. What do you do for a living?

    Cool video,reminds me at my time in construction.I serviced Towercranes including the one on the CN-Tower The differenc was that my fellow workers and I didn't wear any harnesses,so it was looking 1500' straight down.It was dangerous work but we loved it.
  8. New guy from Ontario

    Welcome to the FOH forum Scott and happy smokes
  9. Hi Frank,

    Helene and I send our deepest sympathy to the loss of your friend.It sounds eerily similar to our story when our oldest son passed away 7 years and 11 month ago.Exept that he didn't kill himself,but alcohol was the deciding factor.We're almost sure you torture yourself and ask"what could I have done more or not enough"We asked that ourselves many times and still do but there's no answer to that.Albeit never forgotten,in times it will get better.If you need to talk about it you know where to find me.In the mean time,sorry for you loss.


    Hans and Helene


    On another note we still have to make a date for the dinner I promised you.Let me know when you and your upper managment could be available.If possible on a saturday.


  10. Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians on this Forum and everywhere else
  11. Hey,from Montreal

    Welcome to the Forum and happy smokes
  12. Great new NC cigar

    You're gona hear from me now.Back in 2009 I bought 5 Padron 3000 and 2 of them were totally unsmokable.One was tunneling and the other was like sucking air through a straw.About 9 weeks later I met Jorge Padron in Easton,Pa at an event and I told him about it and he apologized for my bad experience ,reached behind into a box and handed me 2 Padron 1926.I thanked him for that gesture and those smoked just wonderful.

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