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    Gardening,good food and drinks,cigars and good company but above all comes my Family
  1. Nice pics,thanks for sharing
  2. One of my friends in Toronto is a master in removing bands from cigars.What he does?He applies a soft flame lighter(Bic) to the spot where the band is overlapping,This softens the glue and the bands come off rather easy.Just be careful not to char the leaf and hold the lighter on the same spot.Move it slightly.
  3. Hello... New Guy from Calgary...

    Welcome to the FOH forum and happy smokes
  4. Back from Havana

    Excellent,thanks for sharing Frank and Enis
  5. In that case you should be ok but also keep in mind what your requirements are for your house.Do you have electric heat in your house which is the biggest hydro consumer.in any case you should be able to run a 60-80 Amp subpanel to your garage.Check the existing wiring if suitable to carry the load or replace with larger gauge wiring.Not to forget that you need a 2 pole breaker in your mainpanel to supply you subpanel in the garage.You need that anyways as you want to get 240vac equipment in it.
  6. I know of one shop where you can smoke outside and that is in Burlington about 80km(50miles)west of Toronto.If you want to go cigarshopping here ,make sure you have increased your creditcard limit
  7. First you would need to know what capacity your mainbreaker in the house is and if it could handle a subpanel in the garage.You might have to upgrade your incoming power first
  8. Hello from Newmarket!

    Welcome to the FOH forum and happy smokes
  9. Cigars postcards

    I can remember about 40 yrs ago friends of ours and us went for dinner in a restaurant in Mississauga(just west of Toronto) and after dinner the waiter came with a humidor filled with an assortment of cigars.We picked some and then the waiter cut them,handed them back to us and held the matches for us to light'em up.That was a fantastic evening.Don't see that anymore.
  10. Rehydration of old cigars?

    Now you're telling me.Just a few month ago I threw a bunch of cigars out which belonged to my son and didn't take care of them.Those sticks looked like firelogs
  11. Hello from Toronto, ON

    Welcome to the FOH forum and happy smokes
  12. Newb here

    WElcome to the FOH forum and happy smokes
  13. Not so,beetles go right through the cello and on to other cigars
  14. BTW if you look in the "Tin" posting you will notice that in the opening post those Partagas are wrapped in Cello

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