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    Gardening,good food and drinks,cigars and good company but above all comes my Family

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  1. Squarehead

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Somehow I made a mistake as I meant to say that we stand up for our B&M's
  2. Squarehead

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    Nevertheless we're still standing
  3. Squarehead

    Better Cigar Plan Canada

    I signed this petition a few weeks ago at my favorite B&M
  4. Squarehead

    Whats up for the weekend?

    Watching my grandkids play Ice-Hockey today and tomorrow at the Canusa Games here in Hamilton,Ontario.The Canusa Games is an annual (61yrs)event between an American city(Flint,Michigan)and Hamilton,Ontario.It's for kids up to 14 yrs old.Last year we, my wife and I went to Flint to watch them play and now it's Hamilton's turn.It's a great time to mingle and meet those other kids and their parents
  5. Squarehead

    Old Newbie in Montreal

    Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  6. Squarehead

    Pennywise is afoot

    Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  7. Squarehead

    Newb introduction

    you will,you will.Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  8. I never smoked only one cigar of any kind.Always 2 or 3 and smoked them over time then I was able to make up my mind if I liked it or not
  9. I have had a couple of boxes of the Independencia which ironically bought in the cigarshop in Playa Dorado(Puerto Plata.Dom.Rep.)They were actually very decent smokes.Also a few years ago a fellow worker who us Filipino brought me some back from the Phillipines called Fighting Cock,a ok cigar when you cut the grass
  10. Squarehead

    Loving it here!

    Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  11. So does Canada.Politicians should be thrown in jail for theft and mismanaging money
  12. If the Bourbon seeps into the groundwater then the area affected by it will have the best tasting tap water .Cheers
  13. Squarehead

    Hey! Thanks for letting me in!

    Welcome to the FoH forum and happy smokes
  14. Practice makes perfect Lisa
  15. I have no problems with blowing rings.The grand kids love it

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