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  1. 2 boxes of 88's 3 boxes of Dantes belicosos 6 Partagas Lonsdales 7 Diplomaticos No. 3
  2. Is there such a thing?

    If they are only sitting in your humidor 13 days after receiving a shipment they are going to taste really bland. Typically recommended between 30-45 days in the humidor to reclimatize to your preferred humidity.
  3. Is there such a thing?

    How much humidor time have these had?
  4. Red wine for a beginner!

    Pinot Noir is a good choice, really approachable since they typically will not have tannins that will rip your face off. I would probably recomend new world world as opposed to old world if you are looking for something "sweeter"
  5. Red wine for a beginner!

    What is your price range?
  6. I may be mistaken, but to the best of my knowledge there has never been a Ramon Allones Cuba Regional Release.
  7. Real US CC Import "Limits"

    I got stopped on both ends on my last trip to Havana. I got stopped in the airport in Cuba and they checked all my boxes against my Facturas. When I got back to the US I had 200 cigars that I declared for around $2k. I didn't have any problems at all but they did make me pay duty for being over the limit.
  8. They had an open box at LCDH at Hotel Libre that I bought the rest of since like you said boxes did not exists. There is a chance I snaked them before you got there since I was there there near the end of June. Hardly any. The selection was really poor everywhere with lots of empty shelf space. Only one I can think of that I saw was one cab of RASS.
  9. I just walked in and told her how many I was looking for and the women took me to a back room to grab them. I did go during the middle of the week which allowed me to grab them before the weekend rush, since based off the lack of selection everywhere on the weekend I think mid-week shopping is best. I am not sure, but I don't think if they are out of stock you can order them and they will roll them on the spot.
  10. I think that list does not include the new price raises. I know I paid $370 off the top of my head for the CoRo, but that is close enough to get a feel for the prices.
  11. Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra

    I am not sure how well these age with the mixed filler. I have half box left from Jun 2011 and I think they were way more flavorful when they were younger.
  12. First cigar purchases

    Siglo 1 and Punch Punch have been smoking great lately. I would go with those but you can't really go wrong with any of your list.
  13. My haul from my trip to Havana Siglo II Epicure deluxe Du Prince Coro Punch 48 Royal Robusto 2 Marquez Petite Robustos Noellas BHK 56 Monsdales

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