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  1. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    3 of these and 2 of these
  2. So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    This was a reckless purchase...
  3. Sorry for the delay guys. Package went out today.
  4. Alright guys sorry for the delay. Crazy weekend. My takes: pl picadores RA Allones Extra CCE 14 Bolivar Corona Gigantes 16 Wonder/lust Puts Dip No 4 EMA ABR 08 Edmundo Dantes Belicoso box 2532/6000 RA Superiores OGA May 11 Sir Winston SAO OCT 10 Warped Skyflower Unfortunately some more sticks were damaged in transit. I think this might be being cause by the subzero temperatures we have had in the area causing the wrappers to be fragile, since the packaging looked pretty good when I received it.
  5. Box just landed. Going to go through and send @Wertman for approval.
  6. This is used. Don’t really know to much about how old it is, but is in really good shape.
  7. I did this once... never again. My locker at the B&M ended up being over humidified and everything was ruined by mold. Since I did not purchase my CC’s there they would not offer me a credit or refund so ended up losing about $1k in sticks. It was after that I ordered my aristocrat so that I would never not be in control of my storage.
  8. They also typically only smoke about an inch of the cigar for reviews. So scores are based almost solely around how a cigar starts and not the entire experience beginning to end.
  9. Yes! Was shocked as well, it was at 5th and 16th only LCDH that even had any in stock.
  10. Granted when I was there back in June they didn’t have any at any LCDH. In fact only boxes of CORO where from May 17. Would they sit on a box of 16 esplendidos for a year before sending them to a LCDH?
  11. Also hard to believe a box of 16 esplendidos were available recently in Havana.

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