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Found 19 results

  1. Gents, can anyone direct me to the recent Anejados video-reviews (Party and HdM)? Am not able to find them and, despite the outcome, I don't expect a case of censorship to have hit here...? Many thanks!
  2. So I missed out again, so as punishment I will make you all watch the first section unedited. It is hard for all of us as these two don't even mention the cigar they are smoking.
  3. The boys try an aged Cohiba Robusto and find out why it is worth aging great cigars.
  4. The rest of the team is away so I asked a couple of locals to join me for a review and here is the results.
  5. A great mate of ours has developed a new travel humidor, so Rob and I take a closer look at this great accessory. If you want to grab one either contact us here at Friends of Habanos or
  6. A new cigar onto the market, and it is a small one so we chose not to invite Ken as he doesn't like this size. How does the cigar hold up as a new line to the R&J stable.
  7. Here is the nice polished review of the H Upmann Robusto LE, yes as you can see they still have their feet in the middle of it all.

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