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Whats your setup?


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  1. 1. What type of humidor are you using?

  2. 2. What type of humification are you using?

    • Active (Please specify: Cigar Oasis, Hydra etc.)
    • Passive (Please specify: Heartfelt beads, HCM beads, Boveda, crystals etc.)
    • Basic (distilled water / PG solution with foam humidifier)
    • Other (Please specify with post)
  3. 3. Does your collection mainly consist of

    • All singles, unboxed.
    • Mostly singles unboxed, with 1 or 2 boxes
    • Boxes only
    • Mostly boxes, with a few singles in dedicated compartment.

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Right now I'm running a 300ct humidor and a Sistema tupperdor.

However I have a 28 bottle wine cooler on the way that should fit everything once I get a few drawers / shelves in it.

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Haven't really dived into the subforums very much, but this thread is pretty cool. Keep it going guys!


I have a vinotemp I snagged off Craigslist for $150. I don't use the cooling unit because I maintain 70 in my house and it kills the water in the humidifier when it runs. I will likely never run out of space, given how my wife now controls my cigar budget 577f395f1f764303b087f5393a110b7f.jpg64d37b3ba540554a92813409191e5a51.jpg


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My too full CC humidor. Good friend gave me his Aristocrat. He got a larger unit.

Thought I would be able to get rid of the tupperdors, but underestimated how many boxes I could fit in the Aristocrat.53f33bd6b346e3b3b93206f283d19fd4.jpg

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My whole setup is only a few weeks old, but I have a Newair 250 count. It keeps them cool when the weather warms up, obviously.

My problem was, when it's cold, the temp cold drop well below 60, and then swing back up in the day. Not good.

SO I got a seedling propagation mat connected to a regulator that is set to kick on when it drops to 66.  Cooling set to 71. It seems to keep the temp much more stable!  I have the mat on the floor of the unit, keep my "travel" 75 count humidor on top of it (empty and cracked open), and nothing else on that level.  

I am only recently getting more serious again, so I currently only have a box of H upmann 184r reserves in there, a couple fists of singles, and a box of Gurkha shadows on the way.  I think I'll get a box of vintage 99 Patels soon too.  Then maybe one more box for good measure, but no idea what!

Any thoughts or advice on this right?  It's only been a couple weeks, so not sure of long term effect on the cigars yet...

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Here's mine. I've been buying more NC than Cuban lately. I think I need to remedy that this summer.48d318e31a9a8be475299d415ae40411.jpg

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First setup is complete... not the most amazing wrappers/color in the world, but I'll give myself one pass since it was my inaugural purchase. But with 7 boxes from 24:24 en route... I will definitely be needing something BIGGER :o










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