Video Review - Ramon Allones 898 ER Alemania 2014

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I obtained a box (RAE JUL 15) of these soon after they were released, and decided to try a sample a couple of days ago, before even being aware of this review.  Ken made reference to Catholic priests.  Coincidentally, a cigar devotee friend, who is a Catholic priest (he is younger than I am, so it's strange addressing him as "Father"), came to visit those two days ago, so we tried out the first two from the box.  I had expected the cigar to be quite strong, but it was surprisingly muted throughout.  However, it was consistent in its smoothness and its nutty flavour throughout.  I don't recall any previous Havana tasting quite like this one.  The construction and draw were excellent.  It was a very pleasant smoke, and my clerical friend enjoyed his.  I look forward to trying some more in one or two years.  I have no idea if this version is markedly different from the original 8-9-8, as I have never had the good fortune of procuring the latter.

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