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Your Must Have Kamado Grill Accessories and Where To Buy Them?

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So, after playing around with my gas smoker for the last 6 months, I've decided I need a Kamado Grill next.
I like the versatility of them as it would be nice to have a smoker I can also roast and grill in as well as many other cooking options.
I've settled on the Kamado Joe classic and am planning to pick one up as soon as the 2017 models land in Australia (mid year, from what I've been told)

My question for you Kamado owners is what accessories/tools/toys do you recommend you use with your Grill?
I've already got a decent thermometer with Grill Temp probe and I've been told by a ton of people the Kick Ash Basket is a must have also
What else should I be looking at?

It'll be easier for me to buy everything all at once rather than one or two bits every 6 months, that way the missus only gets angry at me once rather than twice a year

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Excellent decision in choosing to make the switch to a Kamado!

I have the Kamado Joe Jr. and the Kamado Big Joe. I will tell you that the best advice I was given was to get the biggest grill you can. I bought the Jr. and Big Joe at the same time and haven't looked back.

It may be worth your while to get your grill, use it, and become familiar with it before you decide what accessories to buy. This way, you get what works best for you and your style of cooking. That being said, I can't disagree with those who suggested a Kick Ash Basket or those that suggested a Joetisserie.

Best of luck to you and enjoy your new grill!!!

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