New (used) cabinet build.

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Just picked up two used cabinets from a convenience store that needed to get rid of them. They're built by what seems to be a reputable builder (Newshams Woodshop in PA). The convenience store owner was clearly not a 'cigar guy' and in turn NEVER cleaned his humidifiers, or wiped up spills when adding water, for what had to have been years at a time. In turn, the wood where the moist n aires were sitting is plenty stained and moldy...


So now the clean up begins and then probably a good sanding to freshen things up. I've heard everything from Everclear liquor to rubbing alcohol, but what would you gents use to remedy any lingering mold issues and to overall 'disinfect' ,if you will, the whole interior of the cabinet?


Next step will be adding fans for ventilation. My big question is, can there be TOO much air movement in a humidor? Since these cabinets are rather large I definitely want good movement to help equalize RH, but would too much air moving too quickly over naked sticks be detrimental? This will be my first time using fans and I'm hesitant to put anything "too powerful" in there. I know the power of convection could play a roll in things, but I'm not sure exactly how it would play out.


Then comes humidification and lighting.


A big project, with not a whole lot of time to work on it, but I couldn't pass up these things for the price. So forgive me if updates are slow.


Also, has anyone found any secret tricks to cleaning out calcium/rust deposits in moist n aires? Lol. These things are a mess...


Thanks in advance for any knowledge about to be dropped on this noob...





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Looks like you've got a big project on your hands. I'd skip any heavy cleaners and just start sanding and see how deep the mold penetrated into the wood. If it's just surface mold, it should sand away easily.

Ray @PigFish has said that you cannot have enough air movement inside a humidor. For something that size, you're going to need a lot of movement to balance things out.

Good luck and post some pictures of the progress!

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Keep us updated with progress. Love seeing what people can do.  

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