Online Humidor FAQ's

Friends of Habanos brings you the premium solution for Cigar storage, enabling your cigars to age to perfection in our state of the art humidor

Friends of Habanos "Online Humidor System" is an available option to all Friends of Habanos members for long term storage (minimum 6 months) of box orders.

How does it work?

  1. If you haven't already, you need to Register for the service.
  2. When you place a cigar order with Rob or Lisa, you need to advise by e-mail or telephone to store your order with the Online Humidor System (OHS). You must register prior to the request being made to Rob or Lisa.
  3. Register using your Friends of Habanos login and password. You can only access the Online Humidor System while being logged into Friends of Habanos
  4. Upon receiving your request for long term storage of your order, we will select the cigars and record the box code before setting up a purchase file under your Online Humidor Account. You will be able to access exactly what you are storing and box codes. We will not store single cigars.
  5. Within our off premise humidor facility, you will be allocated a sealed storage container within our locker system. Each Sealed storage container has your name and address as well as a complete manual record of what has been deposited (date, purchase order, order and box codes) as well as what has been withdrawn (date, copy of withdrawal request (e-mail), shipping documents).
  6. Online, you will electronically have access to the same information which will enable you to monitor exactly what we are holding for you.
  7. Storage conditions are 65% Relative Humidity and 14 degrees Celsius. The facility stores wines and cigars to the value of over three million dollars. The facility is not open to the public and features: Onsite manager, intruder and climate alarms, locks to all lockers, full security doors to the external of the builing and again to the climate controlled facility.
  8. Cigars are fully insured against theft and property damage.
  9. The minimum numbers of boxes to be stored is three (3). To clarify, you need to have 3 boxes in storage at any time.
  10. There is no maximum amount of time that boxes can be stored.
  11. There is a six month minimum period for storage of any particular box. This is to avoid the system being utilized as a makeshift desk top humidor.
  12. There is no fee for this storage system. You need to be a <> member.
  13. We only store boxes purchased from ourselves.
  14. In the event of a catastrophe, we will cover your order through like stock or with financial compensation to the initial value of the order.
  15. Locker stock can be traded to another member who also holds a locker for a fee of $25 USD per Trade. OLH is not and was never intended to be a swapping service. The $25 will be payable by CC from the locker of the "sending" member. The amount goes in part to part covering the admin time involved.
  16. We will NOT guarantee shipments for trade boxes, the recipient of a trade takes this on their own risk. We only guarantee cigars shipments to the original buyer. Please keep in mind that the shipping guarantee is not transferrable.